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  1. oooppsss sorry.I meant me En. Norman. Just realise the STUPID MISTAKE. I do apologise again.
  2. En Norman, when you say obliques and verticals, do you mean the angles to shoot the subject. It sounds stupid but if you are not sure, it's better to admit, right En Norman? Obliques - 45 degrees and the other 90 degrees down. Really appriciate the tips and infos earlier and the forthcoming ones. Thank you.
  3. This is good news for me. I've been asking around about aerial photography for about a week now. Must have missed the news. Thanks for sharing with us razlizam.
  4. Thank you En Norman. I was thinking of using 70-200mm f4 or f2.8 (Ini pun kena pinjam kawan) for the job. For 50mm, they'll have to fly low or they don't have to? If I may ask, what's the usual height (can't remember the term) they usally fly for jobs like this? If you have shots using 50mm, kit lense, wide angle and/or tele lense, can you please post it here or email it to me. Appreciate it a lot. Thank you again for the tips and infos En Norman.
  5. very good info Raj. Thanks a lot bro.
  6. Thanks again bro. I hope other photogs can help me with more info. Thanks. Also thank you 'meor' for visiting my fotopages.
  7. thanks kianhong. this is the fourth forum i asked and this is the first time i got details and figures in RM. at least i have a rough idea of the budget and the bill. maybe you or your friends can help with the gadgets (cameras/lenses) & the technics to shoot too. a double thank you to bro.
  8. thanks guys for the tips and info. I feel at home already. I hope this is the correct place for posting, cos I don't want to offend anybody for posting at the wrong place. More info on the craft's rate or website or anything that will help me. By telling me your experience will help me a lot too. thanks again.
  9. Hi all. I'm very new here.Trying to get some info on aerial photography. I'm a photographer and "maybe" will get a job to shoot some site in Kedah. Not mapping or survey job or anything, just site shots for their project. I heard that special permit/licence required from relevant authority for this job. The rental for helis or cessna or other aircrafts & what lense to use. I'm using 400d or should I upgrade? I hope you guys can help me. Thanks in advance.
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