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  1. some more test shots and finals adjustment to the settings just after MAB low fly past... and it started to rain slight heavier too... Even AK wants to join in the party! Old dinosaur... And finally the VVIP of the day!
  2. Gavin is ready to go! She was chasing us! We were still in Edi's MPV! Then.... someone decided to switch off the light... Towing someone special out from SAE hangar I think she does not need any more introduction Dugong decided to come out for sunbathing 50, 40, 30, 20, 10!!!! The is how premier league looks like! Carrying 2 camera body with 3 L lenses. Taiko Han checking out how handsome he is before someone special arrive And finally she is HERE!
  3. As the rest was saying.... we had to rush to the other runway to get "Biman Only" departure... but we had to stop due to the aircraft is too tempting not to shot at them. hehehehe Nose shot of US Army C-17 As you can see Din had no camera on his hands... only driving in the perimeter road, while the rest is busy shooting. and yes i am in the "FOLLOW ME" truck. The MAB guy is a nice chap and very friendly too. =) I am so sorry Jon that i blocked your picture! =p Here is the result of me blocking him... Here is Jon with his CanON! Jumped from NiKong. hehehehe Still figuring out how to use the 70-300mm lens? And he shown us a bit of his belly! Din clicking away as Azahan do not even interested to shot! This is what we did while waiting for "Biman" as we are not allow to shooooooot anything else but "Biman"....
  4. Well since others have show their's test shots, its time for me to show mine..... We have already have EK, 3K, QR, FX and US Airforce.... Spotting in KLIA is incomplete without ..... YES! the red army! 9M-XXA 9M-AHU 9M-AQH more to come.... stay tunes!
  5. Tomorrow I'm only guessing that there will be a departure from SZB. Time I'm also assuming that it will depart at 1030LT. Aircraft will be 737-700.
  6. they are flying quite low yesterday... and not forget to mention doing lots of stuns
  7. i think tomorrow morning will be a good day to enjoy kimchi at SZB. who is going? =p
  8. can anyone translate this to me? StartTime Callsign ModeS Registration LastSquawk Type RegisteredOwners 07:58:54 POT4732 15409D RA-82077 0577 Antonov AN124-100 Polet Aviakompania what does LastSquawk means?
  9. VBF - test flight MQI - due to hangar check
  10. uncle norman, what gun you use to shoot the birds? 300mm? 500mm?
  11. Warm Welcome Andy from us in MWings! On the B738 FY i think it is 9M-FYD upon your arrival. It went for a colour change to MH colour. The ATR behind Al-Wafeer belongs to China Southern same as the next to N262SG. The "ME" registration is MH B734 9M-MME. So far that is the info I know. I hope others would know any other info on the green painted aircraft.
  12. Mr. Thomas booked a flight tonight
  13. IT IS! i'm loving it! and it is in for a "C" check only. No major painting will be done on the A332.
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