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  1. The REAL John Travolta is onboard. Any fans. I have pics of plane.
  2. I am not sure if N707JT has departed to AKL yet as already 8 at BNE.
  3. And learn to be kind especially manners like the word SORRY for etc...
  4. If this is really true than I'm going to give my business to other carriers. I currently looking at flights to Asia and Mh is cheapest. At this rate i'm prepared to pay more for better treatment. Qondolences to the women
  5. read this in a magazine if got time i will scan article
  6. I'm wondering if any ofyou have email addresses for CEO's as I'm trying to get free memobrilia from them.
  7. Now hear this there is going to be an airline in US using I think four Convair 580's. http://www.petairways.com/front_page Link This is very LOL! I don't think Mr Wiskers dosen't like to be in a propellor jet for hours with bad tubulence. Will FAA have new procedures on board in emergencies for all creatures big and small
  8. 320's for more point to point to compete head to head with EY. But EK bought to many 380's. Better should have bought 748's. But that comes in to question also. And more of a welcome next time!
  9. Hi My name is C.Foo I'm new to MW. Please welcome me. I know EK has had problems with 380 filling it up but never mechanical. Ek should have never purchased the plane. Its more like national pride. Example Ek purchased it for pride. What Ek should do is dump the plane. Deposits and money paid use it for the 350 and the 330 or even the 320 or even sell the plane to customers who can't wait. After all EK is one of the most powerful carriers in the world. Just like SQ, BA, LH, AF/KL, QF etc...
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