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  1. On 2/29/2020 at 11:44 PM, KK Lee said:

    "Although travel restrictions from Wuhan City and other cities across China may have reduced the absolute number of travellers to and from China, we estimated that about two thirds of COVID-19 cases exported from mainland China have remained undetected worldwide, potentially resulting in multiple chains of as yet undetected human-to-human transmission outside mainland China."

    Have a read of the following.  Virus genetics do not lie, whereas politicians do.


    The bulk majority of "Wuhan" coronavirus in China was of Type C, which is the grandson of Type A virus.  China only have various subsets or the offsprings of Type C, whereas the US have all types.  Type A is the original form, so in order to get from Type A to Type C, it must evolve from A to C.  So it gives you an idea where that source came from.  Not from China.

    The US troops went to Wuhan to participate in some sports event before the outbreak.  So there was a bit of suspicion there.  Japan on the other hand is suspecting the virus originated from the US.  A Japanese lady who went to Hawaii and came back with Coronavirus depsite having not visited China at all.  Someone who did look at the genetics will blame it all on China.  Korea, Japan, Taiwan and Australia all have the early forms of Type A and B virus.  So who spread it?  The US is not saying anything about this and the CDC did not even have any idea before but blamed all the strange form of pheunomia on the electronic cigarettes.  Is CDC still reliable?

    Since you mentioned Dr. Li Wen Liang, click this

    On 2/29/2020 at 10:16 PM, jahur said:

    And i say again bla bla. What more contributions can u give besides mopping nonsense about how great china is all over and the western media is one sided thingy? This is a thread regarding mh370. If you want to have a discourse regarding media control and perception you can use reddit or 4chan instead.

    My contribution is to debunk some flat western lies while some prefer to belive it without giving it the benefit of the doubt.  :)

  2. 6 hours ago, KK Lee said:

    Except backslash from blunder (e.g death of Dr. Li Wenliang), didn't know china tax payers' opinion count or carry any weight.

    How do you know it doesn't?  Is that what anti-Chinese media says?  I guess if one do not read Chinese, it is likely they won't get the first hand information but resort to only western media. 

    There are things to be learnt from the early response and the Chinese government have recognised that.  However, in comparison to the beacon of freedom or whatever it is.  The H1N1 virus is not even recorded there but letting it spread like a wild fire to other countries.... to a point that today it requires the Vice President's permission before the CDC is allowed to report on it?  There are even evidence pointing to the fact that the coronavirus came from that particular country.  I guess nobody would mind and worried about the influenza and coronavirus if it comes from the West. Merely treat it like an influenza, I am guessing western media readers would just suck it up without a question.  I wish to see how the West deals with it and I am sitting in front of the television with my popcorns. 

    Are we okay to discuss this here since you light up the issue?

  3. 4 hours ago, Chris Tan said:

    Those A359s are meant for domestic routes to begin with.

    It’s the A351s that will fly internationally. 

    Don't really know if their strategy is clear enough as they utilise their 787-8 and 787-9s internationally too to HKG, North America and Australia. 

    I guess long term the A35k will replace their high demand routes such as LHR and JFK?

    Hope they will place orders for some 777-9/ 777-8s too.


    On 2/18/2020 at 4:50 AM, Izanee said:

    SV Choong.. this is a discussion. Every is allowed to present their facts and talk. But you just told me not to ‘impose’ my ideas on here - sounds like it is you that need to take a deep breath and re read what you have written! 

    It's laughable because the so called facts as presented by you could just be biased western news and you call it 'facts'?  Should I even take you seriously?

    As I said many times, you can nag all you want, at the end of the day you aren't a tax payer of China and you aren't ethnically Chinese, why would your opinion count?  If you think the Chinese government suck, then ask your government to stop working with them.  I think you score much better chance at this.

    Is this a thread where you should keep arguing about this subject?  If it is then keep going, you won't hear anything from me.

  5. ANA has all forms of 787s:  -8, -9, -10, while JAL has only -8 and -9...  and supplemented by A350-900 (I believe a few are running domestic route for training purpose, HND-FUK and HND-CTS).  I wonder if JAL will every buy the -10 to replace some of the olders JAL 772/773 and ex-JAS 772 for domestic run.

