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  1. Would like your comments on Qatar Airways vs Emirates. Any comments. I'll be making a trip to Uganda from Kuala Lumpur and the options I have is to fly Emirates or Qatar.

    Will be flying on Business Class and I'm inclined to go for Qatar as it is a One World Member and my points can be credited to my Enrich account. Your advise and opinion is greatly appreciated.

    If flight schedules and price is similar, go for QR. Better food, lounge, and seats (although KUL-DOH isn't great, but better than EK). The A346 and B77W/77L flights are guaranteed flat beds. A333 flights are Russian roulette. Plus you get your MH miles too.

  2. FRA airport is very efficient. The only problem is security checks - I don't remember if you have to go through the checks in a domestic -international transfer (domestic-domestic there is no need) but if you think you are going to be late and the queue looks long, look up at the screen before entering the queues as it will show which flight's passengers can go to the fastrack queue. If your flight is not listed, then you know by their calculation you still have time...

    Indeed. FRA is much better than CDG/LHR for transfers (and security).


    You don't have to go through security for Schengen to non-Schengen, only passport control. For non-Schegen to Schengen, I think it depends where you arrive from - I was dumped into post-security Z gates arriving from the U.S. whilst I was dumped into exit only level arriving from ICN.


    2) Fairly easy, if you know where you're going - Your Longhaul LH flight will likely arrive at T1 Z (maybe B or C - doesn't matter).

    a)You'll need to clear immigration IN FRA, regardless.


    In addition to what Suzanne said, LH 778/779 usually arrives/departs from the A+ pier (gates Z50-69), whilst your TLS will usually depart from the A gates (even if you are bussed to your aircraft, it usually leaves from the A gates). So 55 mins is sufficient.


    A and Z gates are in the same pier (A is Schengen gates whilst Z is non-Schengen but on the upper level). e.g. Z51 is the same gate as A51, only difference is that Z is on the upper-level.

  4. I thought all foreign airlines parl their planrs at satellite building and MTB reserved for doemstic and short haul regionals by MAS (and other Malaysia based airlines).

    Rare but it happens. I boarded a LH flight from the MTB once.


    OT Rant: KLIA needs to rename its gates and terminals. No main terminal, satellite terminal, KLIA 2 etc. Make it less confusing: Terminal 1 = MTB/Satellite and Terminal 2 = KLIA2. Satellite is not a terminal - the whole A/B/C/G/H gates is one terminal.


    Actually there have been Australian flights out of the MTB as well IIRC.

    Depends on MH aircraft rotation and gate availability at the C gates. I've departed from the G/H gates for flights to MEL, KIX, and ICN before.


    Most probably you encountered strong jetstream. :)


    Stronger than usual for summer, but a check with flightaware shows that AA's JFK-LHR flights are 6'10" hours plus minus 15 minutes. Anything over 6 hours is considered "good" - come winter and it's about 30 minutes less (and if you are having dinner on that flight, you'll be halfway across the Atlantic before you sleep).





    Hm, yes. Made another call to AA and the agent told me the only flight they could upgrade was LHR-JFK (AA metal) and it had to be AA miles.



    So are my options closed for a redemption upgrade ?

    Your options are not closed - you can always buy AA miles for the upgrade, but the cost of buying miles plus the co-pay makes it effectively cost prohibitive.


    Just to update this, can redeem Enrich miles by calling American Airlines.


    They have 2 sectors avaible on my trip, KUL-LHR (35,000 miles) and JFK - LHR (25,000 miles) and some kind of ticket change fee of USD300.


    Good offer or better places to spend my points ?

    I am pretty sure you can't upgrade KUL-LHR on MH using AA miles. You can upgrade LHR-JFK-LHR on AA metal tho. You could either have someone donate you a systemwide upgrade or upgrade using miles + co-pay.


    And I am pretty sure you can't upgrade KUL-LHR-JFK using Enrich miles too (you mentioned in your earlier post) - it's AA code and MH can't change your booking class.


    JFK-LHR is an extremely short flight tho. My flight last month was only 5.45 hours!

  7. Thank you for your observation Mohd. Azizul. BA 33/34 is operated by WW crew (hence they are rather senior). The only SE Asia flight operated by the MF crew is BA 15/16 (LHR-SIN-SYD) and I usually feel really old compared to the MF crew :p.


