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  1. If you can see the D7 Oakland Raiders plane there's a Southern Air 747 parked beside it. Does anybody have the story on that plane? Is it about to be scrapped or is it currently undergoing maintenance?


    I was informed that the southern air is currently undergoing maintenance and all its 4 engine are being replace.. those 3 air atlanta and 1 Saudi Arabia 747 in front of the engineering hangar is to be scraped (one of the air atlanta scrapping job is on going..)

  2. saw a united states 747 at the MASkargo apron.. unfortunately my camera was not with me.. i spotted an unusual pod on top of the 747(anyone know whats that for??) besides having a air-to-air refueling capability.. will definitely bring camera tomorrow..

  3. Ha ha! :lol: I missed that Star Alliance. :pardon:


    Since single runway ops on 32L from 1100, I went to the terminal instead of Sepang Town. :rolleyes:

    Wrong choice for me ! Anjung Tinjau was CLOSED for some A380 Meeting/Training =@

    I was unable to see any aircraft movement in Satellite Building. <_<


    I went to the road leading to Ladang at around 1320. Usually, rwy should back to normal at around 1300.

    Waited until 1420 but rwy still closed. :finger:

    I heard some siren near 32R/14L. I guess they must have some kind of emergency drill. =@


    Left for home after that. :angry:


    32R was closed from 12-2++ for aircrash exercise..

    any pictures of the exercise??

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