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  1. In my opinion yes fo

    r the sake of safety,as we learn more about the vulnerability of the max.according to reuters the black box data revealed that the ethopian pilots did exactly what the new AD by Boeing,but that made the ending even shorter then lion air.


    But I don't see your vote leh? :D


    The idea is that people will go and look for McDonalds regardless of where it is.

    Comfort food away from home.


    This is not what mcdoanld's believe in or practice. in the contrary, convenience is always a priority in choosing store location.

    Is the McD at airport same management as the rest of the country? I'd always thought they are different because of pricing & promo difference.

  3. For this to work, FY must be a low cost (but not low fare) airline. All staff should be non-unionised and its focus on achieving the lowest CASK must be its utmost priority.


    If MH focus on International, it must get its feed from FY (they have to coordinate closely) and its priority should be service excellence at reasonable prices. It should also ensure that it fills its planes.


    So meaning to say FY will get jets and based in KUL instead of SZB.

  4. Ok,


    Got a reply from AK stating that my refund is rejected due to one of the following reasons.


    • Your booking consist of one or more future flight(s), or; (this was my return flight from KUL)
    • the guest has boarded this flight, or; (I boarded the first sector KUL -BKI, but not the second one)
    • the booking number is incorrect; or (booking number is certainly correct)
    • more than 6 months from the date of departure (my flight was mid October)

    When I file for airport tax return I did specify the flight number, which was compulsory. Is it recommended to have 2 separate booking in cases like this?


    Anyway, I am trying to file another claim and see how it goes.


    Just to put a closure this matter. After AK turned down my claim twice I decided to file a complaint with MAVCOM on Dec 29. On Jan 7 AK acknowledge that they have received the complaint from MAVCOM, and would initiate investigation. On Jan 14 AK to allow the refund of airport tax to my credit account. It was subsequently done on the 22 Jan with validity until Mac this year. 6 months from my initial flight. Total amount less than RM20.

  5. I made a mistake flying back from PVG to KUL and then back to BKI. Had to clear immigration after arriving KUL since its not a single booking.


    As I was rushing to meet up with a friend, by the time I reach the entrance I was soaked in my own sweat!


    So the lesson is don't rush. Enjoy an ice-cream or 2. They have the best soft ice-cream at Family Mart. Had 1 before you enter the mall, and then another when you exit.

  6. Who doesn't like parents with deep pocket? :D For sure no taxpayer would lament about bailouts.


    Earlier I had my doubt on whether OD would do well as initially their position between low fare AK & classy MH didn't help at all. The budget traveler would normally pick AK while those who can afford a bit of luxury would opt for MH. IMHO it is still the mentally with majority Malaysia these days. And then there was the rumor about a strong behind the scene player. A political venture which may or may not work out. AK has always target MH in the earlier promos as far as I can remember. OD just focus on getting their acts right with there route/aircraft/service.


    A quick check for flights reveal that BKI - KUL return in May would cost 700+ on MH, and 500+ on OD & AK. I can't figure out it is OD selling it cheap or AK going expensive. In the end AK is a business entity. If possible they will sell FSC fare at LCC service level.

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