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  1. Pass by a government dept last week and saw a banner with the word "EXSESAIS". Is there such a word?

  2. Experiencing Black Friday. No light at the end of the tunnel until after Merdeka.

  3. My understanding of AP is to make selected few very rich. Correct kah?

  4. Today got China eastern and transasia airways coming to BKI?

  5. Where is the best place for a spotting trip in September?

  6. today lost to Taichi Master!

  7. Blardy late lunch...

  8. Good morning! AFA, AFE and AQH night stop BKI. BKI - BKK via KUL today.

  9. My wife told me PIGS are in the euro demise - Portugal, Italy, Germany and Spain.

  10. Yay, no need to wake up at 3am tomorrow!

  11. สุขสันต์วันเกิด Prompong Jaroonsri Jeerapan Jankaew.

  12. will try to spot a few familiar faces in the SPAIN vs ITALY match later on tonight. They are the lucky ones who get to watch the match at Gdansk thanks to Canon being a major sponsor for the event. Alvin Sia Shereen Soon

  13. Long time never been here and the quality definitely took a dive.

  14. A cosmetic company running a Father's Day promo. So they expect the father to spend?

  15. Unfortunately it's all about how you play...:(

  16. Does anyone know the live telecast schedule for upcoming EURO 2012?

  17. sometimes you gotta be cruel to be kind...

  18. OMG, r u ready for another traffic update from city centre!?

  19. If I go travel with you, and you have no idea where to, I will tell you what I am gonna do. Hit the airport for spotting. That's traveling for me.

  20. is looking for an A380 belonging to MH over the skies of Europe.

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