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  1. On 12/5/2023 at 5:25 PM, jahur said:

    Heard for 9M-MAH a lot of stuff the way SAS configures behind the scenes made the plane too redundant for long haul. The good side it has a superior seat product for passengers lol.

    Among some of the issues was the misplacement of safety and medical equipment, insufficient dedicated cabin crew seats(airline has to block seats on economy so that the crew can sit on it for take off and landing, Insufficient galley food storage that the aircraft can only serve 1 meal with options and 1 snack course cant serve 2 full meals effectively crossing out potentials for LHR/AKL. Aircraft also seems to have lower Max take off weight.

    I thought the 350s weren't planned for AKL? Seeing how MH hasn't announced any new long-haul flights for Summer 2024, I guess it's safe to assume that they won't be launching new European destinations in 2024. I guess 9M-MAB-G will work for LHR and the rare AKL swap. Question is, if they have to swap one of the frames out, how will they handle passenger downgrades from F to J.

    I think most people care about the seat more than the second meal. Seat is visual where as meal isn't as visual when you look for comfort. But of course, MH being an Asian airline serves a full second meal for flights >10h. Now that you mention it, I don't recall being served a second hot meal on SK flights. It was usually some cold cuts or sandwich (which in their defense was quite good). Their eastbound redeye usually consist of a hot meal after take off and a continental breakfast or some eggs dish were offered prior to landing. SK flights rarely exceed 10 hours - their longest flight is probably LAX/SFO/TYO. I do recall seeing crew sitting in Economy for take off/landing/rest, but I am not 100% positive if it was SK.

  2. 7 hours ago, flee said:

    Aussie consumers are savvy and QF is still suffering from reputational damage in their home market. I recall that some domestic air fares are way too high - to fly from SYD to PER is more expensive on Aussie airlines than it is to do SYD-KUL-PER on D7! I guess QF needs super yields due to their high cost base and airlines like MH can comfortably live with those kinds of yields as they operate from a lower cost base.

    I guess it is the same with AF - French unions are very strong and they may also have an elevated cost base. Let's hope that Condor returns one day - it would be nice to see what their A339s are like!

    Never thought I'd read Aussie consumers and savvy in the same sentence. I can't imagine MNL/CGK being high yield. Have you seen PR's prices between KUL and Australia? Their business fares are comparable to a mid class BK economy on MH.

    Condor won't do KUL much good. They need a feed. Condor doesn't have many EU connections beyond FRA other than leisure destinations. Unless they want to target ex-DE market, partners up with MH and use MH for beyond connections at KUL. One of the reasons LH didn't succeed back then was lack of beyond connections at KUL (you get a handful domestic Malaysia) and rather dated aircraft (343/346) and product. They have 789s coming - those might workout better for them.

  3. 10 hours ago, JuliusWong said:

    There are a lot of Malaysians VFR/ students /Indian subcontinents pax heading to Down Under, the same can't be said for the other way[...]Also, Australian government strict immigration against Malaysian passport holders for past few years make Australia quite unappealing quite recently.

    QF just need 1 wide body for SYD/MEL-KUL. Or maybe 0.6 A223 for PER-KUL.

    There are a lot of Malaysians/ex-Malaysians living in Australia that make their way back to Malaysia. If they are traveling with young children, none of them will be flying via SIN. MH and D7 and to a certain extent, OD have that market. I don't know if there are a lot of corporate travel from Aussie companies to KL, but if there are, MH handles the lion share of that. Australia ETA is much easier now. About a week to get it approved and most of the time, it's instant if you've previously applied under the new system (via an app) and entered/left Australia.

    8 hours ago, Izanee said:

    I also don’t understand why KUL fuel operators are all scared of US sanctions? Surely we have petronas who can supply fuel to Mahan air?

    I don't think Petronas wants to get sanctioned by US. They won't be able to have any operations/business in the US. Think of all the downstream too, not just your everyday petrol/diesel etc.