    Like Suzanne said, it's Eid and peak summer ex-Europe - so it will be full regardless. And BA better be full - it's a hub to hub route! Even LH which at times struggle with LH 782/783 is full this week.

    By the way, seem like BA is starting B789 services to KUL earlier.


    From 05 DEC 2015 (06 DEC 2015 for BA 34):

    BA033 18:50 LHR - KUL 15:20+1 D 789

    BA034 23:45 KUL - LHR 05:25+1 D 789

  8. Its official now: 2 Route cuts


    KUL-BNE: Route axed from 09AUG

    KUL-MLE: Route axed from 23AUG

    Yikes. I was just checking GDS for BNE and was going to post this but you beat me to it. BNE is zeroed out. So is the 5 weekly KUL-PER (MH 127/128; 18:45 ex-KUL and 01:25 ex-PER).

  9. Latest leak from my spy at the MH Rumour Department:


    MH to downgrade flight MH72/73 from B772 to B738 from 2 August 2015. Frequency will not change. By 1 August 2015, all 4 daily flights to HKG will be on B738.


    Oy vey. This against CX 3-4 times daily on A333/B777 with 1-2 times on the 3-cabin A333/B77W (this is supposedly a hub to hub flight for MH and CX!).


    This has already been loaded into the GDS - 4 daily B738.

  10. It has a tag-on to CGK to give it a slight boost as well. KL had up to 10x weekly flights IIRC, but it's at least daily now. They're probably the European airline with the most confidence in KUL.


    I don't think LH's tag-on to CGK is making it more profitable for LH (and that's if KUL/CGK is profitable). It increases the cost - crew spends 2 extra nights in KUL because of the tag-on. I am not privy to KUL/CGK's route performance but LH's decision to reverse 744 back to 343 for NW15/16 says something.



    Or given the alliance between MH and KL... I trust many Americans would also fly on BA to KUL, now they they have choice with either BA, MH, CX and JL.


    I don't believe BA markets that much North America - South East Asia flights (I rarely see any marketing for North East US-South East Asia flights on BA or LH, AF, and KL for that matter).

  11. Is it confirmed that BA will switch to B789 from the current B772 next summer?

    No. BA has not announced any 789 routes yet although it could be one. It was rumored to have similar Y capacity but a slightly smaller premium cabin compared to the 772.

    Is it confirmed that BA will switch to B789 from the current B772 next summer?

    No. BA has not announced any 789 routes yet although it could be one. It was rumored to have similar Y capacity but a slightly smaller premium cabin compared to the 772.

  12. HKG is WW, whereas LAX is MF - so there are both MF and WW A380,744,777,767 crews.


    I generally prefer WW on average, the best and worst crews I have ever had are MF. Somewhat less consistent but when they are good - they are better than WW


    I wish LAX is still a MF. WW took over beginning NS2015 schedules. No more twinks inconsistent service for me. I've had some great MF crew on my LAX flights before but some of my European MF flights were just OK.


    MF took over SEA, DFW, SAN, and IAD whilst WW took over LAX and MIA for NS2015.

  13. This is quite startling for me:


    “Customers might book a business-class seat, but opt out of the miles or lounge access.”


    Business class opting out of miles or lounge access? Is this only applicable to MHUpgrade fares booked in I or does Z fares not come with miles and lounge too? Sky is falling for Suzanne without mileage accrual for MH Z :p


    As far as long-haul routes are concerned, I would consider SYD, MEL, NRT etc. "long-haul". (or medium-haul). They are definitely not regional. The only true long-haul routes left in MH are LHR, CDG, AMS, IST, and AKL. And since no expansion is planned until 2017, I would assume he meant the inclusion of Australia, north-east Asia, ME routes as well.

  14. To be fair I've seen other MH ground staff deal with difficult pax pretty well.


    An Australian guy was denied entry into the Golden Lounge for being a Qantas Club member traveling on 3K.


    I can't access QF lounges if I am flying 3K or JQ either. Or if I am flying MI as a non-SQ *G. It seems like he didn't know the rules (or was aware of it but pushing his luck anyway).

  15. For anyone who was wondering where MH will be sending its 737 from the regional/domestic consolidation, you win if you guessed PVG! MH will now fly 737s on certain MH 386/387 rotations! I thought it was bad enough that MH sends 737 to HKG/TPE/DEL etc., but 5 hour red-eye to PVG tho...

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