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  1. I also did try to sign up for MS but didn't work out, so maybe you will have better luck!

  2. Hi Alvin, you are from BKI too?

  3. Mum says never to play in the rain. Now it's raining. So much for doing to the beach later.

  4. Had a bad experience with one of the screeners. Never again.

  5. Just finish OT. Dinner now.

  6. Does anyone has the latest charges for Plaza Premium Lounge @ LCCT? Seems like websites pricing are all different.

  7. Looks like they are stripping the livery off former FY B734 at KLIA.

  8. Good morning, Vietnam.

  9. Not bad for first day - Vietjet, angkor, mekong, even cargolux b748.

  10. Somehow one of my Digi line is OFF!

  11. Be prepared! FRU and water cannon truck deployed from Rawang.

  12. Had an interesting flight back from SDK just now. POB 5, yes 5. Departed and arrived 15mins earlier than scheduled. Thanks for not cancelling my flight.

  13. "In the Malaysian Parliament recently, an UMNO MP during his speech told a story....."There was a father who gave RM100/- each to his 3 sons and asked them to buy things and fill up a room completely.First son bought hay for RM100/- but couldn't fill the room entirely.Second son bought cotton for RM100/- but couldn't fill the room entirely.Third son bought a candle for RM1/- and lit it up and the ...room was filled with light completely."The proud UMNO MP declared: "Our Prime Minister NAJIB...

  14. The Avengers 11:30am 99% FULL!!!

  15. Here I go again. Insomnia...

  16. About 20 years ago Wesak day in Tawau was a fun filled occasion. We had activities like blood donation at the town padang in the morning and lantern possession in the evening. Those were the days and honestly I can't remember since when the celebration has been scaled down. Now is pretty low profile.

  17. Please watch The Lady (movie) and tell me what you think.

  18. Tower: Lufthansa 893, you are number one, check for workers on the taxiway.Pilot: Roger ….. We’ve checked, they are all working.

  19. Tower: Cessna 310, that taxiway is approved for single engine use only.Pilot: Roger, shutting down one engine.

  20. Wish I could "track" that flight rather than waiting for it at home.

  21. Jam tao lot fui.

  22. Anyone spotting MH2612?

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