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Status Updates posted by Waiping

  1. Good (hazy) morning.

  2. Penang Lang, where is the best place to take photo? Hard Rock? E&O? Or others?

  3. MoS event by Celcom.

  4. Back home after a business dinner. Good to be able to fulfill a father's commitment, that is no matter how late I stay out I still go home to sleep and be able to see the sweet smile of my kids when they wake up tomorrow.Good night.

  5. 够了。该醒了。

  6. PC down. Anet and JPnet will have to wait.

  7. Had a great time the last time I was here with a close friend. Still remember it like it was yesterday. Unfortunately things took a bad turn due to my own mistake and greed. And now I am suffering the consequences. 自吃奇果,活該!

  8. Nespray roadshow

  9. Handphone spotting

  10. Nice food from Tawau.

  11. Steel on the inside, hollow on the inside.

  12. Looks like my PC is gonna die soon. Time to backup my photos.

  13. If only pain can be transferred I will most probably transfer to my head. Then just pop panadol and go to bed. Wake up a fresh person.

  14. Supposed to feel tired but feels like the brain being injected with adrenaline. Just can't rest!

  15. What I really want now is just to spill it all out. Life gets complicated when you get older.

  16. Hoping to find a place I can call my own in the city. Sometimes 'home' is just too far.

  17. Hey does anyone know if I could wrap my finger with a piece of tissue after being painted with indelible ink, before holding my ballot paper?

  18. Yesterday - great weather - DAP ceramah.Today - heavy rain - BN dinner.

  19. The ex-PM is flying to BKI using 9M-NAA.

  20. I just got an interesting rejection from the A.net screener - Photographer. Anyone got this before?

  21. FOR SALE:USED EOS 50DUSED EOS 7DUSED 18-55mm LENSUSED 18-135mm LENSPlease contact me for details. TQ.

  22. If not mistaken tomorrow marked 1 month since the intrusion of the Sulu gunmen, and there is no end insight yet.So any full moon party then?

  23. USMC Bell Boeing V-22 Osprey. Callsign "Dragon 22".

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