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  1. I've had experience of birds (of feathered variety) buzzing overhead at holding area at BKI


    Admittedly not as hazardous as those reported at KLIA2, but random bird droppings can be 'inconveniencing' too (as per visits to Trafalgar Square & Leicester Square, London) :pardon:


    Geez, you know how many would die for a trip just to experience it? :D

  2. At BKI though at night there's a horde of Korean and prc flights at night and sometimes only 4 foreign passport counters are open that one is unacceptable.

    Was arriving BKI from DMK on Christmas day and there were 2 counters for local, 6 for foreign passport. If that's is not enough they decided to queue everyone thru the baggage X Ray machines and the Green Lane was closed. Some people very hungry oh...

  3. Updated 1/1/2019


    AK - A320

    MH - DHC-6-300, F50, B734, B738, B772, A332 (MK series), B744, A359

    BI - A319/A320
    FY - ATR72-500/600, B737-400
    SQ - B777-200, A380
    3K - A320
    D7 - A330-300
    KL - B777-300ER, B777-200
    CX - A330-300, B777-300
    KE - A330-200

    QR - A330-300, A330-200

    PG - A319

    OD - B737-900ER (22/03/2013 first flight BKI - KUL)

    UO - A320 (27/07/2014 HKG - BKI, Siu Maai)

    RJ - B788

    TZ - B789

    KU - A343 (last commercial flight for CGK - KUL)

    TG - B747

    LJ - B772

    PK - B77W (inaugural KUL - BKK - LHE, only stopped at BKK)

  4. Update!


    Despite lack of planning 2018 came out rather interestingly.


    JAN - my turn to fly the A350 from BKI - KUL and back the next day. Apparently I'm not the only one as Flee came on the day that I would depart, and then Sam took the one I flew back. Maybe we should sync better next time.


    MAC - my second spotting trip in 6 months to Tokyo. Thanks to Ryotaro Shinozaki-San & Shingo Matsuo-San who helped to make this a memorable 4 days 3 nights trip.


    MAY - the chase for Xanadu Perdana 1.


    MAY - JUL - shoot Small Planet to your heart's content as they started scheduled MFM - BKI flight. Little did we know that they would go burst by year's end.


    JUNE - last shoot of Royal Brunei A342 V8-001. Shortly after a touch-and-go session in BKI the plane flew to LDE for storage.


    OCT - another honour to cover Malindo's inaugural BKI - KCH flight with Sam. However the star of the day would be Xiamen Airlines' Skyteam parked just next to Malindo.


    NOV - striking out another to-do by doing a solo 3 days 2 nights trip to ICN. Also first time on Jin Air's T7.


    DEC - adding another airline to the list before year's end. Flew PIA's inaugural KUL - BKK - LHE, but only stopped at BKK. Then flew back from DMK to BKI on FD's 320 NEO. Best part was with my 12 year-old throughout the trip.


    Have fun flying everyone!

  5. Ok,


    Got a reply from AK stating that my refund is rejected due to one of the following reasons.


    • Your booking consist of one or more future flight(s), or; (this was my return flight from KUL)
    • the guest has boarded this flight, or; (I boarded the first sector KUL -BKI, but not the second one)
    • the booking number is incorrect; or (booking number is certainly correct)
    • more than 6 months from the date of departure (my flight was mid October)

    When I file for airport tax return I did specify the flight number, which was compulsory. Is it recommended to have 2 separate booking in cases like this?


    Anyway, I am trying to file another claim and see how it goes.

  6. Seems like AK is changing the claim form slightly. There is no need to submit lengthy explanation, presumably they would be able to check your booking and whether you actually boarded the plane or not.


    I made a claim on the 16/12 for no show to claim back the airport tax. Got a reply today but not much information is provided i.e. booking number as I have another claim in progress. Also, not sure of their intend when they ask for my user name. Thought my email will be good enough since it's unique? I did provide my membership # when submitting my earlier claim.


    On another note, I had a no show for a QR flight in Oct so I wrote in to inquire about the airport tax. Settle within 2 weeks refunded back to my credit card used for the initial booking.

  7. AirAsia India


    Indigo is killing nearly everything in India with his mega growth ( so far in 2018 47 A320! and 9 ATR72 ).


    AirAsia India will canx the following routes in January:







    Will we sees some of the aircraft being transferred to Malaysia as they are rapidly expanding/increasing frequency over here?

  8. No matter what we say online reviews like this will continue to garner viewership, whether airlines, hotels, even cameras and hanphones because we don't have enough experience to help us decide. Now for this case we'd probably flown more flight on MH than this blogger's flight combined, so I trust my own judgement.


    Unfortunately for other airlines, I will most likely decide based on online reviews. :(

  9. KUL will get a daily Q-Suites fitted 77W next year (at least that's what is shown in the GDS now) but with QR, you wouldn't know what aircraft you'll be in until it shows up at the gate. I've been QR-ed a few times. A333 is horrible for J, but I think it's decent for Y, much better than the 787/77W for sure.


    Serious? Seems like their morning flight has been consistently 788. Which flight was swapped?

  10. 28/10


    Xiamen Airlines B-5302 departing to XMN as MF8662, having arrive earlier as MF8001 from PEK. Previous MF operated FOC - BKI using flight number MF8001 and MF8002.




    Nocturnal bird no more. Jin Air started deploying one morning flight to BKI arriving about 11:20am as LJ65 and leave 1 hour later as LJ64. Previously they deploy both LJ61 and LJ63 at night with one hour between each departure. Currently LJ65 is using the B738 whereas LJ63 uses the B777.



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