    5 hours ago, flee said:

    The funny thing is that D7 seems to be doing better than them on Malaysia to Australia routes. So the demand is there - just that the Aussie carriers seem to find it difficult to get their business.

    From what was reported, it seems like ANZ enjoys premium yield for MH. I don't know if it's the same for D7. But apparently premium yield for MH is not sufficient enough for QF. Demand has always been there. We are almost always maxing out on the seat capacity for our Australia flights. But I assume the competition to entry is quite high for QF - they have to fight MH for premium traffic, D7 for the cheap tickets, and OD - no idea what OD target market is.

  4. 13 hours ago, jahur said:

    Negaraku is the standard.

    Thank you. I understand they want to be patriotic but it's a bit odd that they have so many non-standardized livery (worst was probably the A380 blue). The flag is a bit too in your face for my taste. I think the swoosh livery is simple and nice. If they really want to do Negaraku, maybe remove the crescent moon and star. I think just the red stripes and blue is fine. Or better yet, incorporate our indigenous art into their livery like what Qantas is doing (tail remains the same tho).

  5. 19 minutes ago, flee said:

    The closest Air Algeria came to Malaysia was leasing D7 planes! Lets see if the flights next year will really operate.

    Mahan Air stopped flying from Tehran because of fuel supply issues in KUL due to compliance with sanctions. Royal Jordanian might restore their tag on from BKK if they have sufficient aircraft. We already have Kuwait Airways and Iraqi might return. EU - highly doubtful that Air France and Lufthansa will return but Ita might be interested once they have finished building their core network.

    RJ's 787 is sitting on the ground at BKK if they aren't flying onwards to HKG. KU already pulled out. Much higher chance for BA/LH than AF to return. AF is happy sending their pax via AMS/SIN.

  6. 33 minutes ago, Izanee said:

    all we need is Teheran, Almaty (air Asia now trying to block air Astana by starting earlier!), Amman, Baghdad, (LAX/SFO one can dream)… and maybe at least one of either Paris, Frankfurt or Rome! 

    I am sure we had/still have Tehran and Baghdad a few years ago. Amman was stopped during covid. We also used to have Beirut and Sa'naa 🤣

  7. I think MH is surprised by the overwhelming response to ATQ. They are doubling the flights to 4x weekly beginning mid-January. Most of their original scheduled 2x weekly flights are zeroed out in Y or only Y BK is available for sale (plus a handful of business). New schedule isn't ideal. It follows the later departure AMD schedule. They've got to use better planes for this 5:50, 2650+ mile journey! I am curious if they have a lot of weight restrictions on this flight between now and February.

    MH206 KUL2300 - 0220+1ATQ  15 73H
    MH207 ATQ0320 - 1145KUL 26 73H

    15 hours ago, JuliusWong said:

    India is notorious in being difficult in issuing visa. 

    India visa done pre-arrival is easy. Same format as Chinese visa except way less questions and doesn't require you to name and provide every detail of your day care school and later and list all jobs. No fingerprints required at the embassy. Almost auto-approval within 24 hours.

    10 hours ago, nrazmoor said:

    I would assume that their immigration will need it for the visa/entry documentation since they are entering the country,  especially for those passport holders that didn’t have the visa on arrival to india

    If I have to guess, maybe it's like what Thai do when you enter Ko Lipe from Langkawi. They don't want you to run around the island before they can process your admission.

  8. 8 hours ago, JuliusWong said:

    Their Taiwan-Japan vv are mainly tour groups from Taiwan and Japan. Denpasar to Australian routes obviously to target the Aussies going to Denpasar for weekend getaway. Pakistan route cause no one else from Malaysia dare to do it due to safety reason........Istanbul and Uzbekistan they will have the first mover advantage. Istanbul will be a hit with Muslim community especially. 

    Maybe SAW might work them, maybe it won't. TK is flying twice daily and they are now dumping fares for KUL-IST (never in recent years, it's always cheaper to fly beyond to Europe and a stopover in IST instead of terminating in IST). And not only that, they are using 77W twice daily. Very odd to compete with each other since TK and OD code-shares between KUL-IST and beyond at both stations. TK doesn't operate out of SAW, so OD pax are either terminating at SAW (long trek to Istanbul city) or they have to self transfer to Andalou or Pegasus.

