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  1. 4 May,2018 at HND KalaiR Boeing 767-3P6(ER) (VP-BKS) China Eastern Airlines Airbus A330-343X Shanghai Disney Resort (B-6507) Japan Airlines Boeing 777-289 Samurai Blue 2018 (JA8979) Lufthansa Boeing 747-830 5Starhansa (D-ABYM) All Nippon Airways Boeing 777-281(ER) Tokyo 2020 (JA741A) JTA - Japan Transocean Air Boeing 737-8Q3(WL) Jinbei Jet (JA05RK) 5 May,2018 at NRT Alitalia Boeing 777-3Q8ER (EI-WLA) Japan Arlines Boeing 787-8 Samurai Blue 2018 (JA841J) Air France Boeing 777-328ER Skyteam c/s (F-GZNT) Cathay Pacific Boeing 777-367 The Spirit of Hong Kong (B-HNK) Finnair Airbus A350-941 (OH-LWG) LOT Polish Airlines Boeing 787-8 (SP-LRB) ANA Cargo Boeing 767-381F (JA602F) Singapore Airlines Boeing 777-312ER Star Alliance c/s (9V-SWI) Vietnam Airlines Boeing 787-9 (VN-A879) 5 May,2018 at HND Vietnam Airlines Airbus A350-941 Skyteam c/s (VN-A897) Lufthansa Boeing 747-830 Fanhansa (D-ABYI) American Airlines Boeing 787-9 (N820AL) China Southern Airlines Airbus A330-343E (B-8366) China Eastern Airlines Boeing 777-39PER (B-7883)
  2. 30 Apr,2018 at NGO Pacific Air Cargo (opb Kalitta) Boeing 747-4B5(BCF) (N976BA) Atlas Air Boeing 747-4H6(LCF) (N718BA) Global Jet Austria Boeing 737-7HE(BBJ) (M-YBBJ) Etihad Airways Boeing 787-9 (A6-BLR) HK Express Airbus A320-271N (B-LCM)
  3. 7 Apr,2018 at NGO Kalitta Air Boeing 747-4B5(BCF) (N496BC)
  4. 18 Mar,2018 at NKM FDA - Fuji Dream Airlines Embraer ERJ-170-200STD (JA12FJ) It was delivered on 14 Mar, and starts regular flight service from today. It's painted into White c/s TAI Leasing,Inc. Gulfstream G650ER (N805TM) Sometimes, we can see Bizjets in NKM
  5. 3 Mar,2018 at NKM (Komaki Airbase) Japan Air Self Defence Force Mitsubishi F-4EJ Kai Phantom Ⅱ (87-8409) This camouflage livery is special, however, it will retire soon Japan Air Self Defence Force Mitsubishi F-2A (93-8552) Japan Air Self Defence Force Kawasaki C-2 (78-1205) Japan Maritime Self Defence Force Kawasaki P-1 (5504) Japan Ground Self Defence Force Kawasaki OH-6D (31279) KC767 & Hawker800 Flying display 4 Mar,2018 at NGO Korean Air Boeing 787-9 (HL8081) Maybe it will be a usual visitor in NGO Antonov Airlines An-124-100M-150 Ruslan (UR-82009) It has been parked here since Wed
  6. 3 Feb, 2018 at NGO ANA - All Nippon Airways Boeing 777-281(ER) Hello 2020 Jet (JA741A) It came to NGO last night suddenly and departed to Okinawa in this morning. JTA - Japan Transocean Air Boeing 737-8Q3(WL) Sakura Jinbei Jet (JA06RK) JTA - Japan Transocean Air Boeing 737-4Q3 Jinbei Jet (JA8939) All of JTA B737-400 will retire soon... Skymark Airlines Boeing 737-86N(WL) Shitamachi Bobsleigh (JA73NT) China Eastern Airlines Airbus A320-214(SL) (B-8856) China Eastern Airlines Airbus A321-211 (B-6345) China Eastern Airlines Boeing 737-89P(WL) (B-7375)
