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  1. Very Sad 9V-SRE was the first and only 777er I ever took very sad :sorry: At least its going to an airline that will look after it.


    1. 9V-SRA went to Biman Bangladesh (MSN 28513)

    2. 9V-SRB will go to Transaero (MSN 28998)

    3. 9V-SRC will go to Transaero (MSN 28999)

    4. 9V-SRD will go to Transaero (MSN 28514)

    5. 9V-SRE (Star Alliance livery) will go to Transaero (MSN 28523)


    Now let see from the remaining fleet of SQ's Boeing 777-200 (derated) 9V-SR* series (12 aircrafts, SRF - SRQ), which registration will go to Biman (1), Transaero (10) and Brunei (3), if it materialise. I don't think all 12 aircrafts will be leaving the fleet. If all 14 aircrafts from these 3 carriers are going to proceed, some of them must be from the 9V-SQ* (13 aircrafts) and 9V-SV* (15 aircrafts) series.


    On a personal note, I had the opportunity to fly aboard SRB, SRC, SRE, SRJ, SRN and SRP; the first 3 of which will be relocating to Russia.

  2. Very at first I thought it was a Uk airline because of silver jet.


    Very creative name, we have Firefly and now Silverfly :rolleyes:


    Ipoh has a small population, for an airline to base at IPH highly likely there is political involvement by either the States Government or the silver states royal family.


    Since 9M-TAQ belongs to Berjaya, fair to speculate Berjaya is a partner?


    Hope the airline is run by competent professionals and base on proven business model.



  3. So Bne has industrial area all around it except the sea, I don't see the athourties complaining about mass killings if there was a crash.


    Main problem with SZB is that the surrounding area is fully developed and any air terminal services must be built on existing land. Also, if there is an aircraft emergency or air crash around the vicinity of the airport, ground casualties would be quite severe!

  4. Just curious why emergency stop in SIN when KUL was closer. The PEN-KUL does not go past SIN <_<


    On December 4, 1977, Malaysia Airlines Flight MH653 was on a scheduled flight from Penang Bayan Lepas International Airport to Kuala Lumpur Sultan Abdul Aziz Shah "Subang" Airport. The pliot said that an unruly passneger was aboard <img src="http://www.malaysianwings.net/forum/public/style_emoticons/<#EMO_DIR#>/help.gif" style="vertical-align:middle" emoid=":help:" border="0" alt="help.gif" /> and scheduled an emergemcy landing at Singapore, but the plane never made it to Singapore Changi International Airport . The plane was hijacked and crashed at Kampung Ladang, Johor Bharu, Malaysia <img src="style_emoticons/<#EMO_DIR#>/sad.gif" style="vertical-align:middle" emoid=":(" border="0" alt="sad.gif" /> . Here is the accident proflie:


    Aircraft type: Boeing 737-2H6(Adv)

    Crash site: Kampung Ladang, Johor Bharu, Malaysia

    Registration number: 9M-MBD

    Accident Date: December 4, 1977

    Passengers: 93

    Crew: 7

    Fatalities: 100

    Survivors: 0

    Cause: Hijacking


    **Note that this is the very first aircraft that the Malaysian Airline System (MAS-Malaysia Airlines) has ever lost.


    Precrash photo:


    <img src="http://aviation-safety.net/photos/aircraft/19771204-0-P-d-1-500.jpg" border="0" alt="IPB Image" />


    **Courtesy of www.aviation-safety.net




    <img src="http://baaa-acro.com/Photos-40/9M-MBD-1.jpg" border="0" alt="IPB Image" />



    External Links:


    <a href="http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Malaysia_Airlines_Flight_653" target="_blank">http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Malaysia_Airlines_Flight_653</a>



    All I am doeing right now is that the 30th anniversary of MH653 is coming on December 7, 2007.


    To visit the MH653 memorial site, go to Kampung Ladang, Johor Bharu.