    Good luck with PVG. MH can't even maintain 1 daily A333 over winter and it appears that OD's flight is not even listed on the GDS anymore. 

    Not sure how the visa free for Chinese and Indian tourists is going to help our 3 carriers tho. Both citizens can get a Malaysian e-visa pretty easily nowadays. Just like Malaysians applying for a Chinese/Indian visa, it's troublesome but it's almost guaranteed anyone will get it unless you have some are/were a journalist for example. 

    Thailand's visa free for Chinese tourists have been lackluster so far. Doesn't help that there are few incidents of kidnapping around Thailand and trafficked over to Cambodia and Myanmar.

  9. 9 hours ago, flee said:

    Slots in HND are awarded by the Japanese govt. and there isn't much airlines can do if they are awarded poor time slots. Daytime slots are impossible as the priority is given to Japanese airlines.

    HND slots are awarded by Japan MOT (or their equivalent). But the cherry from the Japanese government is HND's daytime slot. Those daytime slots were done through government to government negotiations. HND daytime slots are awarded in pair - one for a Japanese carrier to fly to that recipient country and one slot for the recipient's airline to HND. I can't imagine Japanese carriers lobbying for their government to allow them to fly to IST or CPH/ARN from ARN. Even the Swiss government couldn't wrestle one for LX.

    And you can clearly see some airlines just holding on to their daytime slots (06:00-21:59). Like VA's 21:55 HND-CNS. Or some US bound flights that depart at 21:45-21:50.

  10. For once, MH 88 from last night provided seamless transfer from KUL to west coast US flights at NRT. 9M-MAH turned around from MH 71 to MH 88 (departed KUL at 07:20 - perfectly timed for US west coast departures ex-NRT). And it looks like 9M-MTM went tech as well on the ground at KUL. Arrived SYD as MH140 at 04:30 and only managed to leave for TPE as MH367 at 14:00.

    IIRC, MH 's crew work TPE turnaround (unlike CI/BR which overnight their crew at KUL). That's one long day for crew - left at 14:00 and arrived back at 01:01.

  11. 22 hours ago, jahur said:

    So far AAGB and MAG do not operate flexible seasonal flights and our govs ability to procure such flexible slots overseas has been abysmal. Same time allowing dodgy startups run by millionaire when we all know airlines are usually started by giant conglomerate or billionaires(still with very high failure rates) thinking the market will fix itself.

    Currently i am not sure if this unity gov can steer itself independently. It has been waving the carrot sticks trying to appeal the conservatives and the other side while doing poor populist moves that irked either side no matter what it does and its pretty much all in vain.

    Most people aren't aware that Langkawi, like Phuket, has a distinct high and low season. December to February/March room rates at both are ridiculously high and then falls off a cliff after. 

    I am curious what countries/airports slots did the government fail to negotiate with their counterparts (whether permanent or seasonal). Or in some cases, a better timed slot (HND comes to mind).

    I don't know what the current government wants. In most countries, governing with a 2/3 majority is unthinkable but yet this government wants to pander even more to the conservatives and end up pissing everyone off. They have to realize very soon that no matter how much you pander to them, you aren't them.

    20 hours ago, BC Tam said:

    Are those rates inclusive of meals ? Cannot imagine staying at one of those isolated above the sea places and having to go searching for breakfast, lunch and dinner 😆

    Yes lol. And in some resorts, inclusive of island hopping tour (obviously those cost a bit more). Depends on the island resort you choose - some include unlimited snorkeling and diving at house reef but some are like Air Asia where you have to pay even for water (very cheap room rates of course) 🤣

    In Kinabatangan, they are mostly inclusive of all meals and in some resorts, river cruise (dawn and dusk) as well. I think Deramakot, Tabin, and Danum are all less touristy than Kinabatangan and each offer something different (whether you want a river cruise, hiking safari, or a jeep safari). 

