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  1. Kota Kinabalu - Wuhan from 28th october 3/7 against Tonys daily flight.
  2. Tony had doubled from one time daily to two times daily...
  3. AirAsia Kuala Lumpur - Sihanoukville daily from november ( now 4/7 )
  4. Air Asia Kota Kinabalu-Tawau from 5 times daily new 6 times daily Kota Kinabalu-Johor Bahru from from 18/7 now new 21/7 ( after Macao new 4/7 and Shenzhen going to doubledaily ) Thats more or less from november when they base the 9th A320 in BKI.
  5. AirAsia KUL - TRZ from 21/7 new 24/7 from 24th nov
  6. https://centreforaviation.com/analysis/reports/low-cost-long-haul-narrowbody-airasia-x-nokscoot-join-the-party-436441
  7. No you have to check the booking site! Flight schedule is not up to date.
  8. AirAsia India 11 A320 at Bangalore 5 A320 at Dehli 3 A320 at Calcutta Based on the data for october! At least number 20 will arrive later this year .International operation will start with number 21. I expect first routes like Dehli-KUL and Bangalore-KUL, because these routes are just 4/7 from KUL and not more flights possible from the malaysian side.
  9. Tony will close AirAsia X Indonesia. So far they tried the following routes and canx them: Bali-Sydney Bali-Melbourne Bali-Taipeh Bali-KUL-Mumbai Jakarta-Tokyo I think that is the right way. They can use the 2 A330-300 better in Bangkok or KL!
  10. AirAsia India With A320 number 19 from 1st october: Calcutta-Hyderabad *new* 1x daily Hyderabad-Indore *new* 2x daily Hyderabad-Bangalore from 4x then 5x daily
  11. https://centreforaviation.com/analysis/reports/se-asia-fleet-lion-slows-growth-airasia-vietjet-more-aggressive-432477. @flee 23x738 6x 739 Dont forget the 3 738 under the "Batik" brand...
  12. I think that was clear. Not long time ago the route was daily...now 4/7... When you compared the price for the route to other routes, KTM seems to be very lowyield. So it makes sense to switch this capacity.
  13. Source: Capa "Shortage of flights"? More shortage of planes or crew?
  14. JHB-Bangkok from 4/7 to daily from october ( together with the daily Thai AirAsia then doubledaily JHB-DMK! )
  15. Source: Capa Seems like they still have some free capacity...
  16. AirAsia Kuala Lumpur - Kuantan from 28th october daily in the morning
  17. AirAsia Kota Kinabalu - Macao 4/7 from 1.11.2018
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