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  1. i am sorry Mohd Idham, may i know if you are a LAME?? or pilot?? no offence just curious to know from 'real-experienced' people... i got your point, thats why i post here first... btw can you tell me what is the difference between Technical Service Engineer and LAME? tq very much
  2. hi guys... i just registered here... a very informative forum i need your advice guys... i am at my last sem, doing degree in electrical & electronics... i am very keen to join aviation industry as an avionics LAME... my questions are; 1)having degree & LAME, what is the advantage ? 2)what is the best path for me to get my LAME? 3)how is the prospect for avionics LAME? 4)roughly how much i may earn once i have my LAME? thanks you guys.... appreciate ur opinions.... still noob..ehehehehe.....
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