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  1. 5 hours ago, Izanee said:


    good to see that the demand for flights to Malaysia is healthy! 

    Oman Air is also increasing from current 8x to 14x weekly beginning March 2024. So next summer, we will have:

    1. 5x daily JED (3x SV, 1 each between MH and QR)
    2. 4x daily DOH between MH and QR
    3. 3x daily DXB by EK 
    4. 2x daily AUH by EY
    5. 2x daily MCT by WY
    6. 2x daily IST by TK

    That seems to be a lot of MENA/Europe traffic plus a number of Americas and Africa connections but yet no European carriers have announced their plans to return to KUL for summer 2024 (yet?). Most if not all of these carriers above have beyond KUL connections with MH and to a certain extent, OD.

  2. In other news, MH and CX will not proceed with their joint business (metal-neutral, network planning and coordination etc.) application with MAVCOM. It appears that MAVCOM isn't satisfied with the outcome of this proposed JB as it will severely hamper competition between MY and HK.

    On 9/8/2023 at 8:56 PM, KK Lee said:

    Most visitors to plaza premium lounge at kul are credit card holders travelling in ey, have low expectations. A reason why they have plaza premium first for airlines.

    I am curious if you know that the most revered airline in MWings, SQ, is using PP Business for their business/*G pax?

    On 9/15/2023 at 11:17 AM, BC Tam said:

    Wonder if anyone ever considered uplifting meals from other stations that have proper catering facilities instead - SIN, BKK, CGK ...? 😀

    Sure it's going to be costly, but at silly situations, absurdity may prove useful 

    Probably not SIN. It's too short of a flight to upload proper meals. BKK/DPS has almost always been uplifted from outstation. Some cities like HKT, PNH etc. are back-catered (i.e. uplifted from KUL).

    On 9/18/2023 at 11:08 AM, Riza said:

    Anyone know does MH operate up to double daily to NRT & daily to HND now?

    Just 7 weekly NRT and 5 weekly HND. HND will be swapped with NRT in a few days and HND doesn't appear in schedule until Summer 2024 (not open for sale, but MH70/71, the daytime KUL-NRT is open for sale). I don't know if HND schedule is not working out for them or if they can't get a permanent preferred slot at HND.

  3. QR will resume PEN passenger service beginning 29 October. Routing will be DOH-HKT-PEN (no traffic rights between HKT and PEN). And QR will add another daily DOH-KUL flight beginning 15 December for a total of 4 daily between MH (359/333) and QR (77W/788). Flight schedule will be very similar to previous QR852/853 and will be operated by B787-8. 

  4. 23 minutes ago, JuliusWong said:

    You are making strawman argument here, just like what you did always. Truthfully, it is waste of time making argument with you. 

    Gazetted or otherwise, that's the direction the government is going. 

    No, Cambodia Siem Reap, and Vietnam HCM and everywhere else you can use either local currency or USD. You are not obligated to pay in USD, if you are not aware. If you have not seen how cheap alcohol is in Cambodia, suggest you drop by a visit to Pub Street at Siem Reap, Cambodia. 

    As I mentioned before, getting to Langkawi is definitely difficult because if I want quick access to fly from Sabah, Sarawak or Johor hopping over from backpacking in Singapore or even Thailand from Bangkok, there is no or lack of air connection to Langkawi. Your point of emphasizing on KUL or SZB is mooted.

    But I was replying to KK Lee’s argument. I wasn’t the one making the straw man’s argument here. The whole premise was - tourists avoid Malaysia because alcohol is expensive. I said tourism malaysia has 99 problems. Expensive alcohol ain’t one. And the goal post kept moving. 

    And I was saying, we used to have nonstop flights from the UK to a duty free island. But it wasn’t successful. Get the connection between a nonstop flight to a duty free island where alcohol is dirt cheap but yet it was unsuccessful? 

