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  1. Throwback Jan 2017, a host of VIPs including HRH the Sultan of Brunei flew in with their own metal to attend the wedding of then CM of Sabah's daughter.  We were treated to a full house at terminal 2 including the B748 BBJ and 9M-III etc.


    Fast forward 3 years later another wedding saw full house terminal 2 again.  This time HRH brought in his newer B787 BBJ V8-OAS.


    HRH the King came in on 9M-NAB.


    Turkish registered TC-MMM from Sarawak with CM onboard.


    N828TK dropped of an unknown VIP before heading to T1 for parking overnight.


  2. 2 hours ago, Silverfly07 said:

    The difference is, now we have " Social Media ". See how people out of the blue suddenly panicked? During SARS government can do their job more collectively. Nowadays SOP is one thing but the need to please the public via social media is a very big " thing " too. 😂

    I don't think feedback on social media will have any impact on the current administrations policies.  In fact as of now it seems more like case of wait and see what happens next.

  3. 6 hours ago, BC Tam said:

    He didn't say we are well prepared, he didn't say we are prepared, he didn't say we are taking steps to prepare - he said we will not be able to handle an outbreak 🙄

    So what happened to all the expertise and experience from SARS episode previously ?

    Well if he had said otherwise I wouldn't have believe him anyway.  There were claims that private hospitals are turning away suspected patients and referring them to government hospital instead.

  4. On 2/3/2020 at 10:10 PM, flee said:

    I think China is also being selective when they said military aircraft are not allowed. I saw a Luftwaffe Airbus perform an evacuation flight...


    On 2/3/2020 at 10:22 PM, BC Tam said:

    Precisely :)

    One can only imagine the goldmine of an opportunity (PR wise) if that fleet of RMAF and chartered VIP jets had been deployed for the 'rescue flights'

    Oh well, opportunity lost I suppose. After all, 'exceptions' are by nature a one off opportunity mostly :D

    Maybe embassy personnel are involved? 

  5. First proper spotting session for the new year.  Starting off with a small mosquito.


    9M-LCS formerly PK-LDG of Batik Indonesia.  Probably roped in to as Malindo has allocated 1 B737-900 for charter duty to Japan since end of 2019.


    Finally able to photograph 9M-VAA in good light.  Been trying to get her ever since her schedule changed to afternoon arrival.  Weather hasn't been kind until today.


    The icing on the cake.  Private jet bringing Taiwanese megastars like Lee Hom, Power Station and David Tao back to TPE after a private function the night before.  Didn't get a glimpse of the megastars as I was taking the photos of 9M-VAA arrival above.


    May this be a fruitful year for everyone.  Cheers!

  6. Yes it's Tiger Reloaded featuring SQ as the new "parent". They started SIN - BKI around 9 - 10 years ago. 9V-TRB had the honour for the first flight which was also the airplane's first revenue flight. They were competing with Jetstar then but somehow seems like Jetstar timing and load was better eventhough TR was offering something like RM99 per way. Departure around midnight then. 

    I like to think that SQ still have faith in this route as compared to CX/KA that had stopped entirely.

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