  7. 28 Jan,2018 at NGO China Eastern Airlines Airbus A320-232 Shanghai Disney Resort (B-6635) China Eastern Airlines Airbus A320-214(SL) (B-8558) I did spotting while snowing Air China Airbus A321-232(SL) (B-8585) Bravo Bravo Investments Embraer Phenom 300 (N492BB)
  8. Happy New Year Here is my first spotting session in 2018 at KIX & SHM, Nanki-Shirahama airport in Wakayama Pref. 13 Jan,2018 at KIX Asiana Airlines Airbus A350-941 (HL8078) Korean Air Boeing 747-8B5 (HL7638) Air Seoul Airbus A321-231(SL) (HL7212) Air Busan Airbus A321-231(SL) (HL7210) Easter Jet Boeing 737-73V (HL8022) China Southern Airlines Airbus A321-211(SL) (B-8869) Air Asia X Airbus A330-343(X) (9M-XXH) Tianjin Airlines Airbus A320-214(SL) (B-9987) 14 Jan,2018 at SHM (Nanki-Shirahama airport) Korea Express Air Embraer EMB-145EP (HL8054) Wish you all have a happy spotting & woderful year
  9. 11 Nov,2017 at NRT Air Leisure Airbus A330-243 (SU-ALB) Atlas Air Boeing 747-4B5F(ER)(SCD) (N446MC) Atlas Air Boeing 747-481F(SCD) (N404KZ) American Airlines Boeing 777-323ER (N729AN) Delta Airlines Airbus A350-941 (N501DN) Korean Air Cargo Boeing 747-8B5F(SCD) (HL7629) Asiana Airlines Airbus A380-841 (HL7634) 12 Nov,2017 at HND All Nippon Airways Boeing 777-281(ER) Starwars (JA743A) China Southern Airlines Airbus A330-323 Skyteam c/s (B-5970) Delta Airlines Airbus A330-302 (N822NW) All Nippon Airways Airbus A321-211(SL) (JA111A) All Nippon Airways Airbus A321-211(SL) (JA114A) All Nippon Airways Airbus A321-272N (JA131A) All Nippon Airways Airbus A321-272N (JA132A) Vietnam Airlines Airbus A350-941 (VN-A890)
  10. 8 July,2017 at NGO Aviastar-Tu Airlines Tupolev Tu-204-100C (RA-64052) opf Russian Post An amazing airplane came to NGO last midnight, and it departed to VVPK at 3PM today Omni Air International Boeing 777-2U8(ER) (N819AX) While waiting for Tu-204 departure, it came suddenly from OSN for fuel refueling. Atlas Air Boeing 747-4H6(LCF) (N718BA)
  11. 11 June, 2017 at NGO Air Canada Rouge Boeing 767-375(ER) (C-GSCA) AC resumed NGO-YYZ service, this route was cancelled in 2005, and sent an Air Canada Rouge aircraft this time. However, it's only this summer season Hope it continues forever!!!
  12. It was a really wonderful spotting meeting in CGK last week with Chaity san, flee san & Siola san We got many good things at there, and never stopped clicking the shutter button I also post some of my photos Air Fast Indonesia McDonnell Douglas MD-83 (PK-OCS) Garuda Indonesia Boeing 737-8U3(WL) Skyteam c/s (PK-GMH) Garuda Indonesia Boeing 777-3U3ER Skyteam c/s (PK-GII) Garuda Indonesia Bombardier CRJ-1000 (PK-GRQ)
  13. 29 Apr,2017 at Kagoshima Breitling Douglas DC-3A (HB-IRJ) Finally, I got her in Japan! What a beautiful!!! Japan Air Commuter ATR42-600 (JA01JC) On the other hand, it's the first ATR42 for JAC
  14. Wow!!! What a wonderful old lady!!! She is scheduled to visit Japan at the end of this month I must go somewhere(Kumamoto, Kobe & Fukushima) to catch her!
