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  1. It happened few times while in cruise flight on red A320. I have faced it before. Well, Captain and engineering on board can't do anything. Just for 2 minutes waiting. Aircraft is fly-by-wire, mean computerized. Maybe 'trojan' attacked and should install Kaspersky software ( Juz Joking )
  2. Aaron, I am with MH for few months and with AirAsia for 6 years and roughly in Aviation about 10 years. MH didnt do lavatories cleaning on ground at base (KLIA) because they have subcontract on that. In the air or at any station without subcontract, yes they might do by themselves. AK did all. On ground. in the air, at stations or at base (KLIA), cabin crew will carry out the special ops called Lavatories cleaning . Even if they face any problems with lavatories and cabin in the air or on ground at base and stations, they will inform me if i work on that particular bird on that time. Why they come out with bigger plane if they didnt provides the solution for greatest factor in airline operation, in which fuel consumption? Let see questions here: 1) Mostly, what is material used on B747 and A380? Ans: B747 is hardened metal parts, A380 is strengthened composite part. From the above question and answer, which one lighter? what is the effect to fuel consumption? 2) What is service ceiling for B747 and A380? Which one higher and how does the low, high and optimum altitude affect on fuel consumption? Ans:_______________
  3. Cyberjaya located adjacent to Putrajaya and near to PLUS HIGHWAY entrance and its still about 40KM to WMSA. Wow, Commander 114...powerful six-cylinder engine Lycoming with 260HP! Then CIRRUS SR20 G3 is suit for you, with 200HP, EFIS aircraft, IFR day and night, and crusing at 150KIAS with Vne 200KIAS. ESB (Eurodynamic Sdn Bhd) provide rental for this aircraft somewhere aroung RM9xx.00 per hour with instructor. Registration fee to be a member i think somewhere around RM2xxx.00 I am with ESB FC since 2004. No worries about our Malaysian ATC. They are great in English...but you just need to fast react, otherwise they might hold you on Holding Point or Downwind for 30minutes!
  4. Aaron, For MH turnaround time, they have cleaners (vendor) go to the aircraft and carry out cabin housekeeping, lavatories as well. But AK didnt do that coz the crew will do it while waiting pax to board.
  5. Hi Roberto, A useful information by Hanx. Yes, we do have GA operations in Malaysia mainly located at SUBANG INTERNATIONAL AIRPORT (WMSA) and somewhere around 40KM away from Putrajaya. You can reach WMSA via PLUS HIGHWAY or LDP-PUCHONG-SUBANG JAYA LINK. First of all, better you get to Malaysia License conversion as a first step. Famous flying clubs in WMSA such: -ESB FC (Operating by ITNS Flying Academy), mainly using CIRRUS SR20 G3 for PPL members Contact: 03-78464733 Captain Uzmana a.k.a Captain Nana -ELITE FC (Sorry no information about this club) -SUBANG FC, mainly using CESSNA 172N and CESNNA 150. Normally foreigners join this club due to Cessna rental is cheaper. Contact: 012-2052840 Captain Aslem
  6. Let see an info here: AIRASIA CABIN CREW FOR NARROW BODY A320-200 BASIC: RM900-1000 FIX/PRODUCTIVITY ALLOWANCE(PA): RM500 previously but now no more MERCHANDISE COMMISSION: depend on selling FLYING ALLOWANCE: RM25/hour (due to no more PA. Previously with PA provided the flying hours on RM20/hour ) Duty; -Note here that they didnt work 8/5 -Their duty normally 4days ON followed with 2days OFF -The flying hours depend on scheduled sector and hours can be as high as 8hours per day and can be as low as 2 hours per day -Assume they work between 50hours to 100hours per month Example: C working on SEPTEMBER 2010 Basic: RM1000 Merchandise: RM80 Flying Hours: 80hours X RM25 = RM2000 Total: RM1000 + RM80 + RM2000 = RM3080 (Maybe more if they got type rating allowance) They want more, they fly more. What about any cabin crew that able to fly only about 20-30hours per month due to reducing in company routes? To Radzi, Yes agreed with you. As you said this is an information before anyone outside there choose to put any commitment. The main issue here is; the title is discussing about MH CABIN CREW. AirAsia cabin crew for narrow body such A320 still can make somewhere around RM3000 to RM5000 a month and higher for wide body such A340, perhaps RM6000 to RM7000 per month. So, NOT ALL cabin crew facing the same thing and anyone still can choose to be like them, money + glamor. But, not so good for MH cabin crew at the moment especially on narrow body such B737 so...pity them.
