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  1. Well...at the time TUDM received them they were the most advanced aircraft in the fleet....got weather radar I think. Maybe one or two of them are still flying today. When they started the engines the whole ground shook and we just could not sleep anymore (I was once living nearby).

  2. Hi ladies and gentlemen, HAPPY CHINESE NEW YEAR...


    Gemini200 February Release...Scale 1/200 Malaysia Airlines B737-800 New Livery for PRE-ORDER...

    arriving end of Feb or early March.


    Price - RM190.00


    PM/SMS/EMAIL me if you are interested... info@myhobbyhouse.com 0149313125


    For 1/400 it will release on March Release arriving end of March or Early April...


    Thank You


    Please research one unit 1/200 for me at RM180 or less. Thanks.

  3. Pieter


    Didn't realise I had it till you mentioned. Too bad I didn't take a pic before the CRJ came by :(






    Thanks a lot for sharing; ORD is a great and very busy airport - always planes moving about and you'll always miss some...


    Wow, you got already an United 737 in CO colours (DL CRJ picture)...


    That 767 surely needs a new paintjob... :blink:

  4. Don't remember much except that they used the Britannia turboprop aircraft and perhaps had Luton Airport as their base. I may be wrong though.


    quote name='Peter Walduck' date='08 March 2010 - 08:54 PM' timestamp='1268052870' post='251242']

    Good Afternoon, First of all I apologise if this is in the wrong place, but I have looked through the site and there is no where for airline history, if I have missed it sorry, perhaps someone can move it in to the right place.


    Anyway who remembers BRITISH EAGLE Airways ? They finished in around 1968 I THINK, but they were in the days of BEA and BOAC, which as we know the latter two were formed in to British Airways.I just thought I would ask if anyone remembers the airline, I certainly do and would like to find others that remember them.



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