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  1. They set the turnaround of the a350 to 1hour when their a333 and b772 are using turnaround of 1hour 30minutes. While Boarding the passengers can be done on time, it is loading cargo pellets that's taking up longer most of the time delaying the turnaround.


    On another note the BKK flight today has been subbed by an a333 guess the a350 gone tech again?


    I am guessing that they just wanted the crew to get some familiarization before flying further, which was the original intend. What they did was take out a B738 flying that route and plug in the A350 without adjusting the schedule or cancel/combine any flight. Most of the equipment upgrade is by cancelling one and combine into 2. Everything should be back to normal after 14 Jan.


    However, looking back at the record on FR24, 9M-MAC's first flight to PEN since 2 Jan has always been late which is puzzling. Delay ranged from 15 mins to 2 hours. If this happens high chance the subsequent flight will also be delayed.

  2. And that is why you either use the latest GoPro 6 or a Sony Action Camera which has fantastic image stabilization technology.

    Problem with equipment is one thing, does it generate any unwanted attention from the crew as I read somewhere suction cup with gopro is a no-no on CX flight during take off and landing.


    I was stopped once from taking photos of the cabin, and of all the airlines in the world, Scoot did it!

  3. Sharing some photos of the A350 proving flight to BKI last Friday from the other side of the fence.


    Special thanks to Malaysia Airlines for giving me the opportunity to play a small part in this historic event. Not to forget Samuel Chy for the initial recommendation.







  4. Condor Airlines in Northern winter 2018/19 season is expanding its network to South East Asia, with new Frankfurt Kuala Lumpur operation.

    Operating on seasonal basis from 05NOV18 to 22APR19, the airline will serve this route 3 times a week, on board Thomas Cook Airlines UKs Airbus A330-200 aircraft.


    Reservation for this route opened this morning.


    DE2358 FRA1430 0930+1KUL 332 147

    DE2359 KUL2305 0530+1FRA 332 125





  5. HKG has had mixed fortune over the years, with everything from B777 to B738 and the seasonal A380. Now back to A332. Perhaps it has something to do with CX giving the route to KA, and MH felt that there is probably a chance to wrestle some market share by providing better equipment & service? From what I've read KA's service is nothing to shout about.

  6. On other news. If no t mentioned yet, BKI-CGK route sill commence soon serviced by Batik Air Indonesia.. warning, its a red eye flights, on Wednesday and Sundays


    One of those route that came and went. Let's hope it survive longer than BKI - BKK by Thai Smile.

  7. Malaysia Airlines receives first GST-exempt A350 XWB aircraft


    See: http://www.theedgemarkets.com/article/malaysia-airlines-receives-first-gstexempt-a350-xwb-aircraft





    Not sure what GST exempt means - maybe they don't have to pay GST on the operating lease costs. But the rationale for exemption seems a bit off...

    Huh? Maybe what they are trying to say is you can avoid paying GST if you buy an airplane.

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