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  1. Flying on MH725 (Kul-Cgk) later today. Will do my part as well to show appreciation to the crew. #PrayforMH370
  2. Can't help to feel that MW is such a warm community. Lots of fun amongst this community. Thks to all. Keep it up MW.
  3. Thks. Still trying to perfect my shots.. I am really motivated to learn how to take good photos like you guys....guess this is my motivation factor. TK, Thks for sharing your experience in spotting with me. This got me moving towards wanting to go spotting... great fun!!
  4. [Gilbert, 1st pic so small ah?... aiyahh... kiam siap la lu [kedekutnye/stingy]... hehe... Here are a few more taken during on Tues.... a little bigger size this time..
  5. Hi guys, My 1st spotting picture since getting my new camera...
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