  12. 19 hours ago, jahur said:

    Efforts to bring home stranded passengers in Mumbai still ongoing: MAS

    9M-MTN gone aog since late nov 23rd. Saw some circular on twitter pax got fed up and quarrel only for the indian police to be dispatched over. 2 nights and no rebooking or rescue aircraft is slow.

    I understand the frustration of passengers getting stuck in a foreign airport but some of them need to calm down.


    “I was okay yesterday since I thought redirection was normal. But this morning, I’ve started becoming anxious… shaking and crying because I’m really worried about their safety[...] “The passenger’s passports are still being held by the airport’s immigration officers. She also said that she had to use someone else’s (mobile) hotspot from time to time. “MAS being quiet (on this issue) is very loud. There must be something serious going on,” she said.

    Unless her parents are wanted by India, they are probably safe on the ground somewhere. And India isn't one of those countries that passengers can just waltz into (especially if you or one your parents have Pakistan background) and like most developing countries, require a lot of paperwork.

    But this doesn't excuse MH's abysmal treatment of passengers or the time it takes for them to bring them home/to their destination. I am curious if they still rebook on OAL in situations like this.

    15 hours ago, flee said:

    It looks like its first commercial flight was to NRT!


    That was fast!

    9 hours ago, JuliusWong said:

    9M-MAB is grounded to have its SSA probes removed. The process requires the airframe to be grounded for a long period.

    Thank you.

  13. 8 hours ago, JuliusWong said:

    Batik Air has quietly suspended Ho Chi Minh City earlier this month. Revised route map published recently.

    Their route map looks very impressive for a "regional" carrier but they do have a habit of selling flights and then canceling them too. I am curious who their target market is because I've rarely seen any billboards or advertisements from them in Malaysia. Flights are cheap and comparable to Air Asia but somehow inflight drinks/meals are missing but includes 20kg luggage on their cheapest tickets. Even MH doesn't offer 20kg on their cheapest ticket.

  14. 21 hours ago, jahur said:

    Yes accommodation facilities at east coast Sabah is poor. So not sure how is the plan viable for airlines in the long run. For SDK there's only Four points reopening and Semporna its either overpriced tiny resorts at the sea or low budget homestays. No big chains 4-5 stars anywhere. 

    I didn't even know that the Four Points is reopening. It was a nice hotel in Sandakan when I stayed there a while ago. Semporna islands along with the Kinabatangan river lodges/safari are the only places in Malaysia that charges per person per night with single supplement that I know of. I can sort of understand Kinabatangan since the cruises are all included in the cost of accommodation. 

    If Semporna islands are charging RM300-1200 per person per night, they better be clean and sanitary, but most of the time, they aren't. There are a few resorts on the islands that I can tell they cater exclusively to the Chinese tourists (either as day trips from Semporna or overnight stays on the island), so much so that another European couple and I felt very out of place at this island. It was very different from say 10 years ago when I went there and those islands caters mostly to locals and Europeans. I can't imagine a resort that relies 90% of their revenue from one market, because if anything happens to China, they will lose significant amount of revenue.

    18 hours ago, jahur said:

    Going for basement fares for multiple months and then hiking up to crazy 200-500% when seats a scarce during peak season to make up for the poor seasons. Airlines are not flexible enough to redact seats and increase seats out of the blue based on demands nobody is also operating spare aircrafts nowadays.

    It still goes back to how this country is promoting itself and improving the economy. At the current pace its heading even duopoly operations is not sustainable for both groups.

    That's if the government allows the airline to hike 200-500% during a long weekend/festive season 😅.  People in Malaysia don't realize how subsidized our living is and any new taxes / subsidy removal / price increase will almost always end up in a call for government intervention. 

