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  1. On 12/29/2019 at 2:59 PM, flee said:

    Hi fablee,

    I don't have any information of the deployment plans of A21N aircraft to SIN. However, bear in mind that these two flights plus the two D7 A333 flights have raised Airasia Group capacity to SIN significantly. Any further increase in capacity would most likely depend on demand. 

    AirAsia will initially operate the aircraft from its Kuala Lumpur hub to cities across Asia, with the first destinations including Kuching, Kota Kinabalu, Singapore, Bangkok and Shenzhen.

    We currently see the A21N operate to the first three destinations from KUL- FD will soon take delivery of two A21Ns and services from DMK should commence when these planes arrive. IIRC, Airasia Group are due to receive 10-15 aircraft from Airbus in 2020.

    Thank you for the info.

  2. Good Day to all. I have good news to share.


    Our friend and fellow Mwinger, Uncle Pieter, will be transiting in KUL on 6 Feb 15 arriving on KL809 and then departing on MH766. There is a chance that KL809 may be operated by PH-BQB with the special 95 sticker.


    While I would very much like to get a shot of these two planes, I am unable to be in KUL on 6 Feb 15. I hope that if you are spotting on this day, you could add these two movements in your spotting list.


    Thank you very much.


  3. Generally it is backlit in the early mornings. Conditions "improves" towards afternoon. Iran will usually pass Viewing Mall via taxiway Golf as she usually parks at Bay C12/14/16/21/23/25.

    Mahan and Eva on the other hand will use taxiway Hotel at the further end from Viewing Mall (nea rer to Cargo and LCCT).


    Thanks KS Is taxiway hotel subject too far to be photographed fr VM?

  4. What are the best spots in the transit/restricted areas of the satellite and main terminal of KLIA to spot from in the afternoon where it would not be backlit? Is there any spot where most of the taxiing heavies would pass by? Gunning particularly for br227, MS 960 and the MH A380s(evening arrivals)/333s/777s arriving into KLIA and taxiing to gate. or on the way to the runway. Thank you very much.

  5. :nea:

    Better off to book on the net for around USD20 or less.


    I was chatting with a tourist from Australia checked out from the hotel, he related the same scenario to me.

    He checked the internet price but didn't book at USD26 and was charged USD50 for walk-in booking. He had to pay for transport from airport to hotel too using the hotel's van. :diablo:


    I am not sure if the receptionist was pulling my leg when I asked about the roof top access. She told me 300 Baht per day and chargeable even for hotel guest. :angry2:

    Perhaps for those booked the room early and clarify the above with them. :glare:


    Hi Chaity i have some questions


    which site offers rose for for around USD20 or less?


    what is the price for the van ride from vtbs to hotel? is there any other way to get from vtbs to hotel?


    how much does the temple charge spotters?


    Thank you.

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