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  1. hey everyone im looking for some aircraft patterns/duties/rosters whatever you want to call them! i.e for MH after the a/c operates KUL-SGN-KUL, where does it operate to next usually?
  2. ah thank you so much! do you happen to no the welcome onboard or after take off one?
  3. does anyone have any PA's? i love collecting lah especially for tiger and airasia thannkyou
  4. thought i would share this, not too sure if you knew about it! http://www.cargo.jal.co.jp/FLT_DSPe.htm every airline needs this on their website!
  5. does anybody know which routes -AFW is flying at the moment? reaaly want to to see!
  6. haha i flew the other day and they had sexyback by justin timberlake playing!
  7. i wish i think this was part of the thai customs website or something, use to have link on homepage on hflight.net, but i dont speak thai
  8. hey everyone does anyone have the link to the flight info website that shows the arrival gate, rego of the aircraft etc for suvarnabhumi i had it saved but have changed computers and forgotten to save it ~~~ help would be appreciated so much!! thanks!
  9. anyone have any pics? i think it is 9M-MMQ which has just been completed
  10. haha i think you should try id owe you big time!
  11. ooh thanks! didnt hear those songs though i dont think anyone else have any idea? either AK or MH?
  12. hey all need some help! what are the songs AK use for boarding music at the moment? was flying KUL-BKK on AK yesterday and they had good music!
  13. hey everyone does anyone have the flight attendant pa's or scripts for the annoucments made onboard for MH or AK?? thankyou!
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