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  1. Guys, thanks for all the info. I have since managed to get the Aigner Man 2 Evolution EDT from online store Best Buy World.com. Once again, I really can't thank you guys enough for all the exclusive info!
  2. May I know where can I get Aigner fragrances? I don't seem to find any outlets, especially in Sarawak. I did not even manage to find it in KLIA 2 fragrance outlets. So online purchase is the only choice?
  3. Thanks Sifu!!! Yes, i am in love with the green one. Thank you so much for the info!
  4. Hi, I just fell in love with the Aigner EDT for men that was provided in the B737-800 business class (domestic route). Can any sifu's here kindly enlighten me on which range of Aigner EDT (for men) that is currently provided for in the business class aircraft toilets of B737-800? Thanks!
  5. so far i have not seen any itinerary or timetable for this event. Any info available?
  6. hahaha, yes and no. I am actually thinking about going, but going alone from Kuching seems to be a bit boring.
  7. Hi, anyone from Kuching who are interested to go to this event?
  8. Hi, sorry for being long-winded. Liquids and gels are to be put into a clear zip-able plastic bag right? Will the police at the airport provide the plastic bag or do I have to buy it myself? If so, where to buy it?
  9. Thanks for the reply. Sorry for asking all these funny questions, because this is my first travel in like...4 years...
  10. Thanks boss for the reply. BTW, i read the hand luggage policy, only 1 hand luggage is allowed plus one laptop. So does that mean i can bring one hand luggage and 1 laptop bag (even though there is no laptop inside)?
  11. Thanks for the info, Daniel. Sorry i don't know what is a Gorillapod, well, im just a kampung boy, really. I'll be flying from Kuching International Airport, really hope that i won't be harrassed by the Kch airport security n Singapore airport security.
  12. Hi all, would like to ask one thing regarding hand-carry luggage, because sad to say, i am just a kampung boy who really seldom travel. I will be going to Singapore using Tiger Airways this coming Saturday. I did not purchase any check-in baggage so i will carry everything by hand (not much to carry, anyway). I intend to bring my tripod with me to take some photos in Singapore, and a foldable umbrella as well since it's pretty hot there now. Are the tripod and foldable umbrella allowed on board? Any problems with airport security in Malaysian airport and Changi Aiport? Thanks in advance for the replies!
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