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  1. How do you tell the difference between a noise cancelling and normal headphone?
  2. Sorry, just can't help myself. Had to simply take a swipe at TF. Air Asia to become the biggest in Asia - Biggest Wind Bag or Hot Air Baloon Market analyst have on many ocassions labeled him as "Over promise, under deliver"
  3. Oops finger problem. It should read "I can teach MAS a thing or two". I must be suffering from the same problems as the MAS staff and copy writers.
  4. Maybe someone can verify this. I am told that the current version is the new promised internet booking engine. The new booking engine was quietly slipped in thru MAS Wings sometime ago. And then was extended for the international and domestic destinations booked under MAS before the MAS Travel Fare. I am told by the previos vendor that MAS has completely decommissioned the old booking engine. Typical of MAS staff not knowing what is inside their company when others outside know more of what's happening. Being involved in web software development especially eCommerce, I have been following MAS and AK web development with great interest. All the hype raised my expectations. I used the new internet booking engine to buy the travel fare ticket to see the features and I am very dissapointed. Instead of improvement, Customer are beset with more problems than before. I agree with you Rozhan, that more payment options is a must. These should include cash payment ala AK and direct debit. There is a complete absence of other products like travel insurance (which I have made incorporated in my clients booking engine). I have incorporated tours, hotels and cruises for my client. It is not difficult and I cant see why MAS is finding it so difficult to do thisespecially when they are migrating to a new platform. I too had the impression that the above pitch is for the whole website. Word in the industry is that the above is the pitch for the coporate website which if at most makes up only of the the skin of the booking engine. I cant teach MAS a thing or two.
  5. I'm a noob here so this is my first posting. I read with interest the posts here and the press releases sent out by MH espcially on the internet booking engine. Being a student of this, I feel compelled to post. I tried to book the MATF fare online yestrday and experienced a lot of difficulty. I finally had to complete the transaction thru the nice people at the call center. It seems there is a techincal fault where the fare is quoted is wrong and thus the transaction was not completed. Some of my other friends also had similar problems. Some destinations are missing and I kepe getting a fault syaing that the fare is no longer available when it quoted me in an earlier step. I wonder how many others had a similar experience. I have used the old booking engine on several ocassions. I think the new one is even more confusing and rojak. Even my uni project is of better quality. I dont think it is even on par with SQ, AK and the other airlines. IJ mentioned that the internet is an important part his BTP 1 & 2. Sorry to say that he has stumbled on the first step. Ryan Air and Aer Lingus booking engines provides simplicity . Full service carriers like QF, BA provides options. MH is trying to do both and ended with neither. What is the point of adding some new functions added with promises of more when the new one is worse than the old one and the new one creates an aweful mess for Customers. If the new booking engine is part of the RM300M PSS project, then I say MH has wasted their money. I am an MH supporter but I am slowly losing my faith in IJ and MH.
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