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  1. 10 hours ago, Izanee said:

    the A339s they are getting will be only for replacement. Expansion will not be possible I’m sure! If and when they want to expand further afield to Europe and US, they will be limited by lack of aircraft delivery slots!

    I think it was at CAPA meeting that the CEO said they are looking at adding another 10 wide body and 35 narrowbody to their fleet (in addition to the 20 339 and 6/7 359).  I can't find the news article but I forgot if it included increasing their proposed 359 count to 10 as well. So MAG will probably have 36-40 wide body by 2027-28, a nice increase from the current 28 today.

    The 350s can be used for Europe expansion (*if* they have a fleet of 10) but I don't believe US will be in their radar in the near/medium term. US isn't exactly a place Malaysians frequently travel to. Same goes for Americans to Malaysia. CX, NH, SQ, PR, Taiwanese carriers, ME4 + TK have covered pretty well for MY-US/CA traffic. It's just really far for most Malaysians to travel to and we almost always stick to ANZ and Europe for our "western" countries holidays.

    If anything, I'd rather MH return back to JNB/CPT. SQ is taking the bulk of Southeast/East Asia plus ANZ - Southern Africa traffic. Southern Africa is a route less traveled for most Asians, but you get a lot for your ringgit there. Think of it as Europe quality produce at Malaysian price :)

  2. 2 hours ago, Robert said:

    Had a fantastic flight to LHR. We were booked in J and they upgraded us to Suites at check in. The satay was very good, better some of the local stalls near me. The two crew looking after row 1 were exceptional, especially after my wife wasn't well during the latter stages of the flight. Luggage was out pretty fast which was a bonus.

    Nice. Congrats on the op-up. Now the million dollar question - was Nescafe Gold served in Suites 🤣

  3. MH uploaded their NS24 updates. Interesting network additions:

    KUL-DPS: 332 operates selected flights on MH 850/851
    KUL-HKG increase from 2x to 3x daily with the return of MH432/433 (1335 departure ex-KUL; 1835 departure ex-HKG). I was hoping they'd renumber this flight
    KUL-MNL increase from 15x weekly to 21x weekly
    KUL-MEL ex-SAS 350 to continue operating MH148/149
    KUL-ICN increase from 7x to 12x weekly with the resumption of MH38/39 (1450 departure ex-KUL, 0010 departure ex-ICN). Reservations still unavailable for MH 38/39
    KUL-HND reservations still not open
    KUL-XMN tentative resumption but reservations aren't open (they suspended it in October?)

  4. 1 hour ago, Robert said:

    I'm off to LHR in a few days so will make sure I have air tags in all my bags :)

    Ever since the LHR meltdown of 2022, I've invested in air tags and made sure that all my check-ins have an air tag. It costs a pretty penny but gives you the peace of mind there is a high possibility knowing where your bag is when the airline shrugs at you.

  5. I honestly don't know what the big issue is. Changi T1-3 has the exact same system and it works for them. Be careful what you wish for - a central security means there's a chance that there can be very long queues at security and you'll miss your flight. Something like LHR/AMS Summer 2022. It is not fun spending 1-2 hours queuing up for security during peak period when it currently takes less than 5-10 minutes every time (for me at least). If MAHB is going to build a whole new terminal, sure, don't do mixed arrivals and departures but this is too late to fix.

    I cannot believe we are discussing about this a quarter of century into KUL's operation.

    3 hours ago, KK Lee said:

    If there is a will, time and money to make klia t1 more users friendly and operation efficient, there is a way.

    Of course. MAHB can also tear down whole of T1 and build something like Jewel at SIN or Orchard at DOH or even a tapir sanctuary in the middle too if you are funding the entire reconstruction. The cost to separate arrival and departure is astronomical for T1.

    1 hour ago, Kee Hooi Yen said:

     I can’t recall what exactly the illegally activities were but I think it includes drug and human trafficking.

    Try going to the end of G pier towards G10. You'll see a cordoned area reserved for the NTLs, some of whom could be victims of human trafficking. And today we have our first customs seizure of fentanyl. Oddly enough, it was flying BOM-KUL-DXB. There is probably enough fentanyl to make whole of Dubai city of zombies.

  6. On 12/15/2023 at 2:45 PM, Kee Hooi Yen said:

    KUL has the security screening at the gate area, similar to SIN. I always find this setup is very inefficient in terms of resources. However it may be convenient for transiting pax, especially those with very short layover time.

    Less cost to build (only 1 level is required, same train service etc.), but more cost to operate, X-ray machines, metal detector, staff manning gates. But you are right - it's very convenient for transit pax and for any pax who is doing a turnaround. 

  7. From Aeroroutes' Qatar NS24 changes:

    QR 852/853 is extended for NS24 (other than a brief suspension between 10 and 30 March). QR and MH will have 2 daily flights each. (QR 2x 77W, MH 1x350 and 1x330).

    QR is dropping PEN on the other hand from 01Jun24 till 26Oct24 (as seasonal QR 840/841 does not operate then).

    And FM will increase their PVG-KUL flights from 2x to 3x daily. New schedule:
    FM863 PVG0030 - 0610KUL 737 D
    FM864 KUL0715 - 1315PVG 737 D

  8. 39 minutes ago, Pall said:

    Have you seen how HKG, BKK, DEL, BOM, CGK and other major airports in this region manage this issue using same floor space area?  

    I have been to all 5. Mind is a little blurry on DEL, BOM, CGK as I haven’t been back in a while. 

    For HKG and BKK, you arrive at the lower level. Head over to one of the security check points, clear security and theb head back up the departures level. It cannot be done at the C/H/G gates at KUL. Unless we decide that everyone who arrives at KUL is “clean” so they may all just enter the sterile (post-security) area. 