    And please don’t listen blindly to whatever politicians say (Malaysia or otherwise). Changing the definition of states in Malaysia requires a constitutional amendment. Not something to be announced over a party general assembly and be done with. 

  5. 26 minutes ago, JuliusWong said:
    1. Sabah and Sarawak are now regions, no longer states. (Link)
    2. No, you never said alcohol is cheap in Malaysia, but you did ask where else alcohol is cheaper than duty free islands in Malaysia. I am responding accordingly to your qns.
    3. MYR depreciation is not great for tourism in Malaysia when a lot of your operation cost/ expenses is in USD domination. And again refer to the point where tourists get more value if they spend in Thailand, Vietnam or Indonesia.
    4. The MH1 was cancelled in the end because it was mostly empty and was bleeding money. TUI flight was once off for winter season in Northern Hemisphere holiday season, not all year around operation. Langkawi is only connected by five other airports/ destinations: Johor Bahru, Kuala Lumpur–International, Kuala Lumpur– Subang, Penang and Singapore. I can hardly call it high connectivity tbh.

    1. Has this been gazetted? Because Sarawak and Sabah governments are still identifying themselves as Malaysian states.

    2. You mentioned city to city - do you mean Kuah town and another beach town in Cambodia? Because when I last *lived* in Langkawi in 2020/21, a can of beer costs around RM3-4 (and that's at a restaurant, not from a supermarket).

    3. You mean like how in Cambodia and Vietnam try to quote you in USD instead of local currency? 

    4. And I said, there are a lot of flights from KUL and SZB. I didn't say it's highly connected. My emphasis was on KUL/SZB.

  6. 1 hour ago, JuliusWong said:

    Malaysia is hit by many issues when it comes to tourism in Malaysia are:

    1. The country is too spread out, too many states and each state has almost similar leisure activities, lack of distinction among 11 states and three wilayahs.
    2. High prices at main tourist draw. Mt K hiked their entry fee exponentially during its last round of price hike.
    3. Yes, alcohol - Malaysia has one of the world's highest taxation for alcohol. 
    4. Currency depreciation/ USD appreciation - You get more bang for spending in Thai baht, Vietnamese dong and Cambodia kip.

    Bullet point renumbered when I removed some text.

    1) Did we lose 2 more states along the way or the 14 stripes on our flag adopted in 1963 meant to represent the 11 states + 3 territories? 🤣

    2) Sabah Parks is an anomaly in Malaysia. Whilst the entrance fees are high, I've been told that getting the climbing permit isn't easy and it's sold out in advance. So good for them if they can maintain high fees and still get visitors. Sabah generates a lot of income from tourism and they don't have a lot of other industries other than, oxymoronically, palm oil. Same goes for Sipadan - you need to spend 3 nights and, if you are lucky, you get the prized Sipadan day permit. I guess that's the leverage you have when you are one of the top diving sites in the world. Taman Negara on the other hand only charges RM1 entrance fees. Mulu National Park only charges foreigners RM30 for a 5-day pass.

    3) I have never said alcohol is cheap in Malaysia - I said, expensive alcohol is not the primary issue.

    4) If anything, MYR depreciation is great for tourism. 

    1 hour ago, JuliusWong said:

    The orang puteh that comes to Malaysia are not going to take flight to Langkawi just to enjoy a beer unless they plan their trip well. The lack of connectivity to those duty free or non-duty free islands and many parts of Malaysia is a major turn off turn off. There is no use going here just to drink and fly back or take a boat ride back to the mainland. Unless you finish your tour on KL/ Selangor, then you fly to Penang, from there you head to Langkawi for cheap beer. In between, you could have spend a bomb on the beers if you are a drinker.

    You remember MH1 used to fly LHR-LGK/PEN-KUL and Tui used to fly UK (BHX/LGW)-LGK? There are nonstop flights (and plenty of them) from KUL and SZB plus other cities to LGK. 

