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  1. Take a step back and you can see that Sarawak (non-PH) state is always on the opposite end with PH decisions and policies.  This has more to do with political pride than business sense.  Always Nancy vs Guan Eng.  Wait until the next state election and should PH control the state, we might just see some improvement in air connectivity for Sarawak and the whole of Borneo.

    Sharing some recent news from Sabah PAL will commence 3 x weekly flight from Zamboanga to BKI sometime in March with Q400, and they are planning to re-open the Semporna airstrip to cater for flight to Semporna.  Sarawak is really left behind in terms of air connectivity and tourism.

  2. 9 hours ago, Samuel Chy said:

    due to the unforeseen circumstances, i got a short spotting session to spot from the terminal in the morning of 28Oct, before i decided to walk out from airside back on landside


    Now that's one "unforeseen circumstances" I wouldn't mind having regularly...

  3. In KK getting to T1 and T2 isn't the same as getting to KLIA1 and KLIA2 from KUL.  While T1 is accessible via a 4 lane highway both ways, there is only 1 way going in and out of T2 which is the same road accessing the Tanjung Aru beaches and resorts.  This road is very jam during peak hours and on weekends.

    The other idea mooted by the government is to shift the airport to a location about an hours drive from the city.  This would solve the congestion at KKIA now and unlikely to deter tourist arrival.  Now this is HUGE project with potential to create plenty of opportunities - new roads, maybe even monorail etc.  Have to keep in mind though that currently only AK is blaming the lack of space, but in the meantime the Korean carriers are mounting more and more flights to BKI.

    If TF is planning to buy the piece of land, well, the land may already be a part of a bigger and more controversial TAED project.

  4. Nice figures. Alas, the devil is in the details.


    Out of the 25 million, on average 10 to 11 million per annum are made up of Singaporeans.


    Visitor numbers from Thailand also seem pretty high in the millions, but a huge part of that number come from our land border crossings in the north.


    To a lesser extent, the same can be said for visitor numbers from Indonesia and Brunei in the east.


    When you take away these figures, the number of tourists who will come specifically to Malaysia for a holiday is way less than the 25 million figure. Malaysia's actual inbound tourist figures are probably closer to that of the Philippines.


    Arrivals from mainland China may look high, but they are appallingly low in comparison with other Southeast countries. A significant chunk of them come to Malaysia only as a tag-on from their trips to Singapore or Thailand. That explains the low presence of Chinese carriers in Malaysia.


    And it's not just the Chinese. Intra Asian travel has boomed big time in recent years with rising prosperity all over. Koreans, Indians, Japanese, Thais, us Malaysians, Singaporeans, Hongkongers and Taiwanese are all big outbound tourist contributors within Asia. Malaysia unfortunately, doesn't rank high on many people's wish list. And this from people within our region who know of our existence. Australians - and they are a travel-happy bunch - couldn't care less. Forget Europe or America.


    That explains the relative low presence of foreign carriers in Malaysia. That explains our low hotel yields.


    So no, tourism is not doing well in Malaysia. Get real.


    Isn't it obvious fact that neighbouring countries often make up the largest chunk of visitors to any country in the world?

  5. Ok, just a few sharing. Obviously been to LCCT during the heydays.


    Was waiting for my flight to SGN. Stuck around the main pillar in the middle of the departure hall as everyone was trying to recharge their battery using the wall outlet, which was already with the internal wire exposed. Then as one of the user try to move his phone, spark flew out and everyone's charging stopped. Nope, out of service. Move on fellas.


    Was waiting for my pickup at LCCT and sat at NOOODLES. Someone just finished their meal and left the utensils there. From a few feet away I can see somehow part of the utensils were little with black bean. I thought who would have brought their own. I soon found out those were actually very hungry flies, and I assume they were really hungry judging from their long period of static state. From then on it was "NO-DLES" for me.


    No lah, not the shed please.


    Or do it in Dataran Merdeka like it was done previously. Or maybe don't have flypasts.


    You can demonstrate patriotism without having fighter jets fly above you....

    The fighter jet is "u have I have" kind of thing if u ask me as almost all other countries flew their fighter jets during parade. In France they can fly the Airbus, maybe we can fly our flying car soon.

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