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  1. Alright... Let's all take a step back and view this objectively. I was rooting for MH and IJ for a while but now this has further eroded the brand equity of the wau-kucing. Introducing the snekbokses was bad enough. We could have tolerated that but now this to compete with AK? If they could not have competed with the likes of SQ and EK, perhaps they could have aligned their vision closer to the likes of TG who are not really in the leagues of SQ/EK, but they aren't too shabby either!


    By doing so now, boy are they scraping the bottom of the barrel. I am interested to see how long this will last and where it would take them in the long run. Has anyone here managed to buy some RM0 tickets yet? Are they available outside of Malaysia? Can I buy them? Geez I would not mind a RM0 Golden Club ticket to Sydney for the June holidays!


    Why does such promotions always be seen as competing with AK and eroding brand equity? Clearly, putting up some empty seats for promotions is a good way to generate extra revenue. MH domestic sectors have been profitable now with only 70% load factor, they dont need such promotions to bring it to the green. All they are doing is adding in some extra revenue, which is helpful especially at times when oil price has hit $120. Recently I came across a prominent 5-star hotel in KL promoting their ultra low rates to fill up the rooms during off peak season, are we going to say that now the big spenders are not going to use the hotel anymore just because they have an eroding brand equity(which apparently is a result of low promotional fares)? Then there are people who go on that fellow full service carriers from the neighborhood is going to be enjoying it while MH and AK competes, how does that make sense when only domestic fares are being slashed? The last i checked, i dont remember any of the airlines from neighboring countries plying our domestic routes. If AK thinks MH is competing with them for market share, they are surely over reacting. Btw Ryan, I think its very obvious that 0 fares are only for travel in Y class. No luck for GCCL bro. :pardon:

  2. Some of you guys here are just weird, high fares are complained about, 0 fares are still complained about. Has it ever occurred to you that MH is just promoting their flights, and instead of spending millions in other forms of ads, just return the savings to the pax by offering zero fares. Someone can even call for a BAN on such promotions, misleading yes, if you do not read or listen very carefully. Now i understand what did the then CEO of BMW Malaysia years ago say about Malaysians : "They can never stop being critical about themselves."

  3. Are you sure this facts are right? RM 500 for a 5 days stay in Rome? I think you need to check with your source again because apparently it isn't so. Time to recalculate. And 40 hrs stay for SQ crew? Thats not what they told me in AMS. MH has 3 nights stay in AMS and 2 nights being the shortest, SQ had 1 night stay. Btw, while this is something new for cabin crew, most, if not all airlines, has been practicing minimum crew rest for pilots. Check with EK and you'll be surprised to know.

  4. Great stuff, Ryan. I agree with you on most of the points. Its true that there is a sense of difference in the way MH flights are when compared to SQ and some makes them better, some doesnt. You pointed it our rightfully that of late, the cutbacks in YCL does creep up on the nerves of pax who pay quite a hefty sum to travel especially now, during this competitive times for airlines. The change of management and damages by the previous one has made caused them to lose lots of grounds to other airlines, not just SQ but those from the middle east. And damages take lots of time to be repaired. Its always easy to destroy, but it takes a whole lot more effort to rebuild. Many decisions by the current management may have caused some bitterness among loyal MH pax, whether or not the management's approach to cost cutting will benefit or hurt them in the long run remains to be seen. After all, we keep observing, and thats part of the fun of being the customer, right.. B)

  5. Some people still fail to comprehend simple English about Aer Lingus, Lan Chile etc. and yet they're proudly celebrating their statements over and over again.. :p Embarrassing...


    Good job anyway, MH. Some of us understands why, at least..

  6. Very well said Eddie. You're looking at it from the better point of view. I agree with what you mentioned about AerLingus, LanChile and Air Canada. Just because they were mentioned in the statement by MH, everyone gets 'excited' that MH is trying to move towards their standard of products while the truth is that the management wants to emulate them FINANCIALLY..from the business management sense. Sadly, not many understand that here.

  7. QUOTE(Mushrif A @ Jan 24 2008, 12:20 PM)

    Funny you said this but do you serious think IJ & Co will entertain such "delegations" comprising disgruntled customers (where I'm coming from)?

    And the contents better be groundbreaking-eyeopening-earthshatteringly sound otherwise the delegation may be peeled off layer by layer.


    I'll be most happy if the delegation use me as a test. I'm just a small timer here hence not as sharp as those above me in MH. And If the Delegation can chew me up with ease, you can probably be ready for the next level. After all, my time is cheap, and this can be done over just a Teh Tarik.


    If the Delegation is as good as percieved by themselves, it would not take more than 15 minutes to roll me over.


    When and Where? I'm ready. Are You?



    Fantastic sir! I agree with you, these "FRIENDS OF MAS" should meet you and you would be able to judge how good they are. As you mentioned, you would act as as a benchmark to see if they should meet IJ.


    By the way, to the "Delegation", do not ever think that IJ and Co. are not willing to listen. As you can see, someone from the management here (Capt Nik) has already responded with such sharp professionalism, they are willing to listen, I should know this after personally being able to meet Mr. Jala, who I have a high degree of respect for everything he has done, for tea at his office last March.

  8. Thanks Damian and Khaled. Yes right now i am focused on learning. I'll keep the negativity of others and my comments out of reach a while..lol. Sorry about the misleading statement too..it wasnt meant to sound that way. Hope to see you guys around, my seniors after all right?! :)

  9. and hey sanjay if i'm not mistaken you're 19 this year and you have "10 years of experience" of fact finding,questions asking and what not?when some odd kid the same age who could still be sucking his mama's breasts for milk ,you're already "involved" in the aviation industry so to speak..wau..thats truly amazing lah bro....



    Thanx damian, but it actually started when i was 8...the very first time i spoke to a captain about these matters, and trust me, the truth and that time was preety scary, thinking that i wouldnt get in due to the politics. My dad works with MAS and I got in by sending my resume to the HR using Pos Ekspres.


    Just because our parents work with the airline people tend to think that we get in due to connections. And trust me, it can be really annoying when people say that, after you go through an entire year of hardwork in preparations for every stage of the interview. Now perhaps it would be better understood why am I actively replying to some negative naive post in this thread.


    Gavin, i'll draw the line now. They're not supernatural, and the politics in the airline still has a long way to go, i admit that, but just because some people get in due to their 'strings' its not fair to label MAS as Mesti Ada Saudara.So being real, I'll admit it still happens, eradicated? No! But reduced? Yes! The people who worked their way through by themselves are the living examples and i salute them.

  10. All of you who got in by yourself should be proud. However, may I suggest you to gain a few years experience before you discount the reality.





    Sorry KK, but you got it wrong AGAIN! We're not speaking based on our 3 months experience with the airline, we're speaking based on our 10 years experience of inquiries, facts finding and questions asking. Not to mention, we've been directly involved with some airline personnels who we have very high regards of and has provided us with vital information all through our years. We dont need a few more years before discounting reality because this is reality. True, it still happens but i reiterate that it has tremendously been REDUCED. I think its time you start discounting your negativity. Cheers mate!

  11. You're right Damian. But from my personal observations, the amount of pilots getting in due to cables has been tremendously reducing. Good example would be our (me and brennan) batch. Those people who claim to be able to get in (like the 'pain' who tried flirting with your gf), should get REAL! Its not going to be easy anymore. One of the reasons why Mr. Idris removed the HR Director the moment he arrived at MAS.

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