  7. On 9/5/2023 at 5:32 PM, jahur said:

    Most of the food and beverages in the Golden Lounge been recently switched to Plaza Premium.

    I was at the domestic MH lounge a few weeks ago and the food quality/selection has improved a lot.

    I went lounge hopping at KLIA yesterday (around 945-1115am) while waiting for my flight to Singapore, departing from MTB. Visited the new PPL near the H gate, and it was packed. Then I went to the regional Golden Lounge, and it was quiet, about 10 pax (I was expecting more pax but maybe not that may regional flights departing at that hour from MTB?). I must say the food offering in GL has improved. 

    I think you were right after the *scheduled* MH main morning departure bank. With current delays, who knows what the morning departure bank is. The GLL food has improved a lot.

  8. 9 hours ago, KK Lee said:

    Alcohol in Thailand, Cambodia, Vietnam, Philippines, etc is cheaper than Langkawi, Tioman and Labuan. For tourists to return visit, they look at the total package/experience, value for money, etc.

    Can you provide examples of those countries having cheaper alcohol than Malaysia duty free islands? And you can't just move the goal post all the time.

  9. On 9/6/2023 at 1:32 PM, jani said:

    Wow, what a disaster.

    As a side, I'm going to BKK for a holiday with my family later this month. With the ongoing fiasco, is it worth it to spend a bit for the lounge? Or will it not be related?

    Depends on the lounge you have access to 😅 But I'd think no. Food is still provided on board, just that instead of the usual rice/noodles, you may get a fruit and cake. And since MH allows you to bring food onboard, I heard patin tempoyak taste great in flight 🤣

  10. 10 hours ago, KK Lee said:

    Out of 100 drinkers, about 2 could be loudy or misbehave, and we don't know who these 2 are. As the host, should we unwelcome the rest 98 drinkers (for the tree and miss the forest)?

    Number of premium tourist is less than budget conscious tourists, expectations of premium tourist is higher and premium tourist has wider choices. Given the quality of service, foods offering, shopping variety, etc in existence, not many choose to holiday here; e.g T20 and M40 from Shanghai and Beijing for quick getaway, would visit Thailand, Seoul and Japan rather than here, and is reflected in flight arrival and statistics.

    Did I miss the memo that Malaysia is banning alcohol or are we talking about banning alcohol? Those 100 drinkers in your example are all still welcomed in Malaysia (and also duty free islands of Langkawi, Tioman, and Labuan where alcohol is cheap).

    Funny you mention Chinese tourists visiting Japan. Guess all is forgiven with Fukushima now.

  11. 17 minutes ago, Kee Hooi Yen said:


    Was onboard MH122 SYD-KUL on 2/9. Not sure if the food was catered from kitchen in KUL. The lunch presentation was very disappointing and the food I had (curry chicken with rice) was not to my taste.

    Anyway, it has been long time since my ride with MAS (my last flight was pre-COVID). So I can't tell if this is post-Brahim thing or it is the ordinary MAS standard nowadays ?

    SYD is too far for it to be back-catered. It's uplifted from SYD. Back when MH uploaded their menu online, I recall that a few stations were back-catered (i.e. KUL catered for the outbound and inbound MH flight). I recall distinctly that stations such as BKK and DPS was never back-catered where as stations such as HKT, HKG (just after covid), SGN was back-catered. I might be wrong tho.

  12. On 9/2/2023 at 5:23 PM, Alif A. F. said:

    Any of you in MH flights post-Brahim? How was the meal like?

    A friend of mine sent me a KUL-India daytime J class meal. Let's just say there was a plastic wrapped Gardenia wholemeal bread, maybe a dessert tart from Family Mart, and chickpea curry served with rice in an aluminum container (no it wasn't plated - business pax are expected to eat out of the aluminum container). I guess I forgot that MH's Brahims contract also meant that Brahim will wash all the dishes/plates for MH. 