    And we don’t have a large enough space at the customs checkpoint to do a central security. HKG BKK has at the very minimum 2 different security check points prior to entering the sterile area. Their 1 area is as large as, if not larger, than our current customs check point with lots of room behind for queues, if necessary. 

  9. To be fair, this allows you to maximize your time outside the gate area (be it at the lounge or restaurant, or duty free shops). Just show up at the gate 5 minutes before scheduled closing time to clear security and you’ll be good. But of course if everyone does this, then our flights will all be delayed like MH 🌝

    22 hours ago, Pall said:

    Or move security to current customs check point after immigration. Just like other major airports. 

    You are forgetting arriving international pax. The area at the current customs checkpoint (which is absolutely useless, all they do is chat with each other and not even look at the screens) is too small for a centralized security check. Queues during peak hour will go all the way beyond immigration. 

  10. Seems like another day of cancelations and delays for MH just as the school holidays is about to begin. 2 BKK, 1 SGN, SIN, DPS flights already delayed before the day begin, a few canceled/severely delayed domestic (KBR, PEN, BKI, KCH)

    21 hours ago, flee said:

    I think AK has extended the "flight duration" so that its flights arrive "on time" by and large.

    Schedule padding. Something MH lacks. Quite a few MH flights are scheduled for the most optimistic operations, perfect weather, crew on time, aircraft turned around without delays. 

  11. 23 hours ago, jahur said:


    Malaysia Aviation Group adds 248 flights through to March 2024 to meet soaring travel demand

    While load seems is good and profits are coming, i don't think the experience for customer is improving nor is the workload for the staffs.


    I read. This is in addition to the Sendai and Sapporo-Chitose charters. It’s not a great combo with a few aircraft on the ground during one of the busiest travel periods of the year. I can’t imagine it being pleasant for both staff and pax. One is overworked and underpaid whilst the other is keeping their fingers cross for no delays. 

    1 hour ago, Robert said:

    One things that has often bothered me is how slow the ground crews are at turning the planes around at places like KLIA, Penang and Singapore[…]

    Was reading a report that yesterday MH780 had two failed take offs and then retuned to gate. Anther aircraft was eventually found and the flight left 3.5 hours late. Sorry not sure what the number was and whether it's still AOG.

    Not a problem if they turn around a bit slower than other stations but schedule has to reflect that. Sometimes MH schedules an overtly optimistic turnaround for their planes. 

    And that’s one of the reasons I never take MH781 back from BKK. First it’s borderline close to the last train service from KUL. Any delays (which happens more often than not for MH780/781) will make me miss the last train. And secondly, MH781 has a terrible OTP.

    MH 775 is my preferred evening option. Relatively on time and just in time before the CX lounge closes for the day. 

  12. 21 hours ago, JuliusWong said:

    The early morning BKK flight yesterday was combined with the later flight in the morning and upgraded to A330-300 from I have gathered.


    20 hours ago, Robert said:

    The guy said it was a 737. Just looked at FR24 and didn't see any 333 swaps. Maybe I missed one of the flights though. 

    It was all 737s to BKK on the 11th. None of the flights were combined on that day. 

    There are a few times when the delay doesn’t really make sense. The plane is sitting on the ground. But an advanced delay is posted. It could be for connections but to delay 3-5 hours for connections seem odd for short and frequent flights to BKK/SIN. Or else it could be for crew 🌝

    And like you mention, a few times where you already know that turnaround aircraft isn’t meant to be for a normal schedule. 

    On 12/12/2023 at 10:35 AM, jahur said:

    One A330 in jeddah aog from hydraulic leak.

    So 5 wide-body on the ground including an unplanned MTN. 5 out of 28. That’s almost 18% of widebody AOG 🫠

  13. MH operations is still in shambles 🫠

    MH149 to MEL diverted to CGK on 08DEC. 9M-MTO left for MEL late. Departed at 01:21, turned around in Timor Sea and arrived CGK at 04:57. Departed CGK at 07:39 and arrived back at KUL at 10:22. 10 hours flight to nowhere. MTO departed for TPE later at 14:12. 

    And many other 737s and 330s delays. It seems like only 350s are reliable nowadays. 

  14. 3 hours ago, jahur said:

    80 B787 looks like another unsustainable crowding in the South East Asian market.

    Thai is highly optimistic of the future 😅. This potential order might even be larger than SQ's 350/787 fleet combined.


    MH doesn't need to be like Thai when it comes to aircraft order, but maybe also don't wait till the planes are near the end of life before deciding. Or if they are planning to use their frames for more than 10 years, maintain it properly like CX. 4-5 out of 28 wide-body sitting in the hangar for maintenance isn't ideal.

  15. 25 minutes ago, Lim Kar Yong said:

    Makes me wonder if the airport is designed to serve tourists visiting the Cherating and beach areas, and how viable this is. But these are seasonal, and the number of visitors drop during the monsoon season.

    More importantly, if the plan comes to fruition, it's connected to the ECRL. Why people want to fly KUL-KUA (other than connections) is beyond me when the train is expected to take 2 hours or so. PEN/SIN-KUA might still be served and sounds reasonable but to build a whole new airport for it seems a waste of money. Would be much better if they spend the money on improving existing infrastructure around the country instead of building 2 new airports.

  16. I saw maybe 4 or 5 wide body sitting in MH's hangar this morning. Seems like they are really short on aircraft. MH52 and 66 departed early this morning to KIX/ICN respectively where as MH 715 to DPS (A333) has been canceled for the past few days. MH 52 used the A333 from BOM (MH195) where as MH 66 used MH 140 from SYD.

    And it appears that most India 737 arrivals are parked at the C gates now - are there short of available bays in the morning at the G/H gates or is it due to ease of beyond connections for India flights (mostly going to Australia and DPS)?

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