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  1. ENDORSEMENT FLT, Overshoot RWY during Touch & Go. All crew are safe n out of the aircraft.
  2. malindo will return all their 737max to batik indon. as for now config not suitable as all are ey class and they dont have mod kit for business class
  3. OD engineering crew now doing final aircraft acceptance inspection before aircraft being delivered to OD and fly back to KUL
  4. I got my us visa in 2014 Interview he only ask if i got any relative stay there. Lest than 5 minute, my visa is approved. But when i arrive there, their immigration quiet strict. They hold me about 1-2hrs until iam miss my connecting domestic flight. Dont know why, maybe my name got Ahmad, bin , and iam muslim. They also do checking when you board aircraft from doha
  5. Jeddah rm400 return Good deal
  6. What is 'sleeping' means? They dont have work to do or they dont want to do job. For example in engineering MAB only pay around rm1800-3000 for aircraft technician. They will strugle to do an OT to get more take home pay. Lot of engineering staff migrate to EK, Ey, QR. They get at least 12k and it tax free. They have no problen in doing work. They follow what company ask them to do.
  7. Batik air pk-lbr now at subang for malindo Maybe it will wear 9m-lce
  8. 2 Batik air 738 aircraft now change reg to 9m and become malindo aircraft with batik tail 9m-lcc
  9. China eastern flight to LAX from KUL very tempting price..
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