  7. MH CABIN CREW SALARY Dear guys, Its a bit annoying if we discuss and let other viewers to know this matter because it might jeopardize peoples expectation on cabin crew career. Yes, as the title of the topic implies, its correct. But why MH cabin crew need to face this matter? Actually, they are not in this kind of situation as before. Answer: CABIN CREW ROUGH INFORMATION BASIC SALARY: RM900-1000 FIX ALLOWANCE: RM500 as rough figure IF provided by company MERCHANDISE COMMISSION: Depend on selling THE REST???: Depend on flying hours in which RM20-25 per hour The main issue now is, what happen to MAS? Lets talk about their scheduled destinations. Some of their flights to scheduled destinations has been reduced and some of them has been TERMINATED due to nonreturnable profit. So, what happen to their cabin crew? ANSWER: MORE CABIN CREW x LESS DESTINATIONS=REDUCE FLYING HOURS,THUS REDUCE THEIR SALARY
  8. Oh got it...not all pilots prefer to be in other countries, except their own country but MOST of young pilots prefer the way you preferred. Why choose to be a pilot if don't want to expand our wing over the whole world, right? But, the main issue is other countries accept rated and experienced pilots only (Example: At least 1500hours on A320). Even they accept fresh and non-experience pilots, they will ask this group to pay for the type rating training. What about fresh graduated and non experience pilots? They only hope their local airlines to give them a chance in order to gain hours, thus gain their experience (To fresh pilots outside there, please appreciate any chance given to you and do the best for you and our Malaysia aviation industry).Yes, our Malaysia Government did to help young pilots by putting a requirement to our local airlines (Any airlines in Malaysia must give priority to our local pilots in order to fill up First Officer position, other than let it to foreigners). But, how many airlines we have in Malaysia? I really hope someday we have a really huge airline in Malaysia such Qatar Airways... We can't go bigger if we keep on continue competing while 'killing' others and we can't go wider if we forget who we are once we are comfort in wealth and fame.
  9. Hi Waiping, Emm...sorry. Not really get what you mean.Moving elsewhere?
  10. Roughly 1 year and 6 months... Its fast dude.Seriously its short period when comparing to other Academy that flying EFIS single engine aircraft (You know what I mean). RM35K also consider cheap because in certain Academy I have noticed somewhere around RM40K for the AFI course. If you don't mind, how much MFA pay for their bonded AFI? I heard they didn't count the payment for flying hours. Am i correct? So, do you plan to do your Lic Conversion in certain period of time? You wish for twin conversion or single engine conversion? Because few friends I have they did their single engine conversion only. The cost is cheaper but only award with CPL single engine (CPL/WITHOUT IR).
  11. Hi AndyYcw, 1) MFA..wow, very well established flying academy in Malaysia. How long you took to finish up your ATPL Frozen in there? Did you start from zero, abridge course or lic conversion? 2) Jan 2010-Oct 2010 = 10 months in waiting 3) Degree in IT + ex-cabin crew + ATPL Frozen? You have high qualifications and experiences. But still hard to be in airline as Co-Pilot (10 months already). Its showing that, we have unsatisfied aviation market at the moment. What a sad, huh... 4) At least you have an income (good income maybe) for the time being. Appreciate in what you have now coz others might be not as lucky as you are 5) Agreed with you...Nothing can do other than waiting "Boss... Teh tarik satu for Andy" --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Hi Albert, 1) Are you Malaysian (Didnt check your members data)? If so, Welcome home Buddy. How's Aussie chicks? 2) Jul 2010-Oct 2010=3 months (Seems 3 years, isnt it?) 3) Have you done your Lic conversion? If you done it, How much it cost you on twin conversion, and where you carried out the training? 4) ... 5) RM43K (rough figure) for AFI course right...? That is better option coz maintaining the flying. " Wanna another teh tarik?" --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Hi Hanx, Full name huh... 'Wan' should be ok. 1) And you, how long you took to finish up your ATPL Frozen in MFA? So, you and Andy knowing each other? 2) 10 months...our friends outside there facing the same thing. 12months waiting...average.(Subject to aviation market in Malaysia) 3) 200hrs +- 10hours, should be ok with that. 4) How much it cost you for AFI course in MFA? 5) Another great option while waiting to be in an airline. Other than can make money, also can maintaining the flying, thus experience. "Teh tarik or...?" ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
  12. Dear Pilots, Appreciate if you can share with us your days while waiting to get a job. -Which flying academy/company you are came from, previously... -How long you are waiting for the job until now -What is your total experiences/qualifications -What are you doing at the moment -What is your next plan -Etc "Boss...another teh tarik"
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