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  1. Sorry bro we can't rent the aircraft.......It's only for Sale.....
  2. N861XL 2 seater Liberty XL2 FADEC Engine controls......Heard GGIFA Will be using it for training at bintulu.I flew her this evening was wonderful ...
  3. Yes mani from ESBFC.....
  4. Yes uncle norman anytime,Just give me a buzzzzzzzzzzzz.......
  5. The only Civilian Reg 9M-NAA, Taxy in and out of Airforce base ......Use by our Malaysian Gov but Civilian crew and maintain by civilian as well.......
  6. No idea bro But i think they a partners check the tail and the Fuselage of A320 .
  7. This pic is taken when it arrive at hangar 1 mas for paint job.Before and After Of A320 Airdeccan ....Good Paint Job by MAS .
  8. A320 Airdeccan out from MAS paint Shop ......I think is a Joint venture of Airdeccan and KingFisher result this A320.
  9. Guys, Pilot error la(englishman Ross Gobert),6'5" height and had to remove seat and backrest+can't even fit into Eagle aircraft. 1st Solo + Crosswind+Panic=Grass slope and Toing+Prop Strike. Aircraft still on ground but during Rotate.
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