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  1. 8 minutes ago, jahur said:

    They did but it seems AK is waiting it out. As for OD they have no interest in regional jet operations. Currently MAG's SZB regional jet operation will not even involve FY. If SKS exits that means theres vacant space for another half. Only issue pulling back now is the reliability issue pertaining the PW leaps affecting both a220 and e2s.

    Sort of makes sense for MH (hopefully not another subsidiary) take over SZB regional jet operations. FY can focus on secondary hubs/routes (ex-PEN/BKI/KCH routes plus KUL-AOR/TGG etc.?) around the country with single cabin planes where as MH will focus on greater KL (KUL & SZB) flights with 2-cabin planes. I don't know how well FY's SZB flights are doing but they are selling it at a very high premium compared to MH's KUL flights. If I have to guess, FY is doing quite decent on SZB-PEN/XSP and maybe KBR.

  2. 5 hours ago, jahur said:

    If the SKS e jet program collapses it may derail part of the gov's plan on SZB unless MAG is willing to stay on and follow up its plan.

    The whole SARP banked on SKS and MAG's SZB plans? I'd have thought they invited AK/OD along as well. 

    5 hours ago, Pall said:

    Doubt MAG is willing to invest in SZB. Whatever announcements made before for SZB jet ops by MAG was merely running on the hype made by govt to allow jet ops from the city airport. Operating from SZB to routes already operated by MAB from KUL might be seen as cannibalism. The economics of scale might not work.  

    Fares ex-SZB are generally 20-50% higher for the same airline group ex-SZB. And let's not forget other regional carriers who may be interested to serve SZB as an O&D (SQ Group comes to mind).

  3. Seems like quite a few interesting diversion to KUL (from SIN) this evening due to weather. 

    NZ 284 from AKL (B789), CZ 3039 from CAN (A320), LH 790 from MUC (A359), SQ 319 from LHR (A380), 6E 1013 from DEL (A320), LX 176 from ZRH (B77W), 5J 805 from MNL (A321), and AK 717 returned to base. MH 605 flew for 1:52 to SIN!! I am curious what happens if crew timed out at KUL. LX, LH, NZ are still on the ground as we speak.

  4. I am curious how does SKS survive during the northeast monsoon when those islands are pretty much closed. They could fly to Pangkor but I guess the demand is pretty low as it's somewhat accessible by cars easily compared to Redang and Tioman.

  5. On 11/12/2023 at 9:32 AM, Adam Lawrence said:

    It seems that the option for "flight only" (without the Hotel package) on SZB-RDN vv is back on Berjaya Air's website with several new routes such as SZB-LGK and SZB-TGG are also available though prices are not cheap. Take note that the 1-way flight option is not available.


    Good luck getting passengers with those prices and without OW tickets. Good for them if they can fill it up with their air+hotel package. 

  6. 2 hours ago, flee said:

    Yes, maybe I was to quick to say that it is FOC! However, if you are looking for a flight ex-KUL, the fares of the competing airlines are similar to those that require a connection in SIN. This gives the apparent impression that the connecting flights to SIN are sacrificed in order to secure your booking. Pax these days are smarter and know that if they want cheaper flights, they would have to go through the inconvenience of not going on direct flights.

    Believe it or not, but at one point, MH's LHR-KUL-SYD/MEL/BNE fares are cheaper than LHR-KUL. Or TK's KUL-IST-JFK is cheaper than KUL-IST, both with free stopovers at the airline's hub :)

  7. 2 hours ago, flee said:

    Even now, FY flights out of SZB cannot be considered to be cheap.

    It's the price people are willing to pay to not schlep all the way to KUL. A 15-20 minute car ride instead of a 45-60 minute car ride. If it works out for the SZB operators, good for them (just like how LCY>LHR>LGW>>STN price wise)

    3 hours ago, jahur said:

    Something from MAG might be stirring up for SZB and its not something most would expect thats all i could say. It has something to do with probably 1/3 of the open ended 35 narrowbody order thingy(not included the 10 widebody which technically cant fit in szb) that the group plans to order. It is not going to be the 160-180 seater 737/320.

