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  1. l was made to understand the fare structure is estimated in the range of: IPH - KBR : RM2xx(one way) / RM 398(return) excluding tax SZB - IPH : RM99( one way) excluding tax SZB - KBR : NO fare yet. We just have to wait for its website to be launched on 16 march 2010. operating only days 4 and 7 ie based on IPH - MES - IPH routing I guess this routing might be : SZB - KBR - IPH - MES - IPH - KBR - SZB I hope Deniez could confirm this esp how to purchase ticket and its website address.
  2. Good news for kelantanese and other malaysians commuting IPH - KBR vv Heard it will start the IPH - KBR sector on this coming 18 march 2010. hope it will be materialised. Besides it will also operates the SZB - IPH , IPH - MES , IPH - KBR , KBR - SZB. Pls silvefly people , could you confirm this. It was said that the SZB - IPH had started since Jan 2010. I really hope the Silverfly people could do more promotion on its routes so that the public will be aware of its existence.
  3. You may wanna try its flight to Shiraz(historical city) from KUL every Thursdays. Only RM2565 return all-in. Contact the airline@03 21667977
  4. that's right. i am the guy that u met yesterday at the function - raf. i am an ardent fan of this site. frequent flyer myself and interested in fy and mh updates.
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