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  1. Thanks to Greg for letting me know about this site! Some nice pics out there, so I thought I'd add a few of mine just to check the process and see how they look. VH-VBZ Virgin Blue Boeing 737-700 coming in low over Abernethy Road, Kewdale, for a runway 03 landing with fantastic morning light, 9 May 2009. VH-NXM Qantas Link Boeing 717, also over Abernethy Road, Kewdale on 9 May 2009. 9V-SFP Singapore Airlines Cargo 747-400F. This was the main attraction of the day! I should have stayed on the other side of the approach though as this was the best I could get amongst buildings and power cables. 9 May 2009. VH-ZPM Pacific Blue Embraer 190 coming in for runway 21 over Kalamunda Road, 6 June 2009. HS-TEE Thai Airways Airbus A330-300 on short finals for runway 21 on June 14.
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