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  1. Spotters, UAE is coming to BKI, ETA 09:30pm today from Dubai, cargo flight.
  2. Did you mean this one? /sorry for the late upload
  3. Anyone go for spotting today? Far Eastern, MD83 estimate BKI 06:50pm today.
  4. [offtopic] Just wondering who install the receiver here at KK for the flight radar, good coverage.
  5. Happy new year to all, Anyone free today can spot China Eastern, B738 EST BKI 02:40pm.. Can be the first spot for BKI 2012
  6. 22 NOV 2010 There will be a Hajj flight today, ETA 1140
  7. alamak...sori...sori...
  8. just managed to upload it... haiya, glass reflection while waiting the B744, shot this B734 taxiing to T1
  9. nice? haha..u must b kidding thanx anyway. no specific time. will come whenever she wants.
  10. a blurry image of Brunei B744 doing 4x (?) touch & go at BKI yest. ...and i just have N73 to shot it..
  11. looks just fine... likes the tango golf november shots... wit heat coming out frm d engine...
  12. wah, a very responsive respond BKI MW should organize a visit to DCA. If they can accept visitors frm primary school, y not frm MW? This is an aviation forum too, isnt it?
  13. Rugi too expensive. just for play2 only... Anyone?
  14. Operate by Vistajet, REG:OEILY actually spotting the TWY GOLF, lot of patches using N73 only.
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