  6. On 2/3/2020 at 2:48 PM, Craig said:

    Have you read about IDK, Abu Ghraib and how European countries disagreed with US? Death penalty in the US? To be fair, they also reported on HK protesters setting fire on someone disagreeing with them along with other news (vandalism, throwing things on the rail tracks etc.).

    They reported about the new hospital that Wuhan is building to treat 2,000+ patients and made a comment that's a feat that's almost impossible in any western country (getting the Environmental Impact Report will probably take a few months/years). Do you see any media reporting any job well done for other countries? 

    I am not familiar with how the Chinese government elect their officials, but how exactly do an ordinary Chinese citizen remove the CCP or at least people in power? 

    Should non-citizens not care about Trump, Johnson, Morrison, Duterte, Bolsonaro  etc.? Should BBC not report about US or CNN/Fox not report about Johnson? 


    I am sure Aussies and Western media are praising Morrison for taking a holiday in Hawaii whilst the country is in its worst fire disaster :)

    There's freedom of speech but you can't cause mass panic (in the US, the example always given is "shouting fire in a crowded cinema"). MY and SG isn't exactly the beacon for freedom of speech, especially SG. Did the Western media criticize SG/MY for jailing political dissidents? You bet. But do I think MY has better freedom of speech than say 3 years ago? Absolutely.

    The problem with many people like yourself is that you are reading of western news and think they knew it all - what they know is one side of story.  Many spend time on the internet and become keyboard warriors.

    Sorry I do not really think democracy works - the so called people power.  One vote from everyone, look at the way politicians spread their fake news (Taiwan for example) and making the general public to think they are great, but many are just a bunch of crooks.  I would rather rely on somebody who are politicians for life and just someone in the office for a few years and amass the wealth for themselves and do their friends favours then leaving the problems to the next guy.  I am a fan of meritrocracy. 

    For non-citizens, how does Trump, Boris Johnson and etc affect you?  There is no direct relationship.  Sure they can report on whatever they want, but YOU as a reader have the choice to what to read into and not read into.  Most of what Trump does probably have an effect on the policy of your country, particularly if they wish to screw you up.  Otherwise you just get by and nothing to do with you.  Same goes for China, the western news likes reporting one sided story on China and makes you think Chinese want freedom and etc.  How do you know for sure of what they want?  I live in Hong Kong for 7 years and travel regularly to China (even lived in Shenzhen for a year).  I think I know more than most people and I speak Chinese fluently.

    So you dont think SG and MY are beacons for freedom of speech but you expect China to be one?  There are freedom of speech in China, it doesn't mean you get arrested for speak out against the government.  There are people with their own agenda and the western media make a huge fuss about it.  The western media do not bother with the political dissidents as much because China is currently their number one enemy or rival.  Singapore and Malaysia is pro-western and they do not make a dent in the world stage.  Just in case if you have forgotten about Edward Snowden, look at what those people the US considered as traitors, you really think the US is really fair and square on "freedom of speech".  I thought only a child would believe such a thing.  i wonder what you should say about the Middle East countries, many are authoritarian and lack of freedom of speech. However, nobody said much about them.

    Apologies for such an OT discussion.  I have already made my point.  If you disagreed with it, feel free to do so.  As with anything in the world, there is no black and white.  I hope the voices are multi-dimensional and not just one sided voice from western media (which can be full of sh1t at times).


  7. On 2/4/2020 at 8:02 AM, Izanee said:

    SV Choong... we managed to change our government finally in 2018. We are a young country - give us a bit of time. 

    what makes you so sure that the People are able to influence who becomes president in China? Yes, KMT lost the civil war and ran off to 🇹🇼 in 1949, but what other party is there in China? 

    Young country - 63 years old a young country?  China is also a young country, it is founded in 1949.  Singapore is also a young country which is founded in 1965.  The politics in Malaysia has not improved to say the least as long as it is of the same guy and with voters having the same mentality.  Keep staying young and innocent and keep fighting for the right government from hopeful to hopeless.  Keep voting the crooks into the government.   The competition amongst the world will not wait for you.

