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  1. Add Jupiter Team from Indonesia http://www.limaexhibition.com/download/list_of_attending_aircrafts.pdf
  2. Hello, only four month to go and no topic in this forum!?! ;-) Seems, Black Eagles are confirmed! Are there more confirmations or rumours? Cheers! Sascha
  3. Spotters-Dinner: My proposal: Meet Thursday at 2000h in front of the Aquarium and looking for a restaurant in this area?
  4. Spotters-Dinner? Hello, one week to go! Me and three friends from Germany will leave Europe with destination Langkawi on friday night. After a short stop in KL, we'll arrive on sunday in late afternoon. It seems, spotters/photographers from many countries will visit the LIMA. It's a good opportunity, to meet each other for dinner or breakfast or some drinks!?! Someone interested in an international spotters-meet? Would be a pleasure to meet you! Cheers! Sascha
  5. Rumour from twitter: RTAF Gripen will be on static display only!
  6. Ups, no August1st and Black Knights only with three a/c!?! Not the best news ...
  7. Offical update: No big surprises: Among others: B-52 fly-by, A380 fly-by (with Susis?) and Black Knights only with 3xF-16 http://www.lima.com.my/GUI/pdf/List%20of%20Aircrafts.pdf Guess, this is the final list!?
  8. What are the latest news or rumors? Read, that the B-52 will shown in static-display only!?
  9. Big update on www.lima.com.my: 81 and Black Knights with 6xF-16 confirmed!
  10. @ Timothy In my opinion, the best day for a one-day-visit is the tuesday, because of the opening fly-by in the morning. Two years ago, the RMAF showed F-5, Hawk, F-18 and Su-30 during the opening-ceremony. The Su's threw flares etc. The highlight was a fly-by of a Malaysian Airlines A380 together with four Su-30. But, the flying-display in the afternoon won't show all participants. To see all possible participants, it might be better to visit the LIMA on public days. Not the easiest decision, I think ... :-)
  11. I would like to show some pics from european biggest airshow in 2014. I wrote zhis report for "World Airshow News", USA: AIR 14 – century-airshow in the country of the Alps On the last weekend in August and on the first in September this years biggest European airshow took place on the airbase just 50km southwest of the Suisse capital Bern. The occasion were three big jubilees: The Swiss air force celebrated their centennial existence, the two aerobatic teams, Patrouille Suisse and PC-7 Team, their 50- respectively 25-years-lasting presence. On both weekends, well visited training days and also during the week pilots from all over Europe attended with 184 displays and 50 hours in air. About 400.000 visitors watched the show. Ten years after the legendary AIR04 in the same place, the flying program offered a time travel through 100years of Suisse Air Force. It reached from the replica of a Bleriot XI, the first model of the confederate army, to the most modern model of the F/A-18 Hornet. Thank to tradition-conscious Suisse the visitors were able to see many former models in the air. Among them rarities like the P-51 Mustang, De Havilland Venom, Hawker Hunter or Mirage III. Numerous European air forces attended on the shows with a variety of aircraft types. The palette ranged from a Me-262 replica and B-17 of the WWII-Era to long served Cold-War-Fighters like the Su-22 from Poland, several F-16, up to the state of art fighters like the French Rafale and Eurofighter from England. The presentation of most diverse helicopters rounded out the program. Especially the hosts Super Puma display and the Italian A-129 Mangusta enthralled the crowd, not only by dropping numerous flares. No less than nine display teams followed the invitation into the Canton Waadt. No European show in 2014 came up with more. For the first time the “Al Fursan” from the United Arab Emirates performed in Switzerland with seven Aermacchi MB-339NAT . Other welcomed guests were the Red Arrows of the Royal Air Force, the Patrouille de France and the fantastic Frecce Tricolori from Italy. However, the daily highlight were the performances of the Suisse Teams. The Patrouille Suisse is one out of a few teams worldwide to fly supersonic jets - six F-5E Tigers. But their years are numbered, the F-5 is to be retired from active duty in 2016. It is considered to maintain the team, which started with Hawker Hunters 50 years ago, with F/A-18. But the definite decision is not made yet. The PC-7 Team was build for the 75th jubilee of the confederate army in 1989. The team flies with nine PC-7 Turboprop-Trainers from the Suisse enterprise Pilatus Aircraft. An exceptional air display was presented when the two teams flew together a choreographed 20 minute program with 15 air crafts. A novelty in the History of aviation. Never before did two aerobatic teams display a program beyond just a few overflights. The AIR13 in Payerne held what the organizers had promised. It was this years biggest and best European airshow. Regarding the military budgets getting scarcer, the aviation fans all over the world will have to wait a long time for the next alike happening. Hopefully not till the AIR24. Very special formation of Patrouille Suisse and PC-7-Team (also Suisse AF) fly-past of Patrouille Suisse and Swiss A330 Swiss F-18 Hornet Venom, Hunter, Mirage III and F-5 Tiger Patrouille Suisse F-5 A-109 from Belgium RAF Typhoon Polish Su-22 Armee d l'Air Rafale Red Arrows Overview of Payerne Airbase with Al Fursan Hope you'll enjoy! See you at LIMA in March! Cheers! Sascha
  12. Tweet from LIMA officials: "Come view and experience over 100 aircraft ..." Hope we'll see a new list within the next days!
  13. French Rafale solo display confimed: http://www.rafalesolodisplay.com/calendrier-2015/
  14. Royal Thai Air Force will be part of the flying display. Don't know which type! Flying display on trade-days will be 120 min (instead of 90min) every day!
  15. Mr Ahmad Dzuhri (think he's in LIMA orga-team!?) twittered on Jan 3rd: " Most likely 5 aerobatic teams. The most at LIMA. Unable to share details at the mo!" We know Kris Sakti, Jupiter an Al Fursan! Hopefully the both others are 81 and the Black Knights!
  16. August 1st!?! Sounds very, very good! Any news regarding the participation of the Black Knights?
  17. Indonesian Jupiter Team confirmed their participation: http://jupiteraerobaticteam.blogspot.de/2014/12/the-jupiters-2015.html?m=1
  18. Hope, this isn't the final list!?! I miss the smokey-bandits! Are the MiG's still in service?
  19. On October 15. and 16. I visited Butterworth. My hope was to catch the F-5'S! And what did I get? 10.000 km away from home!!!! RAF Eurofighter! I could not believe my eyes. Bad, bad luck for me. Happily I saw F-18, Hawk and RAAF Orion.
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