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  1. Please read this. Nation Saturday September 16, 2006 Perak CM says AirAsia should not suspend flights to Ipoh IPOH: The reason given by AirAsia to suspend its four weekly Ipoh-Senai flights is unacceptable, Perak Mentri Besar Datuk Seri Mohamad Tajol Rosli Ghazali said. Responding to a news report that AirAsia will be suspending the sector because the runway at the under-utilised airport could not accommodate the newly acquired A320 Airbus, Tajol Rosli said: "The reason that the runway is not extended is unacceptable. If they can begin the flights last time, why do they want to stop them now?" he asked. "If the airline had cited reasons like the flights were not economical or the low-cost carrier was losing money for the sector, it is a different story." A visibly upset Tajol Rosli said the state government had not even been informed of the airline's decision to suspend the flights. "We are disappointed that the Transport Ministry too had not informed the state government on the matter," he said on Saturday after a gathering with special children and old folk in conjunction with the National Day celebration here. "If flights from here to Senai are stopped, they might as well close down the airport or surrender the airport to the state to manage it," he said. "This means the airport will only be used by Indonesian airlines. We have an airport not used by our local airline but by foreign airlines. That is hebat (great)," he added cynically. AirAsia chief executive officer Datuk Tony Fernandez was quoted as saying that flights from here to Senai would be suspended from Monday because the runway at the airport here could not accommodate the airline's airbus. Tajol Rosli said the present runway had the capacity to accommodate flights from here to Senai but had to be extended if the airline wanted to fly from here to other parts of the region like Chennai, Bangkok and Indonesia. If there was commitment from AirAsia and the Federal Government, he said the state was willing to extend the runway. "But there is no point in spending RM28mil for it if the extended runway is not used." "If there is use for it, we will stop all other projects to extend the runway because the runway means development and jobs for Perak," he added.
  2. There's no case of malu here, Ewan. AFAIK we are all equal here, young or old. I have learnt a lot from this wonderful website.
  3. Here's the satelite photo. Taiping it is.
  4. Thanks Pieter, might just do that. Concluding the series..... From Bangladesh, Biman A310. Did MAS once use this kind of plane? I have been looking for this plane, because the the registration MPS is also the intials for my place of work. Another MASkargo, this time with blue engines. For Pieter, KLM Asia leaving Another Singapore triple coming And my spotting won't be complete without our own 777 That's all until the next spotting, whenever that it.
  5. I am not worried so much about wind direction changes or the Malaysian winter. I am more worried about the coming fasting month, whether I have the energy to go for day spottting or not. So here are whatever left of 14L from me. Lion 737 with MH 737 just touching down Garuda 737 China 300 Singapore triple Viet 321 still last segment to come....
  6. Spotting on 12th September 2006 afternoon. The fasting month is fast coming, so I had to do some spotting before I have a long lay-off. Was with a friend who wanted to see for himself my new crazy hobby. First, Mas Kargo 747 Eva Air A330 Myanmar MD.... that far I know Sri Lankan A340. Long time no see. Last but not least, KLM Asia Few more to be posted later....
  7. If you all don't know already. Malaysia did not actually 'buy' the Russian fighters. They are part of our barter trade with the Russians where we exchange our palm oil for their planes.
  8. Of course I didn't mean El Presidente (is that Spanish right?) himself was on the plane when I wrote "Fidel says hello". But I am still in dark as to why the plane came. That it was directed to the VIP building meant it was bringing some big shots.
  9. I went spotting in the morning of Monday 4th September 2006. It was lonely, lonely me. No MAB, no spotters and not even the usual Indonesian contract labourers. What I got was the Usual Suspects and a surprise. First the Usual Suspects Our own Hibiscus Since it is still the Merdeka month, the Glory Stripes Where most of our Federal Ministries are situated, Putrajaya Our neighbour Singapore Another neighbour, "NOW EVERY THAI CAN FLY" From a bit far, the last three initials stand for the computer key you use when you are in trouble Another Indian, now I know what "double bogey" means Now the surprise, Fidel says hello, must be bringing VIPs because it was ushered to the Hibiscus Complex. Any info on why it is here? What plane is that? Enjoy...
  10. Concluding my series.... Yemenia A330 followed by triples from Hong Kong Singapore in original colours last but not least our very own
  11. Nice animation, or should I say manation, Imran. Here's some more pics from yesterday's lonely spotting. Saudi 743 over MH 734 AK's 2 different colours and 2 different models AK's latest, Foxtrot India Got the idea from Chaity, 5 planes in a frame Still one more group to come before I give you all a surprise
  12. MASkargo touchdown. Don't you think the nose is quite high up? This KLM entered the runway through Alpha 4 for a short take off which quite surprised me CX Airbus 330 burned rubber while AK Baby Boeing waited The same CX again
  13. Long time no spot. Unexpected domestic chores kept me from going spotting for quite some time now. So 3rd September 2006 afternoon was a real Merdeka for me. Here are some shots taken from the 14L spotting location. Where were you guys? MH Alor Setar 747 with the Visit Malaysia Year 2007 motto Singapore Airlines in Star Alliance livery Malaysia Airlines Airbus 330 with the Visit Malaysia 2007 motto A few more to come. Gotta sleep too.
  14. C'mon Imran, just tell us about the new spot. I'm itching to go, especially now that the fasting month is coming.
  15. Benjamin, some comments from you about each photo will add fun to it.
  16. I have no F-50 photos to post, only memories. I rode the Pelangi Air F-50 from Padang to SZB via Pekan Baru back in 1992. It was very memorable but bumpy. The seatbelt lights kept switching on and off. I remember a child crying everytime that happened. Just like Norman I prefer the F-50 to the 737. My first flight was on a Fokker too, a Merpati F-28 from Penang to Medan way back in 1978. Btw all MH F-50s will become FAX right? So will the FAX F-50s serve KCH too? Sorry I did not check the details.
  17. Wheather seems bad, Jon.
  18. I stayed in Fukuoka, Japan for 6 weeks in 2004 before I know what 'spotting' really means. Seeing the photographs here just make me realise how much I missed. The Observation Deck is a heaven for spotters as proven here.
  19. Our architects may disagree, Norman. Remember our country receives tonnes of rainfall every month.
  20. I think yes, Kee. I also saw cranes working at Runway 14R.
  21. Thank you very much for the info, Sneeze. For that I will keep the picture as a treasure and probably title it "Hotel Lima taken from Oscar Hotel". The 777 has always been my favourite plane.
  22. Concluding the series..... MH 747 just rotated. I love to see the 'hot air' effect The same 747 above the airport Fire Brigade Normally I saw Cathay brought the A330. Today I saw 2 Beoing 777s. This is the first one This is the second one Not rotated yet? Actually this Foxtrot Charlie just arrived and was allowed to travel the whole runway towards the LCCT. The pilots must be smiling. Last but not least, not forgetting the faithful MH A330. Wheather was getting bad, so I went home. Bye for now
  23. I did see some MAB staff attend to the runway from 2 vehicles when I was there. I don't know whether they were attending to 'dropouts' from any aircraft.
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