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  1. yes you missed it....some time ago together with the new routes to Tawau, Lombok and Yogyakarta
  2. Kuala Lumpur to Nice via Dubai DWC??? Take a look at the booking side...
  3. New Route from 10th November daily: Kuala Lumpur - Nay Pyi Taw
  4. Postet that around one week ago in the Indonesia AirAsia X-Thread ;-) The new livery looks not well in my eyes on the 333.
  5. http://airlineroute.net/2014/10/14/xt-mel-dec14/
  6. Ok yes, i made the rotationplan for December :-)
  7. Thats not right....the fleet of 737 grows from 6 to 8!
  8. Looks like: Johor Bahru to Ipoh from 17.10 4 times weekly Medan to Ipoh from 17.10 4 times weekly
  9. Kuala Terengganu to Singapur last flight will be 25.10, was 3 times weekly. Kuala Terengganu to Miri is canx too, was 3 times weekly.
  10. They started Langkawi 4/7 and Kota Bharu 3/7 beginning of this year...meanwhile Langkawi is canx!
  11. Haha ;-) During my stays in Malaysia everybody said AA for AirAsia...i know that AK or AXM is the IATA-Code for AirAsia Malaysia...dont worry ;-) For the end of 2014 Malindo is planning with 8 B737-900ER from KUL...utilization could be like this : Jet 1 0715-1305 BKI 1355-1645 PEN 1755-2055 SIN Jet 2 0700-1200 KCH 1300-1750 BDO 1915-0410 DAC Jet3 0700-0945 KBR 1025-1315 LGK 1545-2115 BKI Jet4 0920-1610 DPS 1915-0635 BOM Jet5 0840-1650 TRZ 1815-0555 DEL Jet6 0800-1100 SIN 1145-1440 SIN 1555-2120 DMK Jet7 0955-1500 DMK 1540-2000 KCH 2040-0440 CGP / 2150-0610 TRZ Jet8 0800-1045 PEN 1125-1620 CGK So i hope anybody knows the 3letter codes? There you can see that there is just one more timeslot at Jet8 in the evening. But that means there will be no backup in case of technical etc!
  12. I know...but when you book a journey with children...then i think you can pay a few ringgit more. When nearly all other passengers do so...then you can not be angry when youre not sitting together as a family.
  13. Dont made a seat Reservation when you book AA?
  14. From 20th Dec KUL-DMK 2x daily from 1x daily. From 3rd Nov KUL-SIN 3 times daily! And they have reduced Penang to Kota Bharu from daily to 4/7. With this new flights to DMK and SIN, all 8 B739 in KUL are fully planed. I will make an Rotation plan during the next days
  15. Looks like Kuala Lumpur to Pontianak will come too, but still not bookable.
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