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  1. Wow 90% load factor. If they upgrade 777 cabin up to A380 standard, they will pull customers back from other airlines.




    The carrier is relying on travel agents to fill the seats, having already increased passenger numbers by 14% so far this year.


    That's not the most lucrative market. But good that they are filling up C cabin as well.

  2. I've flown on their 767 in C before - expect really old school business seats. Recline works "too well" - so much so that you are actually touching the knees of the person sitting behind you. Great food (especially out of ADD when they serve injera) and service is good. They serve more food on a 2.5 hours flight in C (out of ADD only) more than any other airlines I've been on and that says a lot. Their Y class looks decent - comes with PTV as well IIRC.


    Imagine having lay-overs in Addis Ababa? Must be freaking awesome!


    Been to ADD - not the most interesting city I've been to in Africa. It's very concrete and attractions are few and far apart. It's relatively safe (at least the part that I was staying in) but you'll see police and army patrolling the city with guns similar to AK-47 (I am not familiar with guns at all). Photos of buildings and people are a big no no (I was yelled at for taking pictures of goats crossing the street) and this is especially true for government buildings and residences.


    Having that said, I've been told that Ethiopia is an awesome tourist destination with the exception of Addis. People are gorgeous and very friendly. Food is great - probably one of the most delicious African cuisine I have tried so far (love the injeras!).

  3. Wow. I am surprised AF will use a 4-cabin plane to KUL, but great news nonetheless!


    AF KUL Summer 2013 Schedule:

    CDG - KUL: 19:40 - 13:50 +1

    KUL - CDG: 23:15 - 06:10 +1


    KL KUL Summer 2013 Schedule:

    AMS - KUL - CGK: 20:55 - 15:00 +1 // 16:20 - 17:20

    CGK - KUL - AMS: 18:50 - 21:55 // 23:20 - 06:00 +1


    Interesting departure time from CDG - the KUL layover for CDG-CGK is 2.5 hours and the majority of SE Asia departure bank is between 23:00 and 23:59.

  4. In theory, every additional note to a network give a positive multiplier to the whole network. If MH have extensive network and regular frequency, MH need not depend on ex-KUL pax alone but feed from the whole network like QR, EY, EK, SQ, etc.


    True - which is why MH needs to start adding more regional flights (which they are doing) and have at least once a day long-haul flights. Previously, there are way too many destinations that are served 3-4 weekly - if they are going to do it, do it daily.

  5. If QR/DOH pax profile is similar to EK/DXB, fewer than 20% of pax originating/terminating at DOH/DXB. Implying MH is missing out ex-KUL demand, incapable to cater for ex-KUL pax or both.


    MH cannot possibly cater to those ex-KUL passengers especially when more than 80% of those traffic are connecting traffic. If those passengers are connecting to cities in Africa, Europe, Middle East or South America, MH will not be able to justify its own services to those cities hence why EK/QR is able to pick up those traffic from KUL.


    This is similar to why BA is struggling on its SYD route because BA have EK, QR, EY, MH, SQ, CX, JL, TG etc. competing for traffic from London/UK to Australia/NZ. All the other airlines serve major cities in Australia while BA can only afford to serve 1 (and if you are going to MEL, it requires a layover in SYD).

  6. Maybe it's the OCD in me, but how do MH assign its flight numbers? Do they just throw darts on the board and see where it lands on?


    I saw in the other thread that BKI-HKG flights were increased from 7 to 9 weekly flights and the new flight numbers are MH 426/427, i.e. for Malaysia-HKG flights, you have MH 72, 78, 384, 426.


    I know the general assigned international routes/flights numbers are as below:


    MH 1-49: Europe

    MH 50 - 99: North-East Asia and USA excluding China

    MH 120-149: Australia

    MH 150 - 199: South Asia and Middle East

    MH 2xx: Unused, but used to be Africa / South America

    MH 350 - 399: China

    MH 4xx: Newly assigned flight numbers

    MH 5xx: Unused

    MH 600 - 650: Singapore

    MH 700 - 899: SE Asia excluding Singapore


    And then you have a lot of oddities (when there are a lot of unused numbers within the range), e.g.:

    MH 104: KUL-BLR

    MH 68: BKI-TPE (while KUL-TPE is MH 366 and 408). Most MH 50-99 range are ex-KUL.

    MH 850-865: KUL-DPS/MES - All other Indonesian flights are in the MH 7xx series. KUL-DPS is MH 715, 851, 853!

