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  1. Park my car here and walk back to office. Horrendous traffic.

  2. Have you ever dealt with front office people who have 'NO' written all over their face. Please put them in the kitchen or back office. Really pissed!

  3. Not sure if my friends need to save up for a trip of a lifetime or not. I saved up only to spend it on a set of sofa. :(

  4. Inconsiderate group of SOB showing off their high power motorcycles. As if the noise is not bad enough, one of them decided to press the gas and let fly some dirt onto our table and drinks.

  5. Having spam for the morning? Check out the pricing in Malaysia and Philippines. Exchange rate is 100 pesos to RM7.30.

  6. Watching with my son, age 7. I think I was about the same age when I watch it the first time.

  7. Does anyone have any problem running FB messenger? Crap piece of app!

  8. Oi! No nasi lemak Pak Nasser or Uncle Chin chicken rice. In fact no nasi lemak or chicken rice.

  9. Got this from Adidas Shinjuku.

  10. Earth hour in office. Anywhere else?

  11. JPJ roadblock just in front of Mayflower Bundusan heading to Beverly.

  12. Pass by KKIA T1 just now and saw silhouette of a few private jets, plus another that look like the MMEA Super Scooper.

  13. Mine finally arrived this morning. Thank you Royal Brunei Airlines.

  14. Two aviation enthusiasts that I know celebrate they birthdays today - Azuan Ahmad Zahdi & Walter Sim. Have a great one guys! :D

  15. Seems like V8-DLB is heading to SIN as BI421 today.

  16. 10 years and counting.1.11.2003 - 1.11.2013

  17. You car comes with 5 years warranty, but you need to wait 5 months to get a replacement part. :p

  18. Whoa somebody helped to finish 3GB of data in 10 days!

  19. A few helis at BKI these days? 9M-WAS left awhile ago. MHS just left and only AIR is left waiting for pax I think.

  20. Just thinking.Is #hashtag a way of expressing feelings?

  21. Heard of mystery shopper? I am wondering if there is a job as mystery flyer - flying around different airlines, different aircraft, different class etc.Now that would be interesting.

  22. Seems like V8-BKH is heading to SIN. Currently alongside AK1791 from BKI - SIN.

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