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  1. Hi guys,


    Took some pix last Wednesday while on AK from KK to KL. Noticed that the new T1 was already in use.


    T2 resident



    Another T2 resident?



    Same like Body Shop not selling any 'bodies', no airport is on sale here.



    My ride - 9M-AFV



    One other thing I noticed before departure there was an announcement that taking photos outside of the terminal building is prohibited by the authority. The same announcement was made on my return flight. However, no such announcement was made before landing at KLIA and departing KLIA. A special request from KKIA perhaps?

  2. Damn C****A!!! I feel so happy for you guys there at Bki having able to spot countless possibilities of airlines. I felt like a spotter based at the wrong airport. If I knew, I wont get myself a Delta80 and left it decaying in my dry cab along with my Big Potato which I dunno when it will be able to put into active service!!! Nice catch though, sorry if I grumbled momentarily ago... its really frustrating knowing that i had put up with all the necessary gears to hunt good planes into a good frame and even a scanner to spice up spotting life, then reality struck!!!! Damn there's nothing worth shooting from where I am!!! :rofl:


    Anyways... I didn't know we have AirAsia title at the belly of Hotel Golf!!?? I hope the others don't have it, so that it looks more rare and more worth the shutter clicks :yahoo:


    Keep up the good work there guys, especially you Taiko, don't worry of my curse, its just a way to let you know you are doing a great job covering up all the spotting opportunities there..


    Actually we feel the same about KLIA too.

  3. Congrats Waiping !

    Also explains your recent absence from DAC I suppose :)

    I'll bet budget for those metallic/plastic works of art has shrunk considerably since arrival of flesh and bone ?!! :)


    Thanks. Yeah, spending on models has been significantly reduced. But the calming effect after a hard day's work remains the same, be it metal and plastic or bones and flesh.

  4. Air Force One in WBKK !! (Actually SAM 28000 as the President was not onboard at that time)

    Taken in Nov2000 (can't remember exact date), when Clinton was attending APEC meeting in Brunei.

    Got a tip from a friend working in MASKargo the night before, told me a big blue aircraft with "United States of America" title with fighter escort preceeded with a C-5 Galaxy laying all the GSE. Oh My! Oh My! Could it be Air Force One? Stepped on the pedal and reach what is now known as T2 and BEHOLD..... couldn't believe my eyes :shok: ! There she was! Not alone! She came with a sister, a Boeing VC137 (B707) (can't see reg) used by Madeleine Albright (Secretary of State) I presumed.


    Rush back there with my bro at 7am next day and shot this, then was shooed away by a marine with an M-16 pointing at us. Thought I like to share... Opportunities like will never happen again, I think


    :sorry: Sorry about the quality, as in those days, only have 35mm film point & shoot, digital cam cost the same as a new car


    I remember some how I got to know about this and actually went there all by myself to have a look. It was park really close to the gate of what's now the LCCT.

  5. Looks like the CR-V's roof needs a new coat of paint (due to corrosion?).
    The car also went spotting a lot, minus the cap.
    Kota Kinabalu's very 1st Airbus delivery. 4 Days to go...
    What's the significant for this move? I mean is the plane gonna stay overnight in KK because I don't really know if AK actually have plane that is in flying condition actually not flying and left at the airport for hours.

  6. Hi. I passed by the Lido - KK International Airport highway this morning and there was this huge signboard promoting Air Asia's direct flights from KK. However, one of the first direct flight from KK to Bangkok is no longer listed.


    My friends and I were on the inaugural flight and I thought the load was good and sustainable. But as time goes by the number of flights per week was cut from 7 to just 3. Sadly, I think Tom Yam is off the menu. :sorry:

  7. From the latest Enrich newsletter.


    5 Star Ranking shows Malaysia Airlines serves you best


    Once again, Malaysia Airlines has emerged as one of the top airlines in the

    world, achieving 5 Star Airline status in the annual ranking of airlines by

    Skytrax. The award is based on their Quality-Cost-Value-Satisfaction (QCVS)

    audit, which assesses categories such as seat comfort, inflight

    entertainment, onboard catering and most of all, quality of staff service.

    Other than Malaysia Airlines, only three airlines in the world have achieved a

    5 Star Ranking. Datuk Idris Jala, Managing Director / CEO of Malaysia

    Airlines, attributes the recognition to “the true spirit of Malaysia Airlines,

    where all our customers are treated as special guests.” Skytrax found

    Malaysia Airlines to offer service that goes beyond customer expectations.

    The 5 Star Ranking is applied and renewed annually by Skytrax Research of

    London, an independent organisation with thirteen years of experience in

    airline service research. The survey results can be found online at


  8. domestic ar?? no way to take long domestic flight in Malaysia lol!!!

    Penang to Kch consider as long flight? took 2hours+ only leh..


    the longest flight ive been is From SG to PVG lol..5hours only ar!!


    Penang to Kota Kinabalu flight direct on AK was about 3 hours I think. My longest flight was Brunei - PVG, about 4 I think. Wonder what's the longest domestic flight in Singapore? :rofl:

  9. For a start they should send 9M-MPB, 9M-MPD and 9M-MRD to Kota Kinabalu on a regular basis. :p


    To be honest I think MH is doing quite well, albeit all these complaints about their services. I grew up with terms like Mana Ada System but they have a better system than AK. I have flown on MH since I was born but I have never have to encounter serious issues like flight delays for hours and abrupt cancellation. AK? I have encountered them twice just last year.

  10. I have this feeling AK isn't doing the BKK/BKI route anymore. Try searching on AK's site and you get some message about the flight probably being fully booked. Also, one doesn't see the Bangkok/Thailand tours being promoted by travel agents here anymore. Pity


    I suspect the same thing too. While AK has been expanding new routes from BKI this particular sector is quietly disappearing. From 7 flights per week to 3 and now?

  11. Really dependent on where you usually go of course - but when KA (which serves BKI) officially joins oneworld in Nov, all 10 oneworld FFPs will be open for your consideration. ;)
    True. My job normally requires me to travel within Sabah and the occasional KL trip. Personally, though, I have thought of flying different airlines.
    mas fair tickets hard to convince me... my dates only firm like 2-3 weeks before departure.. and those mas fair tickets are mostly way in advance and carries a hefty cancellation/change fine...
    Yeah, the last time I travel overseas was on RBA. Didn't touch my Enrich at all. But come to think of it, can you still get cheap tickets on other airlines if you have only 3 weeks to decide?

  12. akkm5.gif


    for our information,


    for AK, the meaning of delayed time is 30 minutes from actual time.


    for MH the meaning of delayed time is 15 minutes (if not mistake) from actual time (IATA standard)


    that why AK performance always 70% above.


    My Question, Why AK not use IATA standard?


    i see AK always use word RETIME... what the different between RETIME and DELAY?


    Exactly. If cancel flight all together not calculated! Why bother putting something like that on your own website and tend to cheat on it. This is false reporting!

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