    How do we promote our country? Well, we need to do damage control first. Politicians need to stop making a mountain out of a molehill on social issues like alcohol, dress code in public, concerts etc. I can't think of a single country that discusses this in parliament. And worse, even some Malaysians are confused by it and will warn tourists not to wear shorts in Langkawi or that you can't order alcohol in a restaurant or hotel for example. Europe and US are way more socially progressive than Malaysia but Middle Eastern tourists have no problem visiting those countries. Even countries like UAE/KSA is trying to portray themselves as a socially progressive country where as in reality it's not. But it's the perception that matters.

  15. 14 hours ago, jahur said:

    Seasonal scheduling that was suppose to start early next year if not for the delays due to lack of aircraft. SDK direct china is also being thought of. FY's focus market for Sabah will be oriental while PEN will be ASEAN.

    Meanwhile the Domestic takeover of 1 to 1 from MAB's non domestic trunk routes which was hinted at during MCO will now rather be lackluster takeover as the market has been diluted by ak's dominance that duopoly operations is also not sustainable. You might expect to see some routes let go by MAG with no replacement or rather a replacement but severe capacity drop.  

    I'd have thought something like SDK/TWU-PVG/CAN or BKI-NKG/HGH, a tertiary city to a primary city but a tertiary city to another tertiary city is wow. Guess Chinese must love the seafood in Tawau/Sandakan. There aren't really major resorts in either. Most island resorts fit about 20-40 rooms max, if they even have such big resorts. I saw a lot of tourists staying in Semporna too but that place is rancid. 

    Are we expecting to see KUL-TGG/KUA/AOR completely dropped? Or maybe the new narrobody order taking over?

  16. Seems like MH's HND rights expired per Mavcom's latest ATR bulletin along with 7 weekly A330 seats to BNE. MH 36 must not be working out for them (MH 37 or at least MH71 with similar timing seems fine).

    MH 70/88 (both NRT flights) seems to be flown with A330 nowadays instead of A359. 9M-MAB has not flown since 11 September. Last flight was MH37 from HND. Anybody know what's going on with that frame?

    18 hours ago, JuliusWong said:

    Possibly due the new retrojet 9M-MLV grounding at CMB. Last night MH178 was cancelled. As for the A330 returning to gate, not sure what happened there.

    Don't they have 1 spare 738 with the delivery of 9M-MVA?

  17. Who knew there'll be a BKK-KUL redeye tonight? MH 774/775 canceled and consolidated to MH 780/781 which resulted in MH 780 up gauged to 330 (9M-MTI). Departed at 20:10 instead of scheduled departure of 18:05 but returned to gate at 20:51. Left gate again at 23:18 and estimated to arrive BKK at 00:15. Return flight is expected to depart BKK at 01:15 (I highly doubt they can turnaround a 330 in 1 hour) and expected to arrive KUL at 04:30.

    Incoming MH 781 is expected to turnaround as MH 164 to DOH with a delayed departure at 05:30 (highly unlikely). Pretty much anyone connecting at DOH for the 08:00-ish connection bank will be gone.

  18. 8 hours ago, JuliusWong said:

    Aren't A10 and A11 domestic gates? LX 176 was a B77W HB-JNG 320pax and LH 790 was A359 D-AIXN 293 pax assuming both were full flights. That's 613 pax in total. I am not sure if they are allowed to disembark if they did, that departure lounge would have been full.

    FR24 is showing LX 176 landed at KUL at 6:00 PM and departed for SIN at 9:42 PM; LH 790 landed at 5:05 PM and departed at 9:19 PM. Someone caught D-AIXN being pulled to the terminal but not sure which one.

    Passengers at a diverted airport aren't usually allowed to disembark and will remain on board. I think Google got it wrong. I've seen a few diversions at KUL before and they are usually at the C remote gates (or if A/B piers are used, then it'll be a remote stand there too). 

    It looks like NZ will spend some time at KUL. Scheduled departure is now 02:55 22 November. Seems like crew timed out or they encountered a mechanical issue. Parked at gate C35 when pax were allowed to disembark. Today's NZ283/284 (AKL-SIN-AKL) is canceled due to aircraft in KUL.

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