    There will be domestic flights just don't expect it to be multi frequency nor cheaper tickets than going to KUL. I think Loke mentioned they envisioned SZB more towards the premium side and its main aim is to connect ASEAN.

    Comac C919? 😂 Although that's getting into the 150 seater category. I am thinking maybe E2 or A220. Seems like that can be a good fit for SZB plus tertiary ASEAN cities ex-KUL so MH can build up their frequencies. The A220 even has range to fly KUL-CTS. I better not jinx it - otherwise we might see MH A220 flying KUL-CTS!

  8. 2 hours ago, jahur said:

    Some of the airlines recent townhall plans regarding SZB operations in the future might shock quite a few. I dont think i can state it out here. It will probably a few months after when more direct announcements by proper channels have been made instead. 

    Overall from what i see SZB reconfiguration and redevelopment will not be for big operation like 30 narrowbody combined parking as what some people might've assume.

    So it's more of a LCY/HLP instead of a HND/SHA. Assuming SKS takes delivery all of its 10 E2s on order, there won't be much RON parking room left for AK/MH/FY/OD plus foreign carriers? I remember vaguely they announced that it was meant to accommodate jets up to 320/737 or has that now changed.

    1 hour ago, flee said:

    Yes, the road infrastructure around SZB is absolutely congested and WCT is looking to the govt. for financing the expansion of that. However, the govt. is pretty cool to it. KTM must come up with an at least 3X per hour SZB to Sentral non stop service on the train service if it is to become popular with pax. If these transport issues are not solved, I can't see SZB capable of becoming a super busy airport for regional traffic.

    If anyone has been to Pavilion Damansara Heights recently, then they'd not want WCT as the contractor for SARP. The roads there are a mess and it's making traffic around that area worse and it's not even half ready yet. Subang Skypark line doesn't need to be nonstop. I think the previous stop at Subang station is great. It allows passengers to transfer to the Kelana Line or god forbid, someone transfers to KTM Komuter.

  9. On 11/13/2023 at 11:30 AM, flee said:

    Wouldn't it be better to deploy the aircraft to higher yield routes? Although secondhand, this aircraft is perhaps MHs best (and newest built A350) and I won't be surprised if it will also be used on the Japan routes after the initial deployment to MEL.

    I don't think Japan has fully recovered (just based on flight capacity between NH/MH/D7) and the Yen is very weak now.

    On 11/16/2023 at 2:56 PM, jahur said:

    Same safran interior. Only surplus is the internet wifi. But heard the same would be extended to the 737-800 also.

    I saw the fleet page on Going Places and it didn't mention wifi on the 7M8. I hope those will get external wifi too.

    18 hours ago, jahur said:

    Anyhow some interesting things for Subang is to be expected. But we'll have to wait by the end of next year to see some of the announcement. OD pulling out and SKS coming in with the E2 is one of the first few phases.

    IIRC, the Subang Airport Redevelopment Plan (SARP) was supposed to be completed within 3 years (or was it supposed to begin within 3 years, which if that's the case, nothing will come to fruition until 2035?). Current T3 doesn't seems to be able to cope with the planned extra capacity. Anthony Loke mentioned that the Subang Skylink (KTM) will be revived once SZB realizes it full potential (I guess they aren't really moving far away from T3 then?).

  10. 10 hours ago, jahur said:

    Flights to China have been a bit lackluster post pandemic. The same was also reported by other carriers in vietnam, Japan, South korea for their china numbers.

    I am curious if the lackluster in tourist numbers goes beyond China. SCMP is reporting that Thailand is seeing less than expected tourists arrivals from Japan. And Korea tourists is similar to that of pre-pandemic now.  

    KUL hasn’t seen full 2019 capacity recovery from Korean/Japanese carriers (nothing major) but I believe JHB lost Jin Air. BKI may have surpassed 2019 KR capacity with OZ’s new seasonal flights? 

  11. 1 hour ago, jahur said:

    No passenger should be very light i see the plane being able to tolerate 18.5hours of flying provided theres no crazy 50knots or more headwind which can cut its flying range by 2hours if theres strong tailwind you can add 2hours on top of that 18.5hours

    I was surprised when they planned the BKI fuel stop. I thought SQ uses/used the normal 359 for SFO-SIN (but some higher range for LAX-SIN IIRC). 