  15. flee san> Yes, I think so too It was raining today, but that's why I went to NGO! Recently some rare birds come to NGO, so I'm a bit busy
  16. 1 Apr,2017 at NGO Wells Fargo Bank Boeing 737-7JV BBJ (N301SR) Qatar Executive Gulfstream G650ER (A7-CGC)
  17. 25 Mar,2017 at NGO China Eastern Airlines Airbus A320-214 Beautiful Gansu (B-2209) Air Asia Japan Airbus A320-216(SL) (JA02DJ) Spring Airlines Airbus A320-214(SL) (B-1807) Cathay Pacific Airbus A330-342 New c/s (B-HLD)
  18. 20 Mar,2017 Silk Way Airlines Ilyushin IL-76TD-90SW (4K-AZ100) at NGO The rare bird came to NGO and stayed 1 night After I captured it in NGO, took an airplane and moved to HND to get another rare bird. Russian Air Force Ilyushin IL-96-400VPU (RA-96102) at HND 2 x IL96s were sitting in HND. Both came to HND on 20 Mar, then departed on 21 Mar...
  19. 12 Mar,2017 at HND Saudi Ministry of Finance & Economy HZ-MF1(BBJ) + HZ-MF6(BBJ3) with many Limousine cars Saudi Ministry of Finance & Economy Boeing 737-9FG BBJ3 (HZ-MF6) Saudi Ministry of Finance & Economy Boeing 737-7FG BBJ (HZ-MF1) Singapore Airlines Airbus A350-941 (9V-SMA) Japanese Air Self Defence Force Boeing 747-47C (20-1102) Eva Air Airbus A330-302 (B-16337) New c/s All Nippon Airways Boeing 787-881 (JA802A) Special c/s The another special c/s(JA801A) had gone, and maybe this will wear a normal ANA c/s soon. Waiping san> Yes, I got it. But I couldn't get another side
  20. 11 Mar,2017 at NRT FedEx Boeing 777-FS2 (N885FD) Panda Sticker Iberia Airbus A330-202 (EC-MKI) 70 Years with Latin America HK Express Airbus A320-232 (B-LCB) Sanuki Udon Lufthansa Cargo Boeing 777-FBT (D-ALFE)
  21. 18 Feb,2017 at KIX China Airlines Airbus A350-941 (B-18903) Cathay Pacific Airbus A350-941 (B-LRI) Vietnam Airlines Airbus A350-941 (VN-A891) HK Express Airbus A321-231(SL) (B-LEA) Uni-Top Airlines Airbus A300-605R(F) (B-2326)
  22. BC Tam san> Thanks for following! 4 Feb,2017 at NRT Etihad Airways Boeing 787-9 (A6-BLE) ANA - All Nippon Airways Airbus A320-271N (JA211A) The 1st A320neo of NH is entering a short haul international flight from NRT now. Jeju Air Boeing 737-8AS(WL) (HL8063) T'way Airlines Boeing 737-8AS(WL) (HL8069)
  23. flee san> Sure The small airplane is very important for connecting from mainland to small islands. It's hard to see it in NGO, NRT, HND etc...that's why I visited at there
  24. Chaity san> Yes, I fly into Kagoshima for spotting As you say, this airport has a nice view from the observation deck!!!. Kagoshima usually is warm because it' s located in the southern area in Japan, however, it was so cold when I was there It was the 10 degrees on that day!!! Sorry, I don't have any photos of airport & terminal now But I'll take photos of it next time! Actually, I already decided to go there again on April because JAC had received 1st ATR42 this week!!! That's my target, and I have a place where I want to go except for Kagoshima airport BTW, here is the today's movement at NKM Mitsubishi Aircraft Corporation MRJ90STD (JA23MJ)
  25. 21 Jan,2017 at Kagoshima airport Japan Air Commuter DHC-8-402 Q400 JA842C(Old c/s) & JA851C(New c/s) Which one do you like? Japan Air Commuter DHC-8-402 Q400 (JA849C) Japan Air Commuter Saab340B (JA001C) Japan Air Commuter Saab340B (JA8900) New Japan Aviation Britten - Norman BN-2B-20 Islander (JA80CT) ANA Wings DHC-8-402 Q400 (JA842A) Japan Coast Guard Saab340B-SAR (JA8951) J-Air Embraer 190 (JA242J) 22 Jan,2017 at Kumamoto airport Amakusa Airlines ATR 42-600 (JA01AM) It was very cold on that day, so I got only this one It snowed sometimes around the airport!!!
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