    So what makes you think democracy is the best form of govt?  I think you misunderstood what I am saying.  If the people are NOT happy with the government, they will revolt and topple the government, just like what they did to KMT in 1940s in China.  You really need to read up about China - there are elections on many level.  Please don't impose your ideas on other and think everyone should be the same.  If you think so, perhaps convince the Arabs who are dictators and many have very awful human rights.  Starting from the Saudis.

  8. 3 hours ago, KK Lee said:

    Those are western media trying to lay blame and discredit the Chinese government as much as they can.  Who would have thought it would become an epidemic/ pandemic?  Lets compare the Australian bush fire.  It was caused by early missteps and ignorance which allowed the bush fire spread farther and faster.  It is still burning now.  No blame as yet (not much anyway).  It is easy to criticize, but had the coronavirus outbreak happened in the US or any other countries, I would not have much confidence in the way others have handled it.  The US on the other hand had not even managed to save their citizen from the H1N1 virus which caused 8200 life in 2019.

    Would you think the following is violating freedom of speech?   (Malaysia arrested five people who spread fake news about Corovirus).  I actually think it is a good thing.  I think it might be okay for Malaysia and Singapore to arrest such people, but defintely not China - for "China" they people will assume these people are sentenced with death penalty without any proof...  I am just pointing out the generalisation and the negativity associated with China. Others can do it, but just not China, it seems. :)


  9. 23 hours ago, Izanee said:

    SV choong.... are you for real? How many times have the government of China changed hands since 1949? Do you think the people there have a choice to vote for? 

    How many times have the government of Malaysia changed hands since 1957?  Pretty much none!   Changing of PM and party doesn't mean change in government - we get the same old guy back in the office after the change of government.  How many times have the government of Singapore changed hands since 1965?  None!  How many times have the government of China changed hands since 1949, none!  But there has been several leaders.  You see where the pattern is?  Already there is a deep seated pre-assumption that things have not changed.  I suggest further reading into the Chinese government.   How did the Communist succeed in China?  If not for the blessing of people who put them in power, do you think they can remain in power?  The Republic of China (KMT) government was defeated and fled to Taiwan simply because they did not win the support of Chinese people during 1940s.

    Of the 62 years since independence, what kind of democracy and governance has Malaysian given us?  Think about this!  Is it as successful as China?  We should give democracy the benefit of doubt, instead of accepting it just because "the West said so".


  10. On 1/30/2020 at 2:22 AM, Ellist said:

    Not too sure, some said it was a chartered flight during CNY, but the TWU airport manager told the local chinese paper that the equipment was upgraded to cater the surge of the passengers flying into TWU.

    Probably Tawau's only International flight.  What about the Tawau-Tarakan flight, does it still exist?

  11. On 1/29/2020 at 12:58 AM, Craig said:

    Western media is at least more independent than state-sponsored media. Seattle Times broke a few stories about the 737 MAX (biggest employer in their own backyard and US' largest exporter), left-leaning media constantly dissing #45, WaPo who broke the Watergate scandal etc. Will CGTN or Global Times etc. expose China's or CCP"s wrongdoing (if any)?

    Most media are biased against other countries (if you think they are *only* out to cripple the CCP, you are wrong). You can compare how BBC/Guardian and say CNN/MSNBC reported Harry Dunn's case or social issues in the US. Or how Straits Times and The Star reported on MY/SG maritime boundary issues.

    It is true that CGTN and the likes will not bad mouthed the CCP.  This is for a reason.  We can see how bad it gets in Hong Kong nowadays where people had been brainwashed enough to take it out to the streets thinking they are doing the right thing by destroying everything in the street in order to hi-jack the government.  Hong Kong is still one of the world's society which enjoyed the most freedom with freedom of press and etc.  However that has been used as a weapon against none other than the Hong Kongers themselves.    The freedom of press and speech has been abused.  I lived in Hong Kong and saw everything that happened over 7 months.  Is Freedom of speech and press really good?  I believe the freedom will be surpress once it threatens the power or government, even in Western countries.  Look at the way they report police brutality was reported in Hong Kong (with near zero casualty) versus France and Chile (where protestors were shot).  You won't see much negativity in France and Chile.