    Are they getting the second frame from SK as well? Or maybe 35K for their LHR flights 😬

  12. 10 hours ago, Robert said:

    A few months ago they also did this and my wife and I ended up sitting separately owing to row 4 in J not existing in the new cabin. 

    I just avoid Row 1 and 4 (if it’s scheduled as 738) if possible. Reassigned is still acceptable. Downgrade is absolutely not. 

    On a separate note, does anyone know why MH is only selling fully fare Y (maybe Y1/2) and mostly J for ATQ-KUL in February/March? KUL-ATQ has all booking class available. Is ATQ-KUL really selling that well?

  13. 49 minutes ago, jahur said:

    HR have been viewing them as expandable overpaid noisy crowd that should at most be tied directly as an office manager that would eventually be replaced by A.I(which almost everyone else greatly disagrees upon) 

    I wonder if HR view themselves as expendables 🤣 But the cost to replace any entry level staff is usually 4-8 months salary and I imagine it's much higher for an engineer or pilot (12-24 months perhaps?). 

  14. 31 minutes ago, jahur said:

    Up to nearly hundreds of engineers left this year from MAG. And you have the HR head always singing "who? dorang tak syukur? gaji dorang perlu tetap sama mcm ofis" each time someone argues about potential operational constraint from the lack of concern on manpower.

    I wonder if HR ever ventures out to see that even 3k isn't enough to hire wait staff at some restaurants around KL. Hundreds of engineers leaving MAG is quite a big issue, no?

  15. The delays continue:

    MH123 to SYD, 7/11, 2+ hours
    MH388 to PVG, 8/11, 3+ hours (still on ground)
    MH164 to DOH, 8/11, 3+ hours (there goes all connections at DOH) and they are using the aircraft from MH140
    MH133/145 to AKL, 7/11, 2-4 hours
    MH172 to DEL, 7/11, 3 hours

  16. 15 hours ago, jahur said:

    Apart from our regular myairline we also have 1 casualty Myjet express cargo airlines. I think they only have 1 737 classic freighter left stuck in senai and most of the crew and engineers left. They used to have a very active Facebook account that has also been disabled now. The only good thing it is a pure cargo airline with minimal impact on consumers endusers. Raya airways and Kargo express might be feeling the heat as well with the cargo demand resetting itself as most parcels are now being repurposed back into 737/a320 lower deck cargo. 

    If Raya/Kargo Express goes under, it wouldn't go viral because it doesn't affect a lot of people. People will just be like "those airlines exist?". No one even spoke about MyJet 😂 Not even worth reporting in the news media.

  17. Severe delays on the 333 flights again. If you look at 9M-MTK/MTO delays these last few days, it’s ridiculous. So much so that MH 66 to ICN on 6/11 was delayed overnight awaiting arrival from MEL (MH129). AKL/DPS/PER are all delayed pretty bad as well. 

  18. 7 hours ago, jahur said:

    It was a temporary curb back then to stop all aoc applicants. Cause that time any millionaire was trying to setup an unsafe/unreliable/non long term airline in indonesia like some pasar malam. 

    It was also a kill switch for quite a few airlines in indonesia that needed to be shut down.

    That makes sense. Because there are so many airline popping out of Indonesia that I don't even know it existed. My friend who used to work in Jakarta told me if he can't get there on Garuda, he's not going because of the safety records of some airlines (some exceptions given to Indonesia Air Asia and Batik Air, lower on the list compared to GA but it's not on his no-fly list). 

  19. 17 hours ago, flee said:

    I remember that Indonesia requires an airline to own at least five aircraft before they can even register as an airline. Maybe CAAM should consider this measure too, as it requires the company to have higher capital to start up an airline.

    What are the owners/investors going to do with the 5 aircraft if they can't register it for the airline tho? Are they going to register it to a shell company and then transfer it over? Idling 5 aircraft on the ground whilst waiting for regulatory approval doesn't sound prudent.

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