    3 hours ago, jahur said:

    There's rumor that the transition period will take up to 6months(not exactly confidence building). Instead of extending the contract with brahim until takeover. They rather outright exit promptly. 

    If they do not take over Brahim's, I expect it to be much longer. I can't imagine starting an airline catering company from scratch will be easy (building, crew training, procurement, certification etc.). MH can't just hire a few kenduri caterers and cook it under a tent and deliver it to planes.

    If they end it abruptly with Brahim, Brahim will bleed even more and MH is probably looking at a hostile takeover when Brahim is desperate.

  13. 3 hours ago, KK Lee said:

    Like durian, we may claim is the best but the world largest market, PRC import less than 10% of durian from Malaysia. We could be as selective, premium or moral high ground as we want; how many foreign buyers/tourists buy in is a different matter. Tourists arrival and money spent speak for itself.

    I am not sure what durians has to do with tourism. I never claimed Malaysia is the best country to visit, but if we didn't attract hicks, bogans etc. to visit Malaysia and I don't know -  drink all day, pet a tiger, or ride an elephant previously, I don't think we should begin now. Most of our neighbors are trying to attract premium travelers instead of these backpackers and retirement fund day drinkers.

  14. 8 hours ago, KK Lee said:

    Except hotel room rate, almost every things here is more expensive than Thailand and Indonesia, not value for money to visit. 

    Grab and Gojek is available in Indonesia and Thailand. Klook airport transfer is also an option[...]

    From the number of Aussie visited Bali, many more enjoy drinking.

    Malaysia is going to cost more than Indonesia and Thailand because our standard of living / wages are higher than Thailand/Indonesia. We aren't competing on the lowest cost base for travelers. But 3-4€ ($4-5USD) for a meal is reasonable for most travelers - we cannot compete with 1-2€ a meal here. Our transport (except for Grab during KL peak hours) is very reasonable compared to the rest of Southeast Asia. Public transportation is still one of the cheapest in the region, if not the world (comparing apples to apples - can't compare say buses to trains).

    I take it you haven't been to DPS in the past few years? DPS is geofenced. You can't get a normal Grab price there. IIRC, my grab price was 220,000 IDR (~RM65) from DPS to Sanur/Seminyak for a short 6-7km on the road. I haven't been to HKT in a while because I had bad experience with price gouging there but I recall that Grab was really expensive from HKT as well and to get anywhere in the island are all fixed rates. Even a short 10 minute Grab ride costs 300THB - this may have changed, I don't know, but my impression was that it was all a scam and I don't plan on returning.

    I think drunk bogans drinking away their Centrelink funds is exactly what Bali wants to get rid of. Most of my Aussie friends refused to visit Bali because it's filled with bogans and they don't want to be associated with them. Just like how some Malaysians avoid a place full of rempits (and don't want to be associated with them).

  15. 3 hours ago, jahur said:

    +1 for me but still it should not be something to be thrown out completely. The issue msia does not engage in a wider area of tourism draw it is still stuck within "mass tourism" and "family oriented" which is not enough to keep the local job market afloat bundled with very with weak marketing budget and product placement. 

    Another issue i am seeing not sure why but it seems even locals are not keen on Sabah Sarawak increasing its manufacturing capabilities citing risk building these stuff out will irk the tourist away due environmental drawbacks. 

    Malaysia doesn't know how to market themselves well. All these banning doesn't help either - Malaysia's government cancel culture is as bad as West's woke cancel culture, except that we are in the opposite spectrum. MPs on both side of the aisles aren't helping when both keep bashing concerts/alcohol when the other is in government and both are pandering to the conservatives even though the current government won on a progressive ticket (and they can keep dreaming of flipping northern/east coast states  - it will never happen within the next few years). 

    Tourists getting irked by manufacturing are the least of their worries when all tourists see on their way say from Sandakan to Kinabatangan are oil palm plantations and you get a tiny strip of primary rainforest (and only on one side of the river nonetheless) at Sukau/Bilit area.

