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  1. Alaa hidayat, can just go bincang at your room ke ape2 kan lol! @Suhaimi Fariz: I don't know, sorry.
  2. Thanks, but i'm not talking about the interview. See, to get to the interview stage, you have to sit for an entrance exam, as in, a written exam. And that's what this topic's all about!
  3. Omg, means I have to revise back practically everything? Engines, Theory of Flight, Systems, Instruments, Nav, Met, Radio Aids, etcetc? Although I know all that knowledge is a must, There must be some way to narrow down the scope! =S
  4. Hi, I heard as a fresh graduate from a flying academy, to apply for AirAsia, before the interview you'll have to sit for an entrance exam. Anyone has any information on this? Like what areas would you be tested on, what kind of questions etc etc? Any info will be helpful, thanks!
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