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  1. LeeTZ, Malindo using "Malindo express" as their callsign?
  2. haha...i don't dare to take any risk to play with mixture on single engine..twin,ICO one engine no problem..haha
  3. haha...is better pull to ICO...haha...straight die and you have to do a glide..might lead to runway closure for several minutes...hahaha
  4. omg....that's me..hahaha...i didnt know i was captured...haha..i did a bad landing on that day..haha...i was like how come that guy looks like me...hahaha..thanks flee~
  5. Hi Flee, can I know the date of this photo? haha.. Thank you
  6. From the web,it stated the height will be 93M tall for second control tower..
  7. personally think noise doesnt really matter..coz transmile uses 727/737 for their operations..it's much more noisier than CS..
  8. you mean beside lake that abeam 14L approach light?
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