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  1. 3 hours ago, jahur said:

    9M-MAH delivery est to be within next week with random upgraded trial flights into BKI.

    Nice! Will MH secure the second 359 from SK as well?

    It looks like there'll be another 359 destination from 9M-MAH. Any clues to where it'll go (I assume MEL will get 9M-MAH since they zeroed out F for MH148/149)? Or will it be used for the second daily DOH flight?

  2. 2 hours ago, jahur said:

    If SZB is to take full regionals the 10 atr bay would have to reduced to 8 bays to cater the wingspan requirement. If it is the 737/a320 again even further reduction and adjacent buildings needs some removal. Not only that the ramp strength and type may need some check. From the looks of it 1 bay has already been modified and redrawn apron to handle the E2 likely for the Embraer Demo flight.

    That's where a new terminal comes in? I thought I read somewhere that a new terminal will be built by WCT to accommodate jets up to 320/737.

  3. 2 hours ago, Chris Tan said:

    They've been trying to find some sort of unique cultural greeting (like TG's 'wai' or the Japanese/Korean bowing), and that hand-over-the-chest is what they settled on. It just feels a bit forced if I'm being honest. If only they spent that much effort into actually improving their product.

    It's not unique to MH. You see them everywhere in KL hospitality industry now.

  4. On my recent international flight with MH, I noticed that the cabin crew put their hands over their chest (like a normal Malaysian thank you) and then bow at the front of the cabin whilst the purser was making the thank you announcement. I saw them doing it in Y too. Is this a new thing? I haven't seen something like outside of Japanese and Korean carriers.

  5. Rights are there. Slots are a different issue. MH's European arrivals also coincides with other intercontinental arrivals from the Americas and Africa. Paris is hosting the 2024 Olympic Games and Qantas recently announced their return to Paris via Perth. I'd imagine KL has higher demand to/from Paris compared to Perth and way more beyond connection opportunities as well.

    As Chris mentioned, there's a huge hole in MH's European network. I can't imagine European travelers are keen on transiting at LHR to fly with MH. Doesn't help when there are no huge oneworld hubs in the center of Europe as they are all on the fringes of Europe. France (CDG), Germany (FRA/MUC), Italy (MXP but MY doesn't have rights to MXP, only FCO) are probably good cities to serve along with the Netherlands (doesn't really work for most carriers, but it should for MH) to fill in the void in Europe plus IST.

  6. 48 minutes ago, JuliusWong said:

    Chandra did an interview last week stating they will wind up the ATR operation in SZB soon as the Malaysia gomen is planning to allow jet commercial operation in SZB, they won't be able to compete with jet operation with ATR 72. T

    I don't know if jet operations at SZB T3 is happening anytime soon. The ramp area seems very small and I don't know if it can accommodate OD 737, FY ATR/737, soon-ish SKS' E2, and possibly MH and AK narrow bodies at the same time. I thought the plan was to build a new terminal for jet operations.

  7. With AMS’ “green cap” in the news today, I am curious if MH can even get slots at AMS if they wanted to resume AMS.

    Airlines with historical slots will receive 3.1% slots less for Summer 24 whilst airlines without historical slots will not receive slots at all. Is MH considered an airline with historical slot?

    Maybe it’s time for MH to fly back into CDG, FRA and the likes to preserve slots for future. I’ve read somewhere that ICN is getting close to full as well. And HND (either MH cant make it work or they don’t have a slot).  

    AMS is sort of unprecedented as they are basically barring any new entrants to AMS.  

  8. 52 minutes ago, jahur said:

    Honestly, MAB should be careful when it comes to Europe market. Msia's poor Tourism attraction and geopolitics aside, India and Saudi have begun to pump in money to push VistaraXAir india and Riyadh Air to go after the gulfs respectively. It may not be much stuff for MH to pick on later. At most LHR, AMS and Turkiye routes should only be the thing they are focusing on.

    The main advantage of the A359 is the extra take off weight limit coupled with more usable commercial payload it can carry. Flights to europe the wind condition on certain seasons could hinder the range capability a lot sometimes needing few extra tonnes of fuel than usual. That was the issue when MH had to send their b772 to LHR long ago when a lot of the 744 got AOG with a batch passengers bag and commercial parcel offloaded to next available flight. Technically 9-10 a350s is enough. Nothing more. A339 is much more suited for flights less than 12hours anything more would have to be the a350.