    The memorial's name (entrance) is:


    <u><b>Memperingati Mereka Yang Terkorban Dalam Nahas Kapalterbang Di Tanjong Kupang Johor Pada 4HB DIS 1977</b>





    <a href="http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Image:IMG_0089.JPG" target="_blank">http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Image:IMG_0089.JPG</a>

  5. Yeah KLIA can be a leader by putting LED lights found in most Audi's. LED lights are some of the most strongest and efficent lights. MAHB will save ringgit by these efficent lights, I have a LED tourch and visablility if 100% than a conventinal one. :rolleyes:




    I agree, I too went through Seoul recently. Extremely efficient, immigration was great, airport itself was great! But, very tough call between SIN. I still like SIN better.




    Time for MAHB to bring it up a notch. KLIA feels like its getting worse instead of better.


    I think the blue fairy lights at the satellite terminal looks cheap, like wise the fairy lights at the MTB departure halls. And What is with the tacky batik inspired green plate covers at the check in desks? Yuck! They made it worse! There's chipped concrete at the parking B lot, broken tiles and the toilets at the car park smells worse than toilets in puduraya. The lights and barriers on the road when you turn in after departure to the car park is broken and has been for a long time. Then there's the Singapore Shuttle signboard at KLIA still there, years after the MH/SQ shuttle service stopped operating.


    ARGH!! so much potential, ruined !!!

  6. MH as class, so hope there aren't too many soccer mums there with there audi q7. :rolleyes:


    Hi H C Chai, BI will start flying BWN-KCH 3X weekly from Apr. BI will do well in KCH if they have better connection time in and out of KCH. Some destinations involves a stop-over in BWN...I really don't mind if it include a hotel stay with hotel/airport transfers. If BI has the same frequency of BWN-BKI into KCH, I'm sure many will fly on BI.


    Sad to say, KCH/Sarawak people, though not all, prefer to fly out of SIN and KUL...to them only SQ and MH is "class"....aiyo...the mentality of people here...


    If there is "1" good reason for me to fly on BI would be the fact that most flights are not that full, and you really get to stretch out and relax...whereas I believe SQ and MH will have better load serving those same routes, and thus less space for their passengers to relax...


    I first flew on BI when I was 4, and I really hope to see BI grow...BI has a special place in my heart as it ignited my love for planes....

  7. Why does Amercian Airlines have to do they already have too many higher priorites than to kill MH plans.


    D7 would also have BI,EK,QF,NZ,PB,DJ, D7 competing as do remember alot of pax on the current D7 flights come from BNE so D7 will compete with these other airlines.



    Apparently, AA and D7's priorities lie in the India market this year. So I am not sure if this route will be launched in time to spoil MH's plans. They are still exploring because this kind of routing just makes operations more complicated and costly!

  8. Yes it can be used at higher altitudes but only as an emergancy as its back up power


    Greetings . . . for those who thought I went missing, here I am (and I appreciate your messages).


    It was Super Sunday yesterday . . . great skies and absolutely wonderful planes (and might I add that I had great company in the form of Hoe Jyh and Tsan Tsan too).


    It was a 12-hour shooting spree for me but nothing thrilled me more than the Alitalia B777-200ER I-DISE going on an air test. ALthough we had an early scare when it was due to return at 1409hrs (instead of 1600hrs), it eventually had its full air test and returned after 1600hrs. The pilot gave me what I felt was the true Singapore Airshow 2010 when it did its wheels-up go-around. With a blue sky to match the occasion, the shot looked like it was taken at FL330 (except for the Ram Air Turbine that is deployed - could someone explain if the RAT could be deployed at high altitudes? Here's a shot of it doing that go-around and then a proper landing thereafter.





    Is the trick dump and burn

    I will be around at the Singapore Airshow . . . starting 1 Feb 2010 (Media Day) until 5 Feb. Saying that the "show is over for me" was just a joke hinting that after Alitalia's performance, nothing's going to be more interesting at the airshow. This of course is not the case as I am keen to see the A330-200F (there will be a cargo loading demonstration only on 1 Feb at 1100hrs), the A-10 Thunderbolt II (never seen that one fly before) and RAAF F-111 doing its most famous (and brilliant) trick.


    See you at the show.



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