  7. I heard the magic date for completion of Oneworld integration is 12/12/12. By then AA & QF (I believe, I'm not sure about QF) will have reciprocal benefits. AY may be at the end of the month, while BA will be early next year.


    The magic date for completion of OW integration means MH is fully integrated into OW (it can't be integrated with a few first). Or are you talking about code-share agreement?


    If 12/12/12 is indeed the magic date, then from that day onwards, all OW benefits will apply to MH flights and vv (FFP benefits, lounge access [looking forward to my FCL access], interlining etc.).

  8. There were some worries arose during the recent QR's oneworld inception event that the airline will complete its integration with other oneworld partners earlier than MH.


    Sources said MH is just 'too slow'.


    MH accepted its invitation June 2011 and it's expected to join late 2012 or early 2013 (which is still within the time frame although on the slower side: 12-18 months are the norm). I believe the formal induction date will be announced 7 weeks prior.


    But I don't believe QR will be formally inducted into OW before MH. MH will have delay for another year if that's the case.


    MH seems to co-operate more with the members elect than the members itself. MH has code-sharing agreements with QR and UL and limited reciprocal FFP benefits with UL. Not even a single OW carrier has reciprocal FFP benefits with MH as of today!

  9. HKG may be but not NRT. NRT is too far and they can easily run into problems should things go disarray.


    Not really. 3 needed for the twice daily LHR turns, 1.5 needed for the CDG turn, 1 needed for the NRT turn and 0.5 needed for the HKG turn. There are still a lot of ground time for the A380 at KUL.


    The three 380s can run MH 2 -> 3 -> 4 -> 1 -> 2 rotation (still with about 3-5 hours ground time in KUL between turns). Two A380s can run MH 20 -> 21 -> 72 -> 73 -> 21 (with about 4-5 hours ground time between 73 -> 21 turn) and the last 380 frame can do solely MH 88/89 turn with about 6 hours ground time in KUL.


    Not many airlines have an extra A380 sitting around whole day just in case of irrops.

  10. That's very low fleet utilization if the A380 is only serving LHR twice daily and daily CDG (the current A380 utilization is already low as it is - with one of the A380 sitting at KUL for 15+ hours!).


    A380 departures from KUL:

    1 mid morning for MH 4

    2 late evening for MH 2/20


    A380 arrivals into KUL:

    2 early morning from MH 3/21

    1 mid afternoon from MH 1


    Could definitely fit another HKG and NRT rotation for the 6 A380s. 3 A380s can do the twice daily LHR runs, 1.5 is needed for daily CDG run and 1 is needed for the daily NRT (MH 88/89).

  11. Is CDG service really that popular?


    CDG attracts of a lot premium traffic. Both SQ and TG sends their A380s to CDG even though it's not a *A hub. CX flies to CDG twice a day (with the 2 flights leaving within an hour or two apart while they only fly once a day to FRA). Oddly enough, AF can't even make BKK work!


    This is great news for Europeans who want to fly MH A380 in C/F while avoiding UK's APD!


    Actually, 5 A380-800 are enough for double daily LHR service and one daily CDG service with the sixth frame as a spare. The spare 388 can be used for intra Asia route such as HKG or PVG but that's probably it.


    6th frame is for NRT (GDS is showing A380 while MH's website is B772). Seat map corresponds to B772 though (and F cabin is still not available for sale for MH 88/89).

  12. Most interesting, MH 796 arrive BKK 2300 LT and MH 797 depart BKK 0620 LT.........


    About time MH has a RON at BKK! MH 796 is perfect for connection from Australia and other parts of SE Asia! MH 797 OTOH is good for O&D, MH 4 to LHR / connection to other SE Asia? It's too late for morning Australia departures (the time difference really makes it hard for any SE Asia with the exception Singapore to connect to MH's morning Australia flights).


    Will the same inbound crew operate the first outbound flight the next day?


    I would assume so. TG 419/420 crew also overnight in KUL (with a better schedule: 22:20 - 08:05). Same goes for TG 401/402 (BKK-SIN turn) - crew overnights at the Crowne Plaza SIN.


    Now if only TG offers daily service on 419/420! TG 420 offers plenty of connections to Indo-China, China, and day flights to FRA, LHR and CDG!

  13. Not so. Now this is conceptually wrong, or it may be UL's intentional doing - but going OJ with an inbound into FRA doesn't budge the total tax paid. Did not go specifically into the UB and GB portions of the tax component, but it does seem that it is charged (wrongly - i might add)


    You may be right since I only fly out of LHR/EU in award premium cabin. I noticed that if I do an OJ (into LHR out from FRA), it significantly reduces my taxes (APD and UK departure tax dropped). Either that or it's one of the SHARES features that I like (out of the thousands that I don't).




    i find FRA painless IF you know what you're doing. If you don't - it's daunting. Every single first timer I've dragged through there ends up in cold sweat.

