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  1. Did not see anything in the report that says parking planes is a big problem. If parking planes is a big problem for Airasia, they will not be what they are today. Its just an excuse
  2. I agree. Does anyone seriously think that a small problem like finding parking spaces for 20-30 planes will hinder Airasia's expansion plans? Look, this is a person who made Airasia, a household name not only in Malaysia, but in many parts of the world. This is just an excuse to delay the delivery of the planes. Possibly over expansion??
  3. Air Asia has in the past, started and stopped quite a number of routes because they were unprofitable. Strange that no associations protested then. Why now, when clearly Airasia has no right to fly the Kota Kinabalu-Sibu route. For Airasia, it is all about profit, and nothing about serving the people. How the people in Sabah and Sarawak suffered during their FAX period with all the delays and cancellations. So Fernandez, do not lay the blame on MAS.
  4. If Sibu-KK is deemed a rural route, Airasia should not protest and give dubious reasons like "good for the economy and good for tourism". If the people want to travel to KK, they can use Maswings. What is the problem for them? We must follow rules and regulations. If we start breaking them without valid reasons, there will be no end to breaking the rules and then only the well connected will benefit.
  5. Someone wrote in an online newspaper "What a moron. Every other firm is using renouncable rights issuance for their fund raising, ensuring that the principle of ensuring their long term shareholders are given priority in subscribing to new share issuance is upheld. Tony on the other hand is happy to hand shares at a discount to new shareholders, leaving current shareholders with diluted stakes. Perhaps he is so broke, he can't subscribe to his own portion, hence the offer to external parties. AirAsia's long term shareholders should perhaps start a sell off, resulting in a price collapse, ensuring his new share issuance is a 'spectacular success'". sounds about right.
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