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  1. I went to see the new LCC Terminal last week. MAB had extended the inner road linikng MTB - Satelite Building (currently for authorized vehicles only) to the LCC. I just hope that this road is used to free shuttle passengers from MTB - Satelite - LCC. If they have to use the outer road (20 kms. long) to shuttle passengers then it is madness.
  2. In June 2004 I flew Business Class to KIX, Japan. At the Satelite Building met a MH stewardess and asked directions to the MAS Executive Lounge? She shrugged and replied "Don't know". I think this reflects the mentality, knowledge and attitude of MH staff. They just stick to their work and do not bother to expand their knowledge. After all the Executive Lounge belongs to MAS, not MAB.
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