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  1. buy buy buy! then the rest of us could rent it from you!
  2. nope. different. this is HZ-AKW.
  3. well... its much more sharper compared to my sigma 18-200mm DC. so far i have not found any softness at 300mm. and i really have not spend much time with the lens. just last Sunday spotting for 30 min. gonna check it out this saturday.
  4. yes.... you were in the car with KS Ong just now
  5. trying out my new lens 70-300mm L.. pls feel free to comment.
  6. this is VT-ADW which is getting end of the check. What Acap meant is another Kingfisher will be in town!
  7. told ya! hahahaha. anyway, nice one both of u!
  8. be prepare for another surprise after VOA!
  9. tomorrow will be another fine day to spot in SZB!
  10. Not MD-11. Its a one and only 744F in SZB. ELT bracket is on progress. collect it tomorrow after 10.
  11. to all spotters who is available tomorrow, there will be interesting traffic departing SZB around 12noon.
  12. anyone spotted the new bird in SZB? the kingfisher
  13. Virgin Blue arrived at SZB around 1400 hrs LT yesterday.
  14. Tang, its happens just to go for a test flight. everyone knows SZB is full of surprises! Did anyone notice MIR voice over the radio? I for once did not know how you sound like!
  15. can't believe MWings members are very funny! nice one TK. anyway, another rumors which i heard another TG is coming! this time its a 777
  16. The Thai 744 is in for a short C check. and the Kilo Juliet is in for OMV... landing gear olio servicing which also departed after Brussel A320
  17. rumors flying saying tg is coming
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