    I disagree with you regarding China.  Look at the news these days, is there anything positive about China?  The positive news are very little and often appeared at the corner.  I am not the only one who feels it.  There is a bunch of people behind the scene that is engineering the way we think and the way we preceive things.


    The west keep bad mouthing China for the lack of press freedom.  Take a look at the Malaysian and Singaporean governments.  Do you think you are allowed to post anything negative about the government?  There is a sedition act that deal with this sort of thing.  So why did we only see China takes the beating but Malaysia and Singapore got away with it lightly?  

    People vote for the government of the day and it is true in China.  If the Communist government failed to deliver their service to the people who put them in power.  I am sure the Chinese would remove them at all cost.  Foreigners have been too involved in discrediting the CCP and it really has nothing to do with them regardless how bad it is - why speak on behalf of the Chinese people?  What qualifies them?

  12. 3 hours ago, flee said:

    I think one important difference is the Western media allows for different viewpoints - e.g. you see Fox News as very pro Trump whereas other American media are very anti-Trump. So if you watch a few channels you can get some idea what the real news is. But Russian, Saudi and Chinese media only project their government's views - and journalists can get killed if they are reporting anti government news! Malaysian media used to be all about BN government but at least now, other views may be presented. We are still far from a free media, but it is getting a bit better.

    The assumption is that such journalist will be killed for reporting different view point... i think that's a cold war propaganda.  I will believe it when I see it. All western medias are now reporting anything China with negativity.  A decade ago, it was the Arabs and the middle east and Islam.  They always find someone to blame and then brainwash the public bits by bits.

    From the other side of the coin:





  13. 18 hours ago, KK Lee said:

    There are ten of thousands incidents everyday that are news worthy. it is editors job to choose those that fit the news organization owners and consumers preference. similarly, mainland chinese media is guided by ccppd.


    Exactly, western news aren't as balance or free of propaganda as many think they are. 

    Chinese media is guided by the CCPPD.... imagine if they are not, the social order will be hard to maintain.  The western media and govt would frankly like to cripple the CCP through years of demonising the CCP.  So there goes the political agenda.

    For me personally, facts that is free from propaganda and political agenda is extremely important to me.

  14. 2 hours ago, flee said:

    It is good to watch all media - western media watchers will also wince when they watch the CCTV coverage of events in HK.

    Moral of the story is to read and view media widely (and with open minds) so that you get coverage from the various perspectives. Then only make your mind up, if you wish to form some opinion!

    PS On a personal note, apart from Malaysian media, I do follow US, Australian, British, French, Chinese, Russian and Middle Eastern media too. They are all biased. Really makes one think what the real function of media (of the various countries) and the agenda that they pursue.

    Very true....  can't rely on anyone to report real news these days.

    One thing for sure... the US wants to cripple or slow down the Chinese and possibly brought them under the control of the US, so the US can continue their domination for years to come.

    Unfortunately MH17, Malaysia Airlines and possibly Malaysia are victims in this case.  Accusations were quickly formed by supplying possibly doctored "evidence".  It seems after all there is a struggle or proxy warfare in the background that is largely unaware of by the general public.

  15. Conspiracy theory or not, western media is biased and often attached to their political agenda.  

    I was in Hong Kong to witness the so called Pro-democracy bullshit movement.  The western media are so biased that they turned a blind eve on the truth but supported the vigilantes that destroyed the city.  The western media and western govt orchastred much of the movement from behind the scene.

  16. The Zaha Hadid designed airport just opened its door today. First flight was a China Southern A380-800 to Guangzhou.


    Beijing's Capital Airport is already the second busiest in the world. The Daxing airport - said to be the world's largest terminal in a single building - is expected to receive a large amount of the 170m passengers the city expects to welcome by 2025.


    More at:




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