    2 hours ago, KK Lee said:

    These loudy places are confined to tourist strip, where few locals go and has little impact on local lifestyle.

    Everyone's alcohol tolerance level is different. How much Russians or anyone drink shouldn't be our concern provided they don't break the laws. When 'holier than thou' mentality set tourism policy, it is a no wonder why Malaysia attract fewer tourists than neighbouring countries.

    Couponed taxi at KLIA, PEN, etc is regulated mafia.

    Eco tourists tend to be liberal minded and sympathy to LBGTQ. Sabah and Sarawak may have many offer to eco tourism but strict law against LBGTQ deter them from visiting. As for "family oriented" tourists; middle east tourists visit has dropped substantially even before pandemic.

    Whether it's confined to tourist strip or not, I sincerely hope a small part of Malaysia does not turn into Nha Trang or Pattaya. It is really gross there. The only reason they are in Bali, Phuket, Nha Trang, Antalya etc. and get stupid drunk is because it's relatively cheap place to spend winter. Money goes slightly further there than Malaysia but do we really want to compete with them to get those tourists? Malaysia has way higher standard and cost of living - obviously we wouldn't attract those tourists. Bali is also in the process of reducing those tourists because they do not want tourists to do stupid things and disrespect local customs.

    Grab/Maxim/Air Asia Ride is still available at KUL, PEN etc. at a very reasonable rate, no? There is a choice at KUL/PEN but there is no choice in DPS or HKT. It's even worse in HKT where local (non-airport) Grab are all flat rate.

    Let's not even talk about LGBTQ - belly dancing is apparently too haram in KL last week. If only there was a time where social media users kept their opinions to themselves and not complain or get offended about everything and get their 15 seconds of fame through a social media post.

    1 hour ago, KK Lee said:

    Guess you haven't seen how much PRC could drink and spend on drinks over dinner. Their favourite baijiu is hard to find and very expensive here. For reasons, why few PRC T20 returns here for holiday.

    I don't know of any friends that choose a destination based on price of alcohol - of course that's my experience. I am not saying price of alcohol here is cheap either - just saying that I am not sure how many people actually chooses a destination (unless you want yo spend significant of time drinking) based on price of alcohol. Food and hotel here is much cheaper than say Bali - so it all evens out somehow.

  16. In addition to announcing flights to TRV, ATQ, and AMD, MH has also announced increased frequencies to MEL (seasonal 14 to 15 weekly), SYD (seasonal 14 to 16 weekly), CAN (5 to 7 weekly), PKX (3 to 7 weekly), PVG (9 to 10 weekly), HKG (11 to 14 weekly), CGK (28 to 35 weekly), BKK (34 to 42 weekly), and SGN (15 to 19 weekly). No announcements were made for HND tho. 

    20 hours ago, KK Lee said:

    MH ticket is higher than TG, price difference could absorb better catering. MH cost structure could never competitive with AK or OD. MH is like Toyota/Honda could never compete with proton or perodua in price or volume, should focus on business travellers.

    This is more of a home carrier premium (plus MH wins on frequencies). TG is more expensive than MH for BKK-KUL. Home carriers usually charge more for flights from their hub and this is common around the world. 

  17. 6 hours ago, KK Lee said:

    Russians are known to spend more on drinks than their room rate. During covid19 pandemic, many resorts in Maldives survived largely on Russian guests. Before the Ukraine war, there were thousands of Russian in Pattaya, Phuket and Bali at any one time.

    I can't be the only Malaysian who doesn't want any of our islands/beach cities turning into Pattaya, Phuket, Bali, Nha Trang or worse, Antalya. Restaurants are all in Russians and catered to them only with binge drinking / drunk behavior and brawls every night? No thank you. I honestly do not see the lure of Pattaya, Phuket, or Bali. Thailand and Indonesia are both very beautiful countries with lots to offer but I avoid Phuket and most parts of Bali south of Seminyak (and not to mention the taxi mafias in both places, especially the airport).

