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  1. Just out of curiosity, has anyone got any idea what do they mean by "making sure the aircraft is in pre-delivery condition before returning it" . Perhaps someone familiar with the engineering side could explain what do they do with the aircrafts to ensure its in a pre delivery condition because while they were around, and while we've been using them, they seem to be in a condition worthy of carrying passengers all these while.


    To date, five 787s have been delivered by Boeing, all to ANA, though only one has been configured for long-haul operations. JA805A, Airplane 31, with 158-seats was delivered on 30 December and formally entered service with ANA on 14 January on the type's inaugural international scheduled service between Tokyo-Haneda and Beijing, China. JA805A is currently operated exclusively on the Haneda to Frankfurt route.




    158 seats for Haneda - Frankfurt. I wonder how's the economics of this route is working out for them. If it works, prices must be high enough and the operating cost of the 787 must be incredibly low.

  3. Cost of leasing the aircrafts could be one reason. The routes out of JHB has yet to be proven successful. Perhaps they're taking a low risk approach by reducing their investment cost (leasing fee of 734 must be significantly lower than that of 738), at least until the routes are proven to be successful enough to justify higher leasing fees

  4. Before you guys get down on this matter, maybe its worth to take a moment to wonder if this guy is really a part of MH, or a representative of MH, or associated with MH at all in the first place. The company would not use a forum to make known their dissatisfaction (if any) to an individual. I doubt the credibility of this guy.


    Azizul, as long as there's nothing from MH itself, i dont think there's a need to respond anymore to this guy. Highly doubt MH's COMM DEPT has anything to do with this

  5. Not yet!

    I just tried to make a booking from Sydney to Paris and it keeps sending me to the AU maintenance page! :angry: Seriously, it's now 2 weeks. I can't believe this is not a priority. I can't even begin to imagine the lost revenue as a result of this website not working properly. AK must be having a pretty good laugh over this.



    Really? I tried making several booking from SYD to CDG vv and a few other bookings from different Australian airports to EU without any trouble at all. It went smoothly on my end.


    At which stage of the booking were you have problems, Josh? Did it occur while you were trying to make the payment or in the earlier stages?

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