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  1. How many times have you flown with Garuda? I've been flying Garuda so many times and I never experienced such things. To me your post is totally RACIST!!!! I'm not gonna name certain race that are 'smelly' but let's face the fact.....Garuda Indonesia under the new management has the right track in to become one of the recognizable airline in the world. Garuda still have a long way competing with Singapore Airlines or Emirates, but with the strong management......I'm sure they could achieve that in the near future.
  2. Not only Indonesia has a big potential in the aviation market, Lion also already have permit to operate in Vietnam, Thailand, and some other countries in South East Asia. I think it would create somekind of regional airline competing head to head with AirAsia. Indonesian population is close to 280 millions.....I don't think 230 planes are such a big number.
  3. Hehehehe.....actually my driver know the way. We have to go to the small village right next to the runway. If you happened to come to Jakarta, I'll let you know the way. Agree. The traffic is horrible, but then again after you see Singapore Airlines 777 landing just meters away from you......is totally worthed.
  4. This is around 5pm local time. Busy time at the airport. Ada KLM tapi cuma kelihatan buntut aja....... :igsmile:
  5. Hi guys.....I'm new in this forum. I just want say congratulation to everybody who contribute in this thread. I enjoyed looking at all the pictures. I personally think you guys did a great job. Cheers guys.....
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