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  1. Geoff, Thank you so much. Lets hope someone else that is perhaps involved in the program reads my post and can shed some more light on the subject. If you hear anything else please share. My heart sank when I saw the picture of the one mothballed covered in dust. Again thank you for the post!!
  2. Hello All, My name is Ralph Daetwyler. I am the grandson of the designer and developer of the MD3-160 Aerotiga. My grandfather, Max Daetwyler designed and certified the "Swiss Trainer" and then sold the entire project SME to continue building the aircraft for military and civilian use. In the end, as far as I know there were only roughly 20 built and that is all that exists today. Someone noted in another posting on malaysianwings that they might be decommissioned. Is this true????? Does anyone know the current status of these airplanes and if they are still in service? If anyone has any information on this topic please share. If they were decommissioned, I am curious what the fate of these airplanes might be as my family would be very interested in taking a few back to Switzerland at least for static displays or if possible, flying models, etc.
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