    Looking at next summer schedule, we have WY increasing from 8x to 14x weekly, EY from 7x to 14x, and a good chance that QR will continue its 14x into summer. TK is already 14x. I guess there must be quite a bit of EU-MY demand with that much increase for next summer. Either that or there'll be an oversupply and MH (and KUL with EU carriers) will probably lose out again. KU already waved their white flag at KUL.

    Will the 339 work comfortably year round to AKL or perhaps (seasonal) CHC?

  9. Quite a few news out with MH from Captain Izham's speech at CAPA meeting in KL earlier today.

    MAG is on track for a full year net profit for 2023


    MAG is betting on most part of Asia, India, Australia and Europe to drive its growth, going forward. The group currently flies 60 times a week to India and will be launching routes to Amritsar, Ahmedabad and Trivandrum next week.

    "Passenger traffic coming out from China has been disappointing. Unemployment rate there has increased and that's probably causing the lack of movement of its travellers out of the country," he says.

    Europe? Interesting. I am curious if they plan to return to Europe next summer (if they do, now it's the time to announce it because most airlines are already announcing their major intercontinental additions expansion now). China is not a surprise. Despite what they announced, they can't even keep PKX, CAN and PVG daily (second daily MH386/387 barely flew). 

    MAG will issue RFP for new narrowbody in Q1 2024


    “We have the remaining order for our fleet growth programme up to 2030. We are looking at a size of about 60 narrowbody aircraft by then,” Izham said.

    “I am very disappointed with the delivery progress of our 737 MAX 8 aircraft. Contractually, we were supposed to receive seven of the aircraft this year, but the revised contract would see four. But as we speak, I honestly don’t know when the aircraft are coming. It has been delayed for the last 2½ months,” he said.

    I am curious if it will include some A220s or Embraer E2 for SZB ops. Or maybe A220/E2 for KUL's thin regional routes.

    17 minutes ago, jahur said:

    MAG expects first A330-900neo to arrive in September next year

    Group managing director Datuk Captain Izham Ismail said MAG has options on the table for the remaining 20 and will make that decision in the first quarter of 2024.

    "If we follow or remain steadfast with our long-term business plan until 2030, we should have at least 55 widebody aircraft by 2028," he said during the Airline Leader Interview - MAG session held at the Centre for Aviation (Capa) Asia Aviation Summit and Sustainability Awards 2023 here today.


    55 widebody seems a bit too far-fetched. But we'll see. The old plan was for them to have 33 widebody to facilitate very mild expansion. Currently the fleet stands at 21 a330ceos to be replaced by 20 a330neo with optional slot of 20 more. The a350 fleet of 6 will be gradually increased to 10.

    What is more likely to happen is them executing 3 a330neo on top of the 20 units to enable the 33 widebody total.

    There might have been a lost in translation somewhere. The Edge article quoted "at least 35 wide body" by 2028. Interesting that no mention of the rumored 9M-MAH ex-SK 359 was made. Interestingly enough, MH's MEL flights is zeroed out in F but seat map still remains as MH 359.

    I assume some of those 359s will be used for Europe expansion since the 339s can do East Asia, ME, and ANZ? There isn't a huge capacity difference between 359 and 339 and hopefully, they will share the same cabin.

    4 hours ago, jahur said:

    In the old days almost every airlines around the world would have about 5-10% of each aircraft type fleet on standby on the ground not including those undergoing scheduled maintenance.
    One broken a340-300, easy sends replacement aircraft with crew within 2-3hours.
    Nowadays with changing travel pattern, everyone is using their aircrafts at near max utilisation rates.

    I understand that most carriers are using their aircraft at near max utilization rate, but perhaps they can pad their schedule more for certain routes e.g. AKL, PER, CAN. Those flights are consistently delayed and it's an unfair burden for the ground crew to deal with this. Maybe increase their turnaround time to 1:30 or schedule a "longer" flight. The knockoff effect is of course they might miss minimum connecting time at KUL/outstation if they do that and can't sell that connection.

    An early arrival is always appreciated (and on a separate note, MH flight crew need to be a bit more specific when giving inflight announcement). I was on MH recently and we were landing about 20 minutes early (yay!!) but the captain will always say "we are landing on schedule at 8:00". How about changing it to "subject to ATC delays, we are expected to arrive 20 minutes ahead of schedule and at the gate a few minutes after". 

    Another beef/pet's peeve with MH. Don't make the boarding time on the boarding pass an hour before departure but instead show the exact boarding time. No one knows when boarding will commence with MH that way. It can't be boarding 60 mins prior to departure for a flight to PEN (and on another note, please reduce the check in cutoff time for domestic from 60 to 45 minutes, or even better down to 30!).

  10. 10 minutes ago, Robert said:

    The Auckland flights are almost always late so they should just change the departure time to something realistic. 

    AKL/PER (MH126/127) are hopeless. MH126 already departs around 2AM-ish. And sometimes it's delayed till 4-5AM thereby throwing away all the morning connections from KUL. They really need to pad their schedule more if their flight keeps delaying. What's the point of scheduling flights when most of their PER/AKL flights are delayed and ground staff are left with the burden to rebook passengers with missed connections or deal with frustrated delayed passengers. Looking at their schedule, 1:15 is very optimistic to turn around a plane. Even at best at KUL, they probably need around 1:30 to turn around a 330.

  11. Did OD downsized their SZB operations significantly? I was looking for flights and it appears that they are quite prone to cancelations (they will sell you a ticket but cancel the flight)? I checked SZB's history and it seems like they only have 2 flights at SZB yesterday. 1 to KBR and BTH each. And today there are only 4 flights (KBR, PEN, LGK, and BTH).

  12. 19 hours ago, Pall said:

    With plenty of seats on the A330/350s experiencing broken IFE's and half past 6 wireless IFE on the 737s. I wont be putting high expectations on this.

    To be fair, I used it very recently and the speed was decent (before it was open to all). Much faster than say TK which is unusable most of the time because it's so slow. MH wasn't strict with the 100 Mbps limit back then. You could always get new vouchers from the crew.

    10 hours ago, Robert said:

    9M-MTN has another issue today delaying MH123 to SYD by 90 mins. The return flight was stuck was supposed to depart at 22:15 ( 3mins after the inbound landed) but finally left 06:54. Wonder if this was a tech issue?
    The knock on effect is that MH715 to DPS is delayed from 09:00 - 16:43 and the subsequent return is delayed. A FB post said that the flight has been retimed 4 times and has yet to depart. This must be another tech issue and thankfully I don't have any flights booked on A332/333 at the moment.

    I think you mean MH 140/141? MH 122/123 is redeye ex-KUL and daytime ex-SYD. From the look of it, it appeared as tho it's tech out of KUL on MH140. MH should know better not to delay this flight too much as SYD has a curfew and they'd have to cancel or delay the flight until the curfew has passed. MTN was sitting on the ground for the whole night on the 30th. If they really have to delay a flight, most likely it's one of those morning greater China flights that will be delayed rather than SYD/MEL/AKL. SYD will be the worst option due to curfew.

    MH715 was delayed by over 7 hours once or twice in October, sometimes waiting for MH161 from DOH. And today's MH 715 is already delayed by 1.75 hours. Maybe they are waiting for pax/aircraft on MH 195 from BOM which is running about 2 hours late.

    4 hours ago, Kee Hooi Yen said:

    The reason for the retime of return flight SYD-KUL to 6am the next morning perhaps is due to SYD airport curfew ?


  13. 19 hours ago, Riza said:

    For some, they prefer 350 to operate on a day flight so that they can see the landscape below at any time during the flight without "cabin crew intervention" to auto dim the windows like in 787. 

    And for some, the 350 means they could potentially send the ex-SU 359 (TC-LGI/J/K/L) to KUL like they did yesterday. Comes with a much better J class with enclosed suites and proper PEY.

    But more importantly. TK is also making KUL 2x 77W for the most part of NW23 schedule. 

  14. Is one of MH's 330 out or are they over optimistic with their 330 schedule? It seems like 1-2 330 flights are severely delayed for the past few weeks (not by 1-2 hours but sometimes up to 6-9 hours). e.g. today's MH 366 to TPE is delayed by 6.5 hours, yesterday was MH 376 to CAN etc. 

  15. August and September is long gone and we are halfway through October. Aeroroutes is indicating further delays to the 7M8 with first commercial flight scheduled for 01NOV23. Will MH receive its first 7M8 within the next week or so?

    On 10/9/2023 at 10:46 AM, JuliusWong said:

    Since MH is the only premium airline on Malaysia-India routes, they can get away using any cabin seats, at least for now. Outside Delhi and Mumbai, yields are generally low especially for secondary cities, primarily a leisure or visiting friends and relatives (VFR) market.

    Thankfully MH management is not relying solely on VFR and MY-IN traffic. Those secondary cities are marketed for beyond KUL connections too. Not many people wants to fly say PER-KUL-ATQ on a 737 all the way, a journey that's >10h and >5,000 miles. That's equivalent to a KUL-IST as the crow flies. As cheap as OD can get, I'd not fly them on KUL-PER-AKL in Y or in J. But if they can get people to fly this all the way, good for them.

  16. I’d have taken advantage of MH’s fare sale to the 3 newly launched Indian cities (looking at Amritsar specifically). I’d have booked one (it’s really cheap for business class, RM2,000 round trip) if it weren’t for the 738 planned for this trip (or god forbid, swapped to 73H). 

    At 2,653 miles each way, that’s just a hairline shorter than KUL-PKX.

    I’ll go to Kochi instead. Slightly more expensive but a city that is also on my list. MH really need to consider installing better seats on these 5+ hours “regional” flights and a red eye on the way back. 

  17. Popped by the satellite lounge last week. Plenty of food but food didn’t taste the best. The potatoes paneer and rice pilaf was probably the best amongst all. Food choices seems to be more but can they get rid of those warung-style “fan” that act as a fly deterrent. Or even better yet, don’t have any flies over the food. It’s kinda gross. 

    And replace some of those cheap plastic food cover. 

    1 hour ago, Robert said:

    For 2 plus weeks there were no 'diet/light' soda drinks eg Coke Zero. Most staff were clueless when asked why. The duty manager asked me to fill out a form and received sone strong feedback from me that the form isn't user friendly as the manager he should deal with it and not burden customers for their own stock control incompetence. He suggested I try soda water and was confused when I said it tastes awful and is also full of sugar. No wonder there is such a dimities issues in Malaysia when people are so ignorant which items have sugar. 

    It was a fridge of nothing but Coke Zero last week 😂. But there were no soda water other than at the bar. I always thought soda water is just carbonated water with maybe some tiny bit of salt/minerals thrown in. Not sugar. 

  18. 26 minutes ago, Chris Tan said:

    Had to Google this place...

    ID closed the old BDO airport and this new airport is located a good 100km from the city of Bandung. Makes KUL seems like Haneda now. MH even provides complimentary shuttle from KJT to the city (takes 1.5 hours according to their website but who knows).

    And I am curious why most of these secondary/tertiary ID (other than KNO/DPS) cities get these departure from KUL? YIA, KJT, PKU all departs around 1700-1900 and arrives back to KUL close to midnight. Even SUB's daily flight whilst not the most ideal, departs around 07:00.

  19. 2 hours ago, Pall said:

    Probably due to cargo as well. PEN is part of the semi-conductor supply chain of those giant chipmakers in Taiwan. High value cargo. More belly cargo capacity on A333.


    19 minutes ago, Chris Tan said:

    That was my initial thought as well. But if cargo were a big reason they should be flying 333's year round, and CI Cargo already flies there, which makes me think it's driven by passenger demand.

    Probably a combination of both.  But I suspect more so on passenger demand since December is one of the peak travel months and they'd probably send their freighters to PEN instead of a larger passenger plane if it's mostly cargo. I'd imagine a lot of companies slow down between Christmas and New Year.

  20. 33 minutes ago, Kee Hooi Yen said:

    I believe Air Arabia flies SHJ-KUL too. And KU on KWI-KUL.

    Is there any BAH flight ?

    You are right. Air Arabia flies SHJ-KUL 11x weekly and KU 3x weekly (both aren't loaded for Summer 2024 tho). No BAH/AMM flights. GF only flies to SIN, BKK, MNL. And also SV with a few MED flights plus IR from TKA (both aren't convenient for beyond connections from those cities). I remember Iraqi Airways used to fly Baghdad-KL not too long ago 😅

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