    The avios idea is stellar though :)


    Haha. Yes FRA can be quite daunting for newbies but if you've been through there a few times, it's easy. It's even easier if you leave from the FCT :D I find FRA much easier than CDG or LHR, but the easiest of all would be AMS/MUC/ZRH.

  14. 1) UK APD in a premium class is a killer. Buying an openjaw KUL-CMB-LHR//FRA-CMB-KUL doesn't make it go away.


    Typo? OJ FRA-CMB-KUL drops the APD (as long as you have a separate London-FRA/CDG ticket).



    Depends really. There's many options - a good one is BA to LHR from CDG. Arriving on UL, That's a T1 to T1 connection. Going to CDG and on to LHR via AF would mean a T1 to T2E/F/G connection which is crappy.


    FRA is just way too big but both BA and LH do fly into LCY from FRA which is cheapish and a very easy arrival procedure if you're going into the east side of london. BA uses T2 which requires a train ride, so that complicates things. LH uses T1 but the gate can be in either B concourse (good, since UL arrives there) or A concourse non-schengen (not so good cause it's a long walk)


    So in short - if you're going to the Southwest/Western side of London - go CDG and go BA onwards. If you're going to the East/Northeast/Southeast side of London, go FRA, and go LH/BA onwards to LCY :)


    IIRC, you would need to pay the Chirac tax if you fly out of CDG in a premium cabin. UK flights to/from FRA, more often than not, arrive/depart from FRA's B concourse since A is mainly Schengen or US bound flights (Z concourse).


    I haven't transit at CDG for a very long time, but I do recall that T1 is a total dump and that transfer between terminals is a PITA. T1 and T2 are really far from each other.


    Maybe I've been through FRA so often that I know it inside out (especially Terminal 1), connecting in FRA is usually painless for me. There is also a train in the secured area that runs between the A gates all the way to Terminal 2.


    And if you have Avios miles, use it for LHR-FRA/CDG. Not only does it drops the APD, but also, it's only 4,500 Avios miles plus $20 USD in taxes and fees for either sectors!

  15. I find it cool that people in Southern California refer to LAX as simply LAX...or New Yorkers that call JFK as simply JFK...there was even a TV drama episodes called LAX back in 2005.


    LAX is way easier to say than Los Angeles International ;) and we have 5 airports in the Greater LA area - LAX, Burbank, Ontario, Long Beach and John Wayne (Orange County) and we all refer to them by this name. We also call SFO, SFO :)

  16. Erm... Still not right.


    Bangkok – Kuala Lumpur

    ET618 BKK1430 – 1900KUL 763 357 (3 hours 30 minutes)

    ET619 KUL2150 – 0125+1BKK 763 357 (4 hours 35 minutes)


    Maybe that's their block time. I've flown with them several times and ET has extremely early boarding time! I recall it was like 1h 30m for a 767! Everyone was on board 30 minutes before and pushed back 25 minutes prior to STD! The 767 is pretty dated The 77L looks much better.

  17. There's the key difference - you hold an american passport in which case i don't doubt the 2:40 transfer is doable. I'm assuming the OP isn't american in which case the circumstances are wildly different :)


    Nope. I hold a Malaysian passport with a US visa just like most of you. ;) American passport is a lot easier coming into the US and even easier with Global Entry, but I need to stand in line just like any other foreign nationals.

  18. As an Angeleno who frequents LAX, 2' 40" is sufficient for your transfer. MH arrives at the tail end of the peak period (where most Asian flights have already arrived and may have also left back to Asia). You might hit the European traffic more so than the Asian traffic. I have done seat to curbside in 30 minutes at LAX before and I have stood in line for almost 2 hours before too! So, it really depends on when your flight lands.


    You want horror? Try connecting at Washington-Dulles between 2 and 4 PM! You'll likely miss a 2 hour connection and that's in the same terminal!

  19. KUL is so beaten by BKK, CGK and SIN !!! Can't believe BKK can climb so high! And JFK is so out of the league compared to other airports higher than him... hmmm...


    IIRC, BKK is the busiest airport in SE Asia so no surprise there! The number of airlines/destinations served out of BKK trumps any other SE Asia airports. Also, keep in mind that January is the high season for Thailand's tourism industry.

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