  18. 21 hours ago, jahur said:

    It has been noted MH y meals for regional under 3 hours have been stripped bare bone down to RM18 per pax for  whereas others have opted to stick with rm30 or more. EK contract for their segment was about rm56 per meal for economy. So its not entirely Brahims issue as well. SATS is also charging a similar pricing for ex SIN but in SGD.

    Meals in MH have degraded from constant cost cutting. The long one sided contract with Brahim did not help either.

    I am curious if it will be the same quality/quantity if both say CX and MH pays RM30 meal with Brahims.

    12 hours ago, KK Lee said:

    RM12 and RM38 made marginal price difference on regional and long haul ticket price respectively but pax perceived service is a level difference.

    Not a whole lot of difference, but assuming MH needs a bit of a markup, that RM26 difference could mean a ticket that will be increased from RM400 (for RM18 meal) to RM450 (RM38 meal) for a oneway to BKK/CGK. And MH will probably lose pax to TG/AK/OD/Z9. And for other airlines flying into KUL, the increase in catering cost will only affect a few flights a day where as for MH, this will affect almost all their KUL outbound flights. 

  19. 12 hours ago, jahur said:

    Overheard that MAG is in process of acquiring Brahim but it will take months. During this period as reported by the media Mh will be sourcing multiple catering units including hotels etc. Dont expect it to be smooth sailing in terms of quality and consistency. 

    I thought that fell through because both parties couldn't agree on the price? 

    4 hours ago, KK Lee said:

    Acquiring brahim facility at klia mutually benefit both parties. However at what price? Unless the top few management level at brahim are replaced, it will likely old wine in new bottle.

    Last I read, RM129 million.

  20. 1 hour ago, KK Lee said:

    More Korean, Japanese and PRC tourists could visit Sabah especially during the winter months. But exorbitant alcohol price made them less enjoyable. Hence, many choose Philippines instead.

    I highly doubt the price of alcohol is a strong determining factor for tourists. And there's always a local alternative - e.g. tuak and I don't believe they are subjected to the same taxes as say sake. 

  21. MAG will finally end its agreement with Brahims after 26 years of "partnership". 


    MAG said it will continue to explore diverse strategies to ensure business sustainability, which include partnering with “reputable food and beverage (F&B) providers sharing a commitment to premium passenger experiences and efficient in-flight services at Kuala Lumpur International Airport, Terminal 1”[...]

    “During this transition, Malaysia Airlines will be serving the impacted routes with alternative in-flight F&B, ensuring seamless operations while minimising any potential impact on customer comfort and experience. Other remaining routes will continue to be served by the current provider, POS Aviation Sdn Bhd,” it said.

    As far as I know, LHR/Japan flights are currently catered by Pos Aviation. I am curious if Village Park nasi lemak will make an appearance on MH soon 🤣 And what alternative F&B entails? They are collaborating with Mandarin Oriental KL for their lounge catering for Merdeka and Malaysia Day - the future looks a bit more promising for wise.

    I visited the domestic KUL lounge recently and I noticed that catering has improved a lot. Are the lounges catered by Awana or PPL now?

  22. 3 hours ago, Robert said:

    Flagship Route: How Malaysia Airlines’ Airbus A350s Meet Demand Between London & Kuala Lumpur

    Not much MH can do other than leasing A35Ks or bigger aircraft for LHR. There are no rights restriction but getting a slot is next to impossible.

    On a side note, QR is pretty much wet leasing MH's aircraft to DOH. With the new 359 scheduled to DOH, MH will sell 4F, 4J, 47Y (including 5 Y+) seats with the rest being sold by QR. MH is currently selling 6J, 53Y (including 4 Y+ seats) on their 333 flights to DOH. Can't imagine MH selling a lot